The gift list Santa can afford

You may have seen my other gift list, called ‘If Santa was a millionaire‘, but let’s be honest: he’s not. And most of us aren’t getting any Proenza or Stella in their stockings. And that is of course not what Christmas is about. For me, Christmas is about being and celebrating with your family, cozy lights and comforting food, and getting to dress up pretty and get a gift or two is a fun extra. But what to give or to receive? Above are some cute and also a few funny gifts that you can put on your Christmas list without any sense of guilt. Also these are all quite fun to give! I personally can’t wait until Christmas even though the season has already started and I’m enjoying every bit of it!

Leopard iphone case / Rose gold bunny ring / White headphones / Shearling mittens

Cute frog socks / Christmas moisturizer / Zebra print notebook

Moustache phone charm / Knitted pom beanie / Reindeer socks / Dark blue velvet manicure set

Teacup jewellery stand / Rose gold spike necklace / Blue hot water bottle

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12 Responses to “The gift list Santa can afford”

  1. Caroline Says:

    but it’s a real pitty that he isn’t…but have to admit this ‘more realistic’ wish list (haha) is awesome too


    i like the hat!!!

  3. Ilse Danielle martina Says:

    Die wanten zijn leuk!


  4. Eva Says:

    Mooie items en die ring is cute zeg! xx

  5. Jesdiny Says:

    Die ring is echt supercute!

  6. Nena Says:

    Leuk lijstje! ben vooral benieuwd naar die ciate nagellak :D

  7. Les is more Says:

    Leuke list! Die bunny ring is echt een cutie.


    Mr. blue outfit @

  8. MARJOLEIN Says:

    Die wanten zien er te heerlijk uit! Je kan er waarschijnlijk NIKS mee vastpakken, maar toch… ;)

    x Marjolein


    Een kruik en een paar handschoenen… perfect voor een koukleum zoals mij !


  10. Stand Out Says:

    love the bunny ring!

  11. Naina Says:

    Lucy, those Urbanear headphones are cheaper on the actual Urbanears website! At least the US version, they’re only $60, which is like less than 50 Euro. Just thought I’d let you know!

  12. Lucy Says:

    @ Naina: Thanks for letting me know! A lot of things are cheaper in the US though and when you have it shipped to Europe you have to pay taxes and it ends up being just as expensive as here, or sometimes even more expensive!

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