Diary | The last 2 weeks

Sooo the past two weeks haven’t exactly been a blast for me, as most of you know. I’m getting better everyday though and your support helps so much, so big thank you for that. There’s always fashion in my life though, even when I’m not feeling well so I have quite a lot to share of what I’ve been up to the past few weeks and it’s not only wearing doughnut socks in hospital beds. Actually, a lot of fun things happened as well (new shoes!!) and I’ll hopefully be back to my old self soon. So here’s what you’re looking at:

- Ok the first part isn’t great. I had surgery and it was kind of scary but I survived (not that I wouldn’t had survived, it wasn’t that bad) and Isabel Marant sweatpants and doughnut socks helped me through the first 2 days!
- My boyfriend got me this super cute tiny heart ring, I love getting small thoughtful presents when he comes back from his trips! Also, I baked these super cute cake pops with my friend and even though they tasted like butter balls (we didn’t follow the recipe the right way) they looked cute haha.
- After days in sweats I got tired of it (I actually didn’t know I would get tired of sweatpants that quick) and wore ripped boyfriend jeans and checked socks. Also: wrapped myself up since it was freezing outside and went to my parents for a few days to get pampered. Thanks mom and dad for the past two weeks, you’ve been the best parents I could wish for.
- A picture from an outfit I never published since this is the only picture I liked from it. I can be very picky when it comes to which photos I put on the internet! Also: there was a lot of cuddling time with my cats this time.

But wait, there’s more!

- I had quite a bit of time on my hands which of course resulted in online shopping, but that was ok since I found these gorgeous Acne Tess boots on sale, there was only one pair left in my size! That sure made the world a little brighter! Also: obsessed with band rings at the moment. These are from ASOS (here).
- A little mirror shot and next to it my favorite snap from yesterday’s outfit. It’s all about coats lately!
- Wearing my new Kenzo sweatshirt and ASOS trousers. Will shoot this outfit soon! And something unexpected: a leather puffer jacket from Goosecraft. But I’ll get into the puffer-topic later.
- Yesterday: couldn’t help myself and went over to Zara since I was in the mood for a big fitting session. My favorite was this Dries van Noten inspired sheer check shirt. Today: cleaning out my closet rigorously in preparation of Saturday’s big sale! Make sure you’ll be there!

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10 Responses to “Diary | The last 2 weeks”

  1. Patricia Says:

    Hope you get well soon! Great score on the Acne boots and the checked shirt looks amazing, might have to check that out at Zara.

  2. Caroline Says:

    love the way you always look so cool ♥♥ xoxo


  3. joy Says:

    Yay! Saturday: the big sale! Zie ik je daar! :)

  4. Eva Says:

    Wat rot dat je geopereerd moest worden. Hoop dat het niets ernstigs was en je je nu weer goed voelt. Verder weer hele leuke foto’s, erg fan van je gekleurde luipaard trui :) xx


  5. Suzanne Says:

    Your pics are amazing! So lovely and beautiful! :)

  6. Straatstijl Says:

    Ik zie de meeste foto’s al voorbij komen op Twitter en toch vind ik het steeds weer leuk zo’n diary post.
    Hoop dat je snel weer bent opgeknapt!

    ♥ Linda


  7. The Fashion Moodboard Says:

    Wat een leuke diary heb je gemaakt, en rot van je operatie maar gelukkig om te horen dat het al beter met je gaat.

    Ik kom zeker naar de grote sale, ben benieuwd hoe alle bloggers in het echt zijn en hoop op leuke koopjes!


  8. Les is more Says:

    Leuke foto’s, schattige cupcakes socks!

  9. Anne Says:

    Nice pictures ! :)
    Kiss !


  10. MARJOLEIN Says:

    Oh wauw the Tess boots, they’re amazing!

    X Marjolein – Never Too Polished.com

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