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5 things that are on my mind right now all revolving around one theme: summer! I could really use a getaway to the tropics right now, to get some sun on my pale face, get away from this month that isn’t exactly getting better and of course that would have to go with some summer garments since my closet is all knits right now! I cleaned out my closet after summer quite rigorously last year and yesterday it hit me that I hardly have anything left for next summer. Luckily there’s still some time! I’m obsessed with the Chanel espadrilles, they sold out in the blink of an eye but I can’t blame the lucky few that got their hands on them. There’s more good stuff out there though. I promised myself to not buy anything winter-y anymore because I’m planning on spring to come early this year. At least in my wardrobe. Here’s the 5 things you see above:

Super cool Topshop panther bikini – want!
Chanel espadrilles
ASOS cute little fishbone necklace – because when the scarfs go off in spring it actually makes sense again to wear a necklace
Stella McCartney espadrilles, super cute color and not even that killing for your summer budget
Stella McCartney slingback wedges – really high on my wishlist right now.

By the way – for those of you who are in the mood for some sale shopping: use code PERFECT10 on ASOS to get an extra 10% off the sale!
I admit to a tiny bit of sale shopping therapy myself, check my instagram (@lovelybylucy) today to see what I scored!

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17 Responses to “On my mind..”


    I really love the Chanel espadrilles!!


  2. Amy Says:

    Nice!!! Ik had mijn zinnen ook op die chanel espadrilles gezet…
    Grappig trouwens dat jij al bezig bent met de zomer; ik ben nog massaal truien aan het kopen, want ik verwacht nog een strenge winter met een elfsteden tocht ;)

  3. Sophie Says:

    Ik vind het zo jammer dat je zo aan het veranderen bent! Je was zo lekker down to earth en ‘bereikbaar’ maar “super cute color and not even that killing for your summer budget” over katoenen schoentjes van 210 euro!!!

  4. Logomania Says:

    Coole selectie! Die Stella Mccartney espadrilles zijn een mooie alternatief voor Chanel!! xx Kayin

  5. Eva Says:

    Die bikini en Chanel espadrilles zijn echt geweldig. Helaas moeten we nog even geduld hebben voor de zomer begint. xx


  6. Caroline Says:

    already had this bikini and i adore them!! totally recommend to buy them honey! :)


  7. Krizia Says:

    Loving the panther bikini!
    I have the Chanel espadrilles in beige. They might not be the cheapest, but they walk like heaven!

    x Krizia

    Shark Attack – Fashion Blog

  8. Marianela Says:

    The bikini is great and original!!


  9. Aitana Says:

    i love Chanel espadrilles ;)


  10. Caity @ Moi Contre La Vie Says:

    I want that bikini and I WANT A VACATION!

  11. Quest of the Glitz Says:

    How cool is that bikini!? Love love love!! I will be going to Brazil tomorrow and your post describes pretty much everything I need!! Thanks for the post and the great inspiration!!


  12. Louise Says:

    The panter bikini is so f**king cool. Go for it!



  13. Les is more Says:

    Die panter bikini is echt geweldig.

  14. Sophie Denise Says:

    Love your blog! I’m a new follower xxx


  15. Theresa Says:

    Sorry to hear you’re having a rough month babe! Hope it gets better! I freaking love that bikini and you should totally get it! :)


  16. Lucy Says:

    @ Sophie: Thanks voor je feedback! Ik snap hoe het overkomt in deze blogpost maar ik moet zeggen dat ik eigenlijk de hele tijd aan die Chanel espadrilles zat te denken en toen had ik de prijs opgezocht en toen zag ik later die Stella’s en ‘not that killing’ slaat eigenlijk op ‘not that killing’ in vergelijking met andere designerschoenen voor de zomer.. Maar ik snap je punt :)

  17. MARJOLEIN Says:

    De bikini is wel HEEL cool!
    Kan ook niet wachten tot het zomer, of tenminste lente, wordt…

    X Marjolein – Never Too Polished.com

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