Outfit | Snow leopard

I’m not trying to bore you guys to death with all my leopard, really. It’s just a bit of an obsession spiraling out of control. For me leopard really doesn’t get boring at the moment though, there are so many ways to wear it and I do try to bring some variation into my looks so I hope you guys don’t mind :)
This time I went for basic black and white with orange leopard. I really like the contrast and black and white is my favorite combination ever, what better to brighten it up with some orange? It’s been a while since I wore this white coat which was such a score last year when I found it on sale for 15 euros! That’s all for now though, planning to have a really quiet and relaxed Sunday even though my whole week has been pretty much all about relaxing haha. Life is not bad, let’s just hope it will get a bit warmer outside soon because this cold is starting to bore me! Have a nice day lovelies!

Beanie: COS / White coat: Zara (SS12) / Sweater: Zara / Leopard jeans: H&M Trend / Boots: Zara / Bag: Alexander Wang / Necklace: H&M Trend

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30 Responses to “Outfit | Snow leopard”

  1. Debbie Says:

    Like like like! Ik vind die jas nog steeds zo leuk! :)


  2. Raspberry & Rouge Says:

    Love this!! Xx

  3. Caroline Says:

    totally superb !!! my new favourite !!! love love love


  4. Christine (Fash n Chips) Says:

    Mij verveel je er niet mee :) De broek is geweldig, kun jij goed hebben!
    Ben je weer helemaal opgeknapt? Fijne zondag nog! X

  5. Melissa Says:

    this looks great! x

  6. Jony Says:

    Je verveeld mij in ieder geval niet met al je leopard items! Staat je prachtig!


    I love the leopard theme you have going on! It looks Lovely on you! ;)
    So I don’t mind at all!



  8. GMB Says:

    You’re shining! Lovely outfit!

  9. Amy Says:

    staat je super goed! :)

  10. Katrina Bay Says:

    wow this is awesome! i can’t even say which item in this outfit i like most of all! they are all perfect and look together perfectly! <3



  11. MyDubio Says:

    Ik had t al op ellegirl gezegd, maar super mooie combi met jas en broek!

  12. kcomekarolina Says:

    love your shoes!

    xoxo from rome

  13. Rowan Says:

    WAUW heel mooi! Vooral je schoenen!




  14. Amandine Says:

    Nice look! Love those jeans!

  15. Nena Says:

    Prachtige outfit!


  16. Franzi Says:

    love it :) The necklace is adorable !

  17. Eva Says:

    Die broek staat je echt top, hele cool outfit!


  18. Eleni Says:

    Leopard really took us over this weekend! :)
    I have posted a similar leopard look and I must admit as expected of course that you rock it so much harder! You have managed to actually subvert the maximalist print to a minimal effect!


    Wat een geweldige outfit schat. You look stunning!


  20. Anna- 4 11 11 4 Says:

    wow I couln’t imagine hoe those shoes would look like on some real person like not just in the catalogue pictures and I need to say I am totally in love how you matched them.

    enjoy the rest of the weekend.



  21. Erika Says:

    Leopard is always “Chique”. I love it with the white coat. Gorgeous jewels too!
    Stay warm

  22. marblavasblog Says:

    I’m in love with the necklace! Nice outfit!


  23. Fashion Inciter Says:

    Haha, nah the way you wear leopard is great! I really like that necklace, very pretty. Great post as always!


  24. roos Says:


  25. Jessie Says:

    that white coat is amazing!

  26. findmeamuse Says:

    I love how you’ve put this outfit together. Such an eye catching outfit. So envious of that lovely snow you’re having!

    xx Mandi

  27. Craving for Barneys Says:

    You look fabulous!

    MY TRIP TO MEX in http://cravingforbarneys.com

  28. steph Says:

    those boots are perfect!

  29. Klaudia Says:

    very nice look! :)

  30. Theresa Says:

    This is such a badass look Lucy! Loving the mix of all black/white with the pop of orange in the pants! Amazing! And you’re not boring me with the leopard prints…keep it coming! :)

    Hope you’re well!


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