Outfit | Suit.

So we talked about thoughtless dressing the other day, but this here is thoughtless dressing 2.0: the boilersuit. This came just at the right time: a bunch of oversized tweed and all I have to think about is what shoes to wear. It’s super warm as well which comes in handy since winter just decided to start this week (when my mind was totally into spring vibes, boohoo) and well, I’m just obsessed with this suit, it’s so good. I already know what I’ll be wearing on those days I don’t want to think about what I wear. That doesn’t happen that often because my closet is full of good stuff but I guess I’ll have to watch out not to get lazy and slip into this suit every day. But then again, can you blame me?
Sorry that I can’t give you the link to this suit since it was on sale and is sold out now, but you can find one in denim here and a cool one in black here and in sweat here.

Tweed boilersuit: ASOS (sold out) / Boots and bag: Zara / Rings: H&M and ASOS

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29 responses to “Outfit | Suit.”

  1. Karlijn says:

    wow echt heel stijlvol! And you picked the right shoes. ;)

  2. Inge says:

    Wat grappig dat het eigenlijk 1 stuk is, in plaats van een jasje en een broek. Het staat je wel heel mooi en ik ben vreselijk jaloers op jouw ringen! :p

  3. Eleni says:

    I had first spotted this on Jayne Min and I instantly fell in love. Seeing you wearing it makes it even more perfect! Gorgeous, my lady!

  4. Caroline says:

    amazing purchase dear, this looks superstylish and i really, REALLY like it a LOT ♥


  5. Les is more says:

    Heel tof!

  6. Rowan says:

    Heel gaaf, staat je fantastisch!


  7. Love jumpsuits!! You look amazing!

  8. That is AMAZING!!!!!! I am not a Tweed fan but I would definitely rock this…LOVE IT!
    Sheree xxx

  9. Melissa says:

    amazing suit! and it looks so good on you x

  10. Eva says:

    Heel apart, maar ook heel erg gaaf! Staat je goed! xx


  11. Great suit! Suits you well! ;-) JP

  12. Louise says:

    The suit is really cool! And I trust that you will keep on surprising me with cool outfits :)



  13. FashionCloud says:

    This outfit is absolutely gorgeous. I love this on you and so jealous of your hair it looks almost perfect :)

    Loving the zara bag too

  14. MARJOLEIN says:

    Heel fijn, comfy ding & perfect voor deze temperaturen inderdaad!

    X Marjolein – Never Too Polished.com

  15. Wauw wat een onwijs gave outfit Lucy! Ik zou het zelf nooit aan durven te doen, maar het staat jou echt prachtig! xx

  16. Nena says:

    Ideaal voor als je niet weet wat aandoen :D


  17. Shamz says:

    Luv dis so much x

  18. Theresa says:

    You are so right about this awesome jumpsuit. It’s one of those pieces where all you have to do is accessorize it, and it looks incredible on you! Such a great piece babe and you wear it well. Nice score for sure!

    Hope u had a great weekend Lucy!


  19. findmeamuse says:

    Wow! Now this is a look that not everyone can get away with but you look fab!

    xx Mandi

  20. O really like it!!!

    New look and muffin recipe here



  21. Jarmila says:

    Wow, I can’t believe how much this suit rocks!

  22. I cannot get enough of tweed this season and this look is killing it! I love the whole thing. I just had to include you in my Looks of the Week round-up today – Keep up the great work!


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