Sunday is for Shopping

Sunday shopping cow print trousers orange beanie perspex parka grey

Ok, so being stuck inside the house on the couch with no ability to concentrate on anything, having watched 2 horribly bad alien movies and just generally not feeling great yet (getting better though) turned me to the only thing that I was in the mood for this Sunday: shopping! Gosh, what would we do without online shopping these days? What did we even do on Sundays? No, I’m just kidding, it’s not that bad but today it is my mood-saver. So I ordered some stuff which you can see above. Obsessed with the cow print trousers, so Givenchy! Loving the parka as well, the one coat that’s been missing and is the perfect spring coat. The skirt needs no explaining I guess and then there’s a few touches of bright orange I can’t wait to wear with black, white and grey. Tell me, what’s your Sunday guilty pleasure?

Perspex orange clutch: Zara / Grey parka: ASOS / White asymmetric skirt/shorts: Zara
Cow print trousers: Zara / Bright orange Beanie: ASOS / Knitted striped jumper: ASOS

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16 Responses to “Sunday is for Shopping”

  1. Inge Says:

    Oh my, die cow print broek van Zara ziet er super leuk uit!

  2. Astrid Says:

    I just discovered your blog and I am completely blown away by it! I will be spending many hours going through your archives today

  3. carol Says:

    want it all but especially the pants with skirt !!! great selection

  4. Eva Says:

    Die clutch blijft gaaf! xx

  5. Nena Says:

    Het rokje heb ik ook besteld! :D

  6. Shamz Says:

    Bless u Hun, hope u get better soon x sending u lots of strength and lov x

  7. Amy Says:

    my Sunday guilty pleasure is baking! But anyone can see that on my instagram account haha, I suck at it, but I like to do it. And watch movies the rest of the day…. hmm I loooove Sunday!
    Snel beter worden meis!

  8. MonochromeMagpie Says:

    Oh dear… The Zara skirt has somehow been clicked into by basket and checked out already… ;) x

  9. Monica Says:

    Today I did online shopping, too. Outside it’s snowing endlessly!!
    Get well soon!

  10. MARJOLEIN Says:

    Haha “what did we even do on Sundays?!”, good question. ;)
    Mooie aankopen, zouden een mooie outfit vormen!

    X Marjolein – Never Too

  11. barefoot duchess Says:

    That white zara skirt is FREAKING AWESOME!!!

  12. Eddie Says:

    Glad you are ok Lucy, good to see you are still posting :)
    Favourite Sunday pleasure is reading blogger sites :):)

  13. Krizia Says:

    Loving the Zara skirt/shorts!

    x Krizia

    Shark Attack – Fashion Blog

  14. Debbie Says:

    Ahhh zo leuk alles! Ik vind die broek en clutch zo geweldig.. En het rokje wil ik nog even passen. Als ie me staat, gaat ie mee :p



    love the pants!!!awesome stuff!!!

  16. SLB* Says:

    love this clutch!

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