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What I wore in May

lovelybylucy may 2013 outfits 1lovelybylucy may 2013 outfits 2lovelybylucy may 2013 outfits 3lovelybylucy may 2013 outfits 4

Last day of May already! May hasn’t exactly been my favorite month of the year since I was in pain for most of it and it PJ’s as well, but luckily I still had some outfits from my vacation in Bali. Also: lots of black and white. I think my favorite outfits are the ones in the last row since I’ve been in a black and white slouch mood lately but who knows, I might be in a different mood next week. I’m really curious which one your favorite outfit is!

PS. I’m working hard on answering all your questions but it might take a little longer than I expected, sorry! Happy Friday!


Outfit | Team Slouch

outfit slouchy sports chic white bomber jacketblack and white oversized slouchy sports looksilky celine inspired black hm trend trousersnumber tee white mesh airtex jacketoutfit sports luxe slouchy silk wide trouserstiny silver upper finger rings

Finding budget versions of SS13 designer highlights can make me very happy. I’m not talking copies, I’m talking similar styles. When I saw SS13 collections at first I was instantly craving a big white airtex bomber jacket a la Stella McCartney, but considering the price and the fact that I couldn’t find anything similar made me give up after a while. Then I ran into this jacket at a store I don’t even come that often, it must have been faith since it was 50% off as well. Same thing goes for the silky black trousers that so far are the best ones I’ve seen to give that oversized and even masculine Céline-feel. I mean, us girls on a budget need to be creative right? So maybe these pants aren’t real silk, maybe the jacket isn’t real airtex, but they also didn’t kill my bank account and helped me achieve that slouchy sporty look I love so much, for less. Again, it’s black and white and slouchy and sporty, but that’s just what I’m really into right now! Got to run now, have lots of questions to answer!

Oversized jacket: Monki / Number tee: Victoria’s Secret / Trousers: H&M Trend / Slip-ons: Zara / Watch: Michael Kors / Rings: ASOS




Since I’m still taking it slow I’ve had a lot of time on my hands lately, and so I started baking. Not that interesting for you who come here to see my outfits and inspirations, or at least that’s what I thought. But after sharing some of my homemade cookies and muffins on instagram I got a lot of questions of you asking me for recipes or even to post about it here, and so I will.
Baking is something that comes and goes for me, I only bake in periods where I have a lot of time and sometimes I enjoy it more than others. I rediscovered it 2 weeks ago though and since then there’s a lot of baking going on. Yummy!
Now I could write down recipes here and take credit for all that sugary goodness, but credit is given where credit is due. I find most of my recipes on Pinterest. There are so many baking websites and blogs and Pinterest is a nice way to find things you’re looking for or weren’t even looking for. I usually just type in an ingredient I like and then go through the pictures and click when something looks good. And so it happens that I’ve been baking a lot with oats lately. I guess my favorite baking foods are oats, peanut butter, banana and cinnamon. At the moment, that is. So I’ll just share a small list of recipes below that I either made or am about to make. Can’t wait to start my next baking project, which will be something with cinnamon!

The easiest cookies I’ve ever made are these oatmeal cookies. Nothing better than to have yummy homemade cookies ready within half an hour. The recipe is in Dutch but just use Google Translate, it’s what I do as well.

If you like super easy and quick recipes, this one for peanut butter cookies is next on my list. Haven’t tried it out yet but looking at the ingredients it has to be good.

I made these peanut butter banana nut muffins yesterday, and they were really good! Would do great with chocolate chips as well.

Second on my still-to-bake list is something with lots of cinnamon. Since I’m a huge fan of cinnamon rolls (it’s my favorite thing at Starbucks, forget coffee) I definitely want to try and make these cinnamon rolls, the recipe sounds really easy.

Maybe the cookie version of cinnamon rolls will be even better, I love small bites. Here’s the recipe.

That’s pretty much it for now. I’m by no means any pro in baking nor have I baked much in my life, these are just a few really easy, quick and delicious recipes I like (I’m a quick baker, who has time to be in the kitchen for 3 hours?) and that will be great to make on a rainy morning. I might add new ones as I continue my baking adventure though! Also, I really recommend searching for recipes on Pinterest or SeriousEats (same idea when searching), just type in an ingredient you like and I promise you: instant hunger. Happy baking and show me what you made on instagram! (@lovelybylucy)

(PS. Some of you asked for healthy recipes and I’ve tried making no sugar or no butter cookies, the really healthy stuff, but they always disappoint and I think a cookie or two won’t hurt anyone, they’re just much better with sugar and butter! What I always do is keep a few myself and give the rest of it to friends and neighbours, makes them happy and keeps you from eating them all at once ;))

images via Pinterest


Outfit | Off Duty

outfit polkadots boyfriend jeans converse all stars blackoutfit boyfriend jeans big polkadots blouse converse all stars

Besides slouchy I would describe my style as ‘off duty’ these days, quite relaxed and simple and baggy. This is a typical look I wear all the time at the moment: boyfriend jeans, sneakers and a top that brings a little extra. Love the big polkadots!
A tip on how to find really good slim fit boyfriend jeans: try a regular jeans from a brand you like, but take 2 or 3 sizes up. This one is a pair of skinny jeans from Zara in size 40 and it’s one of my new favorites! I could use a belt around it though, but I find it quite hard to find a good skinny belt.

Thanks for all your questions and answers on yesterday’s Q&A post! I’ll try to answer them as quickly as possible :)
Happy Tuesday!

Shirt: H&M Trend (cute dress version here) / Jeans: Zara / Sneakers: Converse / Bag: Givenchy (quilted version here)


Q’s and A’s

blogging qa

Sometimes I think I have the best job in the world. If you do what you love, than most of the times it doesn’t even feel like working. Usually it’s never a challenge for me to create content or find things to blog about. I’ve had a tough weekend though and I notice my health and the fact that it’s summer-but-more-like-fall makes me feel less inspired than I normally am. When I have bad moments, I always try to turn them into something positive, so let’s do that! Today is a great opportunity for questions. After all, I love interacting with all of you and without you guys my blog wouldn’t be what it is. So ask me anything you like. Whether it’s about fashion, if you need some advice or are looking for something, or whether it’s personal, you can ask me anything and I will answer everything later this week. BUT, I also have a question for you guys. Since I find it really important that you guys enjoy Lovely By Lucy, I was wondering if there’s anything you’d like to see more of or less of on this blog? Which posts do you like best? Do you miss anything? I’d love to hear some feedback!


Outfit | Back in Business

white draped zara blouse lovelybylucytiny silver and rose gold necklacesoutfit baggy leather trousers white wrap blousezara zebra sandals celine inspiredoutfit baggy leather trousers white drape blousetiny silver rings tortoise sunnies

Back in business! Finally some new pictures, after almost 5 weeks! Super happy to wear some normal clothes again, even though it won’t be anything skinny or tight any time soon. However, I’m very much into slouchy and baggy so that’s a good thing! These pictures are from last week on the one day the weather was nice and I was going for a slouchy but chic look again, kind of channeling Céline with my new zebra sandals and in baggy leather. Being forced to wear oversized and baggy trousers and flats all the time, I find it a challenge to bring some femininity and sophistication into my looks but this blouse does all the work for me. I think I’m just as curious as you are as to finding out what I’ll come up with when I can’t wear most of my clothes but we’ll see, all I know is slouchy is here to stay!
On a more personal level, I really appreciate some of you still asking how I’m doing and being interested in not just my outfits but in me as a person as well (but please don’t feel obliged to, this is a fashion blog). Anyways, I’m doing OK, recovery is just taking very long and when I say that I’m out and about, that means I took a little walk – nothing more yet. Hopefully the pain will go away soon and I will fit into skinny jeans again, although I got some pretty nice new boyfriend jeans to make me feel better ;) Happy Sunday!

Blouse: Zara (similar here) / Baggy leather trousers: ASOS (last season) / Sandals: Zara / Silver tiny arrow necklace: ASOS / Rose gold LOVE necklace: Selected Labels / Sunglasses: Filippa K / Tiny rings: Lumo



best grey basics

I love trends. There’s no way to have fashion without having trends, and I love the variation it brings, the shifts, the novelty. But there are a few things that I wear without even caring whether it’s a trend or not. Take sneakers, or leopard. The biggest of them all must be grey. I just love grey. It’s not really a ‘fashion’ color right now, but I couldn’t care less. The best basics I have are grey, grey goes with everything (especially tanned skin and silver jewelry!) and all grey looks can be so sophisticated (unless you’re doing grey-sweat-onesie). So I cleaned out my closet last week and threw out a lot of stuff, and looking at my closet I decided I could use some more basics, especially grey ones. I found them all in one shop, all very budget friendly! How cool are those grey sunnies and hat?

You can find the items here:
Rib jumper / Fedora hat / Skinny jeans
Grey sunnies / Boyfriend blazer
Cupro running shorts / Holdall bag / Basic fleck tee

Hopefully I’ll soon have time and energy to take pictures of all my pre-loved items I’m selling and update my shop, but until then: Happy Friday!