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I love trends. There’s no way to have fashion without having trends, and I love the variation it brings, the shifts, the novelty. But there are a few things that I wear without even caring whether it’s a trend or not. Take sneakers, or leopard. The biggest of them all must be grey. I just love grey. It’s not really a ‘fashion’ color right now, but I couldn’t care less. The best basics I have are grey, grey goes with everything (especially tanned skin and silver jewelry!) and all grey looks can be so sophisticated (unless you’re doing grey-sweat-onesie). So I cleaned out my closet last week and threw out a lot of stuff, and looking at my closet I decided I could use some more basics, especially grey ones. I found them all in one shop, all very budget friendly! How cool are those grey sunnies and hat?

You can find the items here:
Rib jumper / Fedora hat / Skinny jeans
Grey sunnies / Boyfriend blazer
Cupro running shorts / Holdall bag / Basic fleck tee

Hopefully I’ll soon have time and energy to take pictures of all my pre-loved items I’m selling and update my shop, but until then: Happy Friday!

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23 Responses to “Grey”

  1. Mila Says:

    I am obsessed with grey!

  2. kcomekarolina Says:

    i agree i love black/white as you love grey!

    xoxo from rome

  3. Amy Says:

    helemaal mee eens: ik woon in de kleur grijs, ik denk in de kleur grijs, ik draag de kleur grijs.

  4. Cindy Van Dyck Says:

    Hele mooie items meid! & grijs is echt een fab kleur!
    Proficiat met je volgers op Insta; je verdient ze echt!! xxx

  5. carol Says:

    Oh yeah, I am trend’s kid too haha and there is no way I could shame of that :) very nice selection by the way !! can imagine wearing this all, all together easily :)

  6. Says:

    LOVELY! I was wearing a complete grey outfit yesterday :D funny!

  7. Louise Says:

    En gelijk heb je! Grijs is cool, en je bestelling ziet er super gaaf uit, ben benieuwd naar de outfit foto’s!


  8. Mafalda Says:

    I’m addicted to grey too, and the sunnies are gorgeous, but I tend to wear grey clothes in the Winter. Which means now, in the South of France, where I’m still wearing a wooly coat…

  9. WOWS Says:

    Love greys!

    Don’t miss today my Comfy MINT look….wearing for the first time my New Mint Leather clutch and amazing golden chain wedges.

    Kisses from

  10. Laurenzia Says:

    Grey basics are always a good thing to go for!

    xoxo Laurenzia

  11. Iren Says:

    Amazing color!! and all the clothes…

    xoxo Iren

  12. Adiyam Says:

    Love grey!

  13. Lucy Says:

    I love that boyfriend blazer! xx

  14. Couns Says:

    Although it is just grey grey is such a versatile color. The pieces you found are fabulous!


  15. Girl Says:

    Hey, Lucy, I so agree with you – grey is one of my favourites too! Besides black and white :) I own almost all the things on your blog post (not topshop, different companies, but very similar styles). My latest love is a grey blazer that my mum made me :) XX

  16. emmi Says:

    everything great!

  17. Laura Says:

    Love this post!


  18. Julie Says:

    i also really love grey color! especially grey t-shirts :)

  19. Rowan Says:

    Oh dit vind ik echt prachtig, allemaal!



    Personal Style Blog
    Hardloop Blog:

  20. Says:

    I like gray color is very easy to mix.

  21. Veronica Says:

    amazing pieces !!


  22. MARJOLEIN Says:

    Grijze items vind ik zelf ook altijd heel erg mooi, maar met de constant grijze lucht ben ik er even niet voor te porren… ;)

    X Marjolein – Never Too

  23. Jessie Says:

    love grey!

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