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Sometimes I think I have the best job in the world. If you do what you love, than most of the times it doesn’t even feel like working. Usually it’s never a challenge for me to create content or find things to blog about. I’ve had a tough weekend though and I notice my health and the fact that it’s summer-but-more-like-fall makes me feel less inspired than I normally am. When I have bad moments, I always try to turn them into something positive, so let’s do that! Today is a great opportunity for questions. After all, I love interacting with all of you and without you guys my blog wouldn’t be what it is. So ask me anything you like. Whether it’s about fashion, if you need some advice or are looking for something, or whether it’s personal, you can ask me anything and I will answer everything later this week. BUT, I also have a question for you guys. Since I find it really important that you guys enjoy Lovely By Lucy, I was wondering if there’s anything you’d like to see more of or less of on this blog? Which posts do you like best? Do you miss anything? I’d love to hear some feedback!

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  1. Laura D. Says:

    I wanted to ask you, what is wrong with your health? You’ve mentioned it before and I am curious to know what’s up, since you say you can’t wear skinnies and high heels and I also remember that you had a couple of operations before. Sorry to hear about that and I hope you get healthy again very soon!

    The most important question: What advice could you give me to become a successful blogger as you are? To get more readers, more collaborations, etc?

    Warm greetings to Germany to youx

  2. Karlijn Says:

    I don’t have a question I can think of now. But to answer your question, I really love your outfit pics. Not just ’cause I like your style, but also because the nice photography style. :)

  3. Laura Buchta Says:

    I love your nail polish choices, it would be nice for you to post the nail polish brand and color/name :)

  4. WOWS Says:

    Always finding new inspirations!

  5. Michelle Says:

    Hoi Lucy,
    Ik vind je blog echt fantastisch en ik zou het leuk vinden om te lezen op welke manier ben je gaan netwerken zodat je blog bekender werd?

    Wat ik altijd leuk vind om te zien op blogs zijn de wat duurdere items mixen met de betaalbare items. Sommige bloggers hebben vaak gave spullen maar ook vaak onbetaalbaar. Je mooiste blog post vind ik die in Bali zijn gemaakt + de polka dot dungarees. Maar je blog is niet voor niks super leuk dus dan denk ik dat je weinig feedback kan verwachten ;)

    Liefs Michelle

  6. Lauren Says:

    I love to see your smile :) je outfit posts zijn altijd mooi, maar zodra je lacht op een foto vind ik ze meestal nog leuker.. Klinkt een beetje cheesy heh, but really thing so tho.

    En een vraag, waar haal je de meeste inspiratie vandaan? En hoe maak je foto’s als er niemand is om je foto te nemen? Of is er altijd iemand in de buurt?

  7. Nienke van Liempd Says:

    Oh, what I like most about Lovely By Lucy is easy: the outfitposts! You have a great style. I really like the way you dress, the way you combine pieces in unexpected ways and don’t wear dresses and heels all the time. I myself am totally over wearing high heels, since I study in Utrecht and the city centre is not just killing for your feet, but actually killing for your shoes. You always give me inspiration, not to go out and buy new stuff, but to use the pieces I already own in new ways and surprise myself with new looks. Usually it is the simplicity that makes everything work. I would say, keep up the good work, without it interfering with your recovery ofcourse!

    I have to admit I have been wondering what it is that you are recovering from. I do understand that it might be too personal to share, so don’t feel obliged to answer.

    So I also have a style related question. I found this great but really tight and really short dress online and I really want to buy it, but I am not sure if I can get away with wearing it with a pair of Converse. All the girls I find online wearing short, tight dresses are combining them with ridiculously high heels. Do you think a bodycon dress can be pulled of with a pair of sneakers (and not the wedgy kind of sneakers)?

  8. Siel Says:

    I’ve started following you just recently so I do have some questions! :)
    -What kind of illness did/do you have?
    -Are you a fashion student? What is your link with fashion?
    -And do people often stare at you because of your outfits? That’s the reason I often hold myself in.

  9. Mónica Says:

    Hi! I like very much your idea! First, my answer: I’d like to see more of your nails and how your nail polishes; I remember you did pretty nice nail art, I think.

    And my question… Well, I don’t know if you want to answer this, but I’m quite curious about your surgery. I don’t need an exhaustive medical analysis, of course, just want to know what you were operated on. I had a surgery around the same area (I think) and I hope your recovering is getting better and better!
    Well, and I’ll add another question, more fashionable :P What is your absolutely favourite item you already own? That thing which is undeniable timeless, what you think you will wear even with you’ll be an endearing old lady. I’d like to know :)

    Thank you in advance!

  10. Rebecca Says:

    Thank you for doing this! It helps so many of us trying to follow our passion, struggling to know where to begin. I’m curious as to how the blog is run. Do you set up a date as to when you will shoot photos? Then periodically post them… Your looks for the day etc? What would be your suggestion as to begin a blog. However I’m leaning towards tumblr since I’m noticing it maybe a bigger forum. More people may stumble across my blog as opposed to having a site run to blogspot.com. I don’t want my posts to just vanish into cyber space and never been seen. Lastly my final question is I’m a struggling stylist. Who do you feel would be a good contact to gain more experience in this so highly desirable field? I was told photographers would be a great start. Your thoughts?
    Thanks so much!
    Rebecca /tailoredtantrums

  11. Laura Says:

    First of all, let me say Q’s and A’s is a great idea!
    I like everything in your blog. I wouldn’t change a thing :)
    I would like to ask you when did you begin your career as a blogger and if you had a job (not related to fashion) before ;)))

  12. Tali Says:

    I would really love to hear how you got to blogging:) And some of your lovestory with fashion – have you been fascinated by it from your childhood or grew into it?
    As for your blog – I’m in love with it as it is, but I certainly love the personal posts too, when it’s not only about what you wear.
    You’re doing an amazing job!


  13. Riëlle Says:

    Heb je nog doelen of een bucket list met dingen die je nog wil bereiken/ doen?

    en wat staat erg hoog op je wishlist op dit moment?

    xx Riëlle

  14. carol Says:

    this bag !! love it :) i like your outfits the best of course !!! :)


  15. Sophie Says:

    Hi Lucy,

    About your blog first:
    You are doing it great. Just keep up the great work. As long you enjoy it, people will love your posts as they do radiate how you feel and are. And you have a great sense of style.
    About blogging as a job:
    How comes you can live from blogging? Where is the income coming from? Plus, you still have to spend quite some money, right? And not just on clothing but your monthly bills and other stuff.
    I am in need of inspiration myself for some project I have in mind. So if you want to help me, it only takes a minute or two to explain you the ‘project’. :) If yes, then I’ll email you.

  16. Mafalda Says:

    That’s actually a great idea! And I agree with you, the weather is totally depressing, even in the South of France…
    As for my question, pretty standard: what is your favourite piece in your wardrobe (the one you would grab if your place was on fire)?
    As for you blog, I don’t have any comments or critics, I enjoy it the way it is. The pictures are really good, I like your style and the themes are varied, so I’ll just say “Keep up the good work”!

  17. Marlon Says:

    Hey Lucy,

    Ik vind je blog erg inspirerend. Je kiest erg gave outfits uit waar ik veel inspiratie uit haal voor mezelf. Hoe kom je zelf aan inspiratie? Doe je verder nog een opleiding of werk je nog ergens?
    Daarnaast vind ik het erg knap hoe je omgaat met je ziekte en het herstellen in combinatie met het bloggen. Top!!
    Hoop dat je nog lang door gaat, geniet er elke dag weer van!

    Liefs Marlon

  18. Sunday Desire Says:

    I’ve been following your blog for a while, i love how your style had evolved and the new blog design is beautiful. I would like to know when and why did you decided to start a blog, and who are your style stars. I think i would like to see some beauty posts, your skin looks perfect everytime! And more “how to pair” post, i really loved the boyfriend jeans series :)
    Hope you’re doing ok and thanks for working so hard in this blog, we enjoy it a lot!


  19. Vita Says:

    How does your photo shoot schedule look like? How often do you shoot? And how many outfits a time? How do you manage to constantly post new outfits with such ease?

  20. Morita Style Says:

    Hi! i also have a blog and i was just wondering who takes your pictures??! Do you hire a professional photographer? who took them when you just started?

  21. Dress your life. Says:

    Ik zou heel graag weten met welk fototoestel en lens jij je foto’s maakt!
    Topblog, geen suggesties ;)
    Naomi, x

  22. alice Says:

    oh yeah! well I have personal questions… How tall are you? (coz everything seems to suit you:)). Also do you have a specific diet? or just pay attention to your intakes?(coz everything seems to suit you:)).
    And what do your family/BF think of your blog/love for fashion?
    i looove your style/blog and erverything you show us :)

  23. Shamz shan Says:

    Hia, yor blog to me is so much more than just fashion. Last year april 29th, My luv, my best friend, my husband father of my babies passed away suddenly in his sleep nothing was wrong with he was fit and healthy. I lived in his clothes his underware, jumpers jackets ect he was 6.2 and I’m only 5.2 so I often got funny looks when taking my son to school, also my friends and family began to think I’ve lost my mind. My hubby loved clothes he had very expensive taste he luved prada and maxmara to name but a few, we luved going shopping but when he passed all that stopped. I just didn’t want to live anymore, I discovered your blog earlier this year, and for me your blog is a miracle I fell in love with fashion all over again, you helped me wear my own clothes again. You helped me purchase a new item without my luv, your blog amongst a few other things keeps me going. I just want to say THANK YOU, I’m so happy I came across you, I’m not a big fan of computers and I never knew anything about bloggers, so this is all new. I luv the way you write and I can relate with your style, I luv that you search for affordable pieces. My hubby wud have luved your blog I can imagine discussing it with him. It’s recently been one year since he left this life, and I’m doing a lot better, thanks to you I’ve bought a few new items and although I still wear my babies clothes I now do wear mine as well. You are truly an inspiration and my life saver. As for your blog, I wud luv you to share a few recipes cos u bake quite a bit and they luk delicious x also wot music do u like ? I’ve recently started walking, could you do a piece on active wear I don’t like proper gym clothes how can I look chiq wen walking or camping x Hope u fully recover soon, and thank you so much for the blog x

  24. HelenD Says:

    Hi Lucy! Firstly let me say that I hope you get better really soon. I love your outfit posts and your new in and shopping posts. I also loved the boyfriend jean series and I would like to see more posts on pairing items in different ways. Also, perhaps some posts on home decor? I am buying a new home and I love to see home decor inspiration on my favourite blogs. Thanks so much!

  25. Tessa Says:

    Suggesties heb ik niet echt omdat ik je blog erg leuk vind, misschien iets vaker weer nailart, maar dat is vooral op Instagram! Qua vraag, ik ben wel benieuwd of je weet waarom jouw blog zo snel is gegroeid. Je hebt stage gelopen bij een PR bureau toch? Heb je daar veel contacten opgedaan? xx

  26. Sophie Says:

    Hi Lucy!

    Just letting you know that your blog is being read here in New Zealand (I’m sure you have a big international following). I too love the outfit posts the most, but also when they are accompanied by a bit about yourself. It feels shallow to ignore that you are a person outside of your blog! It would be great to know more about what you do for a living, and your lifestyle in general.
    Your blog is great! Keep up the good work =)

  27. Astrid Says:

    Hey Lucy,

    Ik ben een grote fan van je blog. Je posts zijn keer op keer inspirerend.
    Ik vroeg me af wie je foto’s neemt, is dat een professionele fotograaf? Ook zou ik graag weten hoe je al je aankopen financiert, heb je nog een job naast het bloggen?
    Ik heb verder geen aanmerkingen, ik vind je blog echt geweldig. Jij bent veruit mijn lievelingsblogster. Wie wilt Chiara nog als er Lucy is ;)


  28. MARJOLEIN Says:

    Ik vind alle bovenstaande vragen en requests eigenlijk al heel leuk en prima gevonden, maar net als nr. 23 zou ik ook graag wel zo af en toe een receptje voorbij zien willen komen. Je instagram baksels zien er namelijk inderdaad altijd even heerlijk en gezond (?) uit, dus dat vind ik zeker een goede suggestie! Verder geen enkel commentaar, je doet ‘t harstikke goed… :)

    X Marjolein – Never Too Polished.com

  29. Chloe Says:

    I love your real-world style — sneakers and pants and comfy clothes, hallelujah! And the fact that I see reoccurring pieces is extremely inspiring and appealing. Your makeup and hair style is simple and gorgeous — don’t change a thing! Do something because you love it and you think it’s the best. Blogs are windows into lives; don’t let the people on the other side dictate your passions. Your outfits and personal life balance are one of the best that I have seen, and I follow a lot of blogs. Bravo, all the way around. Outfit posts are easily my favorite.

    Do you have any suggestions for a shorter person? You seem to be on the tall side of things, so in my head I mentally decide that your style choices (as much as I absolutely love them) wouldn’t work on a 5’1″ frame.

    Praying & hoping that you feel better and heal quickly! xo

  30. Girl Says:

    Hey Lucy, Q and A always a very good idea :) I have some questions that I would like to ask from you:

    - do you like denim shirts? (I don’t remember seeing you wearing a denim shirt:) If yes, how would you style one?
    - just recently bought myself couple of bandeaus to wear under loose summer tops. do you ever wear bandeaus?
    - do you often send back stuff that you bought online because it didn’t fit? or do you always manage to choose the right size?

    And I will answer your question:
    - I know youre not that into blazers but I remember at least once when you were wearing a blazer (a black one together with white tee and grey jeans). Just loved the look! do you think you can do a post or two and show us how to style a blazer in a really cool way?

  31. Liveinamagazine Says:

    You have a great sense of style, and really enjoy your looks. Keep up the good work babe!

  32. Maira Says:

    Hoi Lucy,
    ik hoop het gaat al weer beter met je! Over het algemeen vind ik je blog erg leuk, altijd weer een inspiratie volgens mij :)
    Ik lees je blog al heel lang, en wat ik een beetje mis, is dat je niet meer zo veel over voedsel schrijft (het is wel een fashion blog, maar ik vond je recepten wel leuk!) :)
    Ik zag dat je Berlijn best goed kent en ik ga over twee weken naar Berlijn, misschien heb je nog een aantal goede tips?
    Alvast bedankt voor je hulp!
    Groetjes uit Nijmegen, x

  33. Carol Says:

    I’ve always wondered what you do for a living in order to make those $$$ purchases. Don’t get me wrong, I love your style and taste and would love to buy most of the things you have, but I find myself living on a really tight budget and I just wonder how you do it? Do you make tips from a restaurant job or..?

    To answer your question: I’d love to see some DIY photos of things that you really find cool or even videos of you!

  34. Nastya Says:

    Lucy, your blog is just wonderful and you seem to be a very good person. You’re an inspiration for all of your followers! You fight the illness in such a positive way, you should be proud of yourself! Your style is great, but I’d like to see less sporty outfits, but more girly ones, like the one where you’re wearing a black-n-white t-shirt like a dress, btw the post was cool:) Get better and never stop doing what you love!

  35. Youna Says:

    Your outfits are always super cool, so jut dress the way you feel like and it’s niiiice ! I remember back in the days, you used to smile a lot and I remember thinking it was awesome ! Finally a blogger who smiles :D You have an amazing smile, you should show it to the world :)

  36. Sharon Says:


    I was wondering what your Hair colour is and is it from a salon or at home kit?

  37. Alizée Says:

    S U P E R B E / B E S T blog ever !!!!!
    Merci Lucy!
    & i have just one question : when do you put new clothe in “shop my closet”? :)

  38. Anna Says:

    Hey Lucy!

    Ik vroeg me af op welke leeftijd je begon met bloggen en looks posten en of je als kind al van mode hield..? Ik ben zelf veertien en ik maak mijn eigen kleren en ik wil heel graag bloggen, maar je hebt zo weinig privacy dan.
    En nog een vraagje: Heb je wel eens dat je iets koopt en het vervolgens nooit draagt?
    Trouwens, je blog is altijd echt leuk om te lezen/kijken! Ga zo door :)

  39. Isabelle Says:

    HI Lucy! First of all, I love your Blog the way it is, it’s great that you alternate outfit post, shopping inspiration ect! I also like that you talk about you, more personal stuff! I’m form Montreal, Canada, I follow since of couples of month now and I like the way you dress!
    I have one question, what can you suggest me the grow my blog, how do you get more followers and collab! I have a blog since a couples of years now, but I recently move to WordPress and I want to grow it!!

    Let me know and thanks in advance xxx
    Isabelle. T

  40. Nina Says:


    I love your style because it’s so simple and easy and wearable and you look great without being over the top. You also have perfect hair! I like your mix of styles and outfits. You also seem so nice!

    My question is, I have a pair of skinny jeans with one black leg and one white leg. How would you style it so It’s elegant and chic, but not punk-y?

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