What I wore in July

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Last day of July already! Here’s most of my outfits from July, lots of sneakers and black and white and denim and grey, just how I like it. Funny how every month you’ll at least see my favorite leather jacket, leather shorts, Givenchy bag and leather cap. My favorite leathers! My highlight of the month was definitely Berlin but I don’t have many pictures of what I wore there. It’s a good August resolution though, since August will pretty much be traveling month. First Kopenhagen for a week, then Pukkelpop festival in Belgium and after that New York City, so I’m pretty excited for August :). It’s still July today however but I’m sure this day will fly by with lots of work to do and shoots planned. Are you excited for August?


Outfit | Shadows

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Shade is my friend during this heatwave. As much as I love summer, I found myself being a little excited when it wasn’t that hot on Sunday and I could wear this new Stylestalker jacket with baggy leather trousers. No but really, I love summer, I just miss leather so much during that time! I met up with Kevin who shoots street style in my hometown and found a shaded area too shoot because let’s be honest, even then it was too hot for leather. I’m too stubborn when it comes to fashion. Also, it’s this kind of transition period for me where I’m getting really tired of my summer clothing but the weather doesn’t allow anything else than summer wear, so what’s a girl to do? That’s right, look for shadows and spray some extra deodorant. Whatever.

I’m so excited for Kopenhagen Fashion Week next week! But right now I have to walk to the post office carrying 17 boxes (like I can carry 17 boxes) because you’ve been shopping my closet like crazy yesterday! The room in my closet is so refreshing, I’m trying really hard not to fill it up again right away. Let’s see how that works out ;) Happy Tuesday!

Embroidered jacket: Stylestalker / T-shirt: Vila / Faux leather baggy trousers: ASOS (last season, similar here) / Shoes: Mango / Bag Alexander Wang
Pictures by The Viewfinder


Shop My Closet!

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Unfortunately I couldn’t be at the NSMBL sale at Bar Italia this weekend, but I did something useful with my weekend anyways. I cleaned out my closet and updated the Shop My Closet so that it’s now filled with only new products, and lots of them! Why I’m selling all of it? Most of it has hardly been worn, just because as a blogger and shopping addict I have way too many clothes and the ones in my shop really deserve a better owner. So head over to the shop for some steals from ASOS, Zara but also Céline, Current/Elliott and HOPE. Happy Monday!

Click here to Shop My Closet.


Femme de Voyou

femme de voyou shirt striped skirtlovelybylucy three floor skirt florette paquerettecloseup femme de voyououtfit converse stripe skirt black teethree floor striped wrap skirtthree floor asymmetric wrap skirt red stripeslovelybylucy femme voyou smiling

Hot summer days call for easy dressing. I’ve been wearing a lot of basics these days and discovering more and more the great function that interesting pieces can serve. There’s 2 ways to wearing a skirt with a tee: wearing a skirt with a tee or wearing a cool skirt with a cool tee. Easy choice, right? I love this new striped skirt I got last week, it’s so interesting and detailed! Perfect length as well. And then there’s another t-shirt with a text on it (I talked about my obsession for those earlier this week). Love how my t-shirt says something like ‘thug woman’ (or at least that’s what Google Translate told me) while I always find it very hard to take distance from looking cute or ‘lovely’ (I’ve heard that word so many times, I can’t stand it anymore haha). I guess I just don’t really have a thug face, but a t-shirt will do! Happy Sunday!

Femme de Voyou t-shirt: Florette Paquerette / Skirt: Three Floor / Trainers: Converse


Les Culottes

basic culottes black asos look heelslovelybylucy culottes lookoutfit inspiration culottes all blackoutfit all black culottes

Les culottes! Love how chic that sounds, but also how chic they can look. I love the look of tailored culottes but didn’t think it would be for me, until I found these black culottes that are somewhat of a combination between culottes and basketball shorts. Great for basic chic looks like these but also for hiphop urban coolness that I’m really into.

Due to some unfortunate circumstances I can’t make it to the NSMBL Sale at Bar Italia tomorrow but I will still clean out my closet this weekend and there will be a huge online sale at the Shop My Closet next week (shipping worldwide!) so keep an eye on the blog!

Happy Friday!

Top: Zara / Culottes: ASOS (on sale) / Shoes: Mango


Tee Talk, part 2

statement printed text t-shirt sweatshirts favorites

My favorite thing to wear at the moment is a top with cool print, preferably a fun text. After I got the Supermarket tee I got into that, and suddenly cool tees and sweatshirts started popping up everywhere. The great thing about a cool shirt that you can just wear your favorite skinny jeans or denim shirts with some sneakers and a t-shirt, a super simple formula that gets way more interesting when your t-shirt talks. So here’s some of my favorites out there at the moment. I would love to get this one and this one because they’re so me, but I wouldn’t really mind any of them in my closet. I did get one of them but made myself hold in after that since there’s a lotttt of new stuff in my closet that I still haven’t shown you. First things first!

1. Little black dress / 2. Fashion / 3. I’d rather be shopping / 4. Blablabla
5. Where’s the food / 6. Take me to Paris / 7. Last clean shirt
8. Ain’t no wifey / 9. NO / 10. We are the dreamer
11. Will die alone with 72 cats / 12. Féminine / 13. The Others 23 / 13. NYC-Brooklyn 71


Off the grid

casual look superga sweatshirt distressed denimweekday yo sleeveless sweatshirtperfect blue stretch skinny denimoutfit grey superga sneakers trainers classicsleeveless grey sweatshirt casual look inspirationgrey superga classic trainersripped knee denim superga weekday

I’ve been off the grid a little (especially yesterday) but summer is to blame. First of all since I’ve been enjoying the weather a lot with friends and haven’t been behind my computer much the last few days, and second because the heat is getting to me. I’m not complaining about the fact that it is summer because I love that but the heat does bring some health-related issues which makes things a bit difficult the last few days. And that (it’s hard to go into details because that will be a long boring story) limits my outfit choices a lot as well so I haven’t been shooting all weekend. This is an outfit from last week, wearing a sleeveless sweatshirt I’ve been wearing a lot lately. Love how everybody says YO instead of hello when I walk into a place wearing this, haha. As I said, love top with a cool text on it lately. Also: a new pair of jeans. I have these in grey and they’re my favorite skinny jeans so I decided to get them in blue as well, they’re perfect. And then the last new favorite that you might have seen on instagram already: my grey Superga sneakers. You know, when an obsession for sneakers and an obsession for grey come together.

Also this week: still planning for fun things for Copenhagen Fashion Week (any Copenhagen tips?), eating Milka Oreo chocolate (new obsession), loadsss of new stuff in my closet of which I’ll share some in instagram today, cleaning out my closet for the NSMBL sale on Saturday and I’ll also be doing some shooting today since it’s been wayy too long. Happy Wednesday!

Sleeveless sweatshirt: Weekday / Jeans: ASOS / Trainers: Superga / Bag: Alexander Wang / Bar ring: Fashionology / Watch: Michael Kors
Pictures by Debbie

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