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Pre-fall collections are dropping in and so far I’m having a really hard time not clicking everything I like home, just because I’m excited for fall (fashion! not rain) to arrive. There are especially some really good booties out there that are both very wearable (low heeled), super cool and I love how there’s a lot of different textures and fabrics going on in pre-fall footwear. These are my favorite ankle boots that are out there at the moment and all of the above would be the perfect every day boots for me. I really really really want to order one of them but there’s 2 issues. First of all, which one? I love all of them I really can’t decide. Second of all, it probably would be smartest to wait a little longer because there’s much more to come for fall. But then again, I don’t want to wait too long and see all the boots I want sell out and end up with nothing. It’s so harddddd! Which one do you like best?

Tibi pointed chelsea boots / 3.1 Phillip Lim kitten heel booties
3.1 Phillip Lim textured chelsea boots / Opening Ceremony croc chelsea boots / Acne grey pistol boots
Saint Laurent chelsea boots / Acne Alma boots in grey ponyhair

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21 Responses to “Booties”

  1. DENISE Says:

    Als ik moest kiezen, the grey Acne pistol boots!

  2. annebeth Says:

    the pistol boots and the saint laurent chelsea boots are just too perfect. I’m always in search of the perfect ankle boots!

  3. Nena Says:

    Die van opening ceremony of de phillip lim textured chelsea boots ;) !

  4. The Fashion Loonatic Says:

    They are al sososo nice! I would go for the 3.1 Phillip Lim textured chelsea boots, they are in they greyish scale of colour but they can add at the same time something interesting to an outfit. Really love the print on it!

  5. Lolita Says:

    Love Acne !

    Check out my new outfit post :

  6. carol Says:

    mmmm croc pair ♥ send me :-D

  7. Mafalda Says:

    Oh lordie, you’re already making me dream of winter clothes (and boots). Damn, they’re gorgeous.

  8. Monica Says:

    It’s hard to choose, you have selected all pretty boots. But I’d probably buy the kitten heel booties from 3.1 Phillip Lim or the grey pistol boots from Acne, or…
    Ok, I give up! I can’t choose, I want them all too!


  9. Danielle Says:

    Fall fashion is the best, and these booties rock :)

  10. Rowan Says:

    Allemaal prachtig! Vooral rechtsonder!



    Personal Style Blog

  11. Felice Says:

    3.1 Phillip Lim kitten heel booties!! LOVE LOVE LOVE!

  12. WOWS Says:

    Great booties!!!

    Don’t miss today my Floral Playsuit outfit……with Special Edition sunglasses!!!.

    Kisses from My Bloglovin


    ik wil nog steeds die pistols, maar nu weet ik niet meer in welke kleur! Grijs of zwart!?!!


  14. Emilie Lau Says:

    Ohhh without a doubt the 3.1 Phillip Lim textured chelsea boots !!
    They are absolutely amazing! I do love (and always will) the Acne pistol..!

  15. Alette Says:

    OMG! I should not have read this post! I absolutely adore the boots you show. I really can’t help you with your decisions, because I really can’t choose myself (and want all of these boots myself, thank you very much… ;) )

  16. Michelle Says:

    I love them all! -xx

  17. Says:

    Cool boots.

  18. Theresa Says:

    My two faves would have to be the Phillip Lim and Saint Laurent Chelsea boots but you seriously can’t go wrong with any of them. They’re all so good!


  19. Niss Says:

    the Acne boots are a dream! except they look high maintenance.

  20. Kassy Says:

    ooooh these are all such lovely choices! HOW ON EARTH DO I CHOOSE ONE!

  21. Anna Says:

    Ik vind de lichtgrijze rechts heel mooi, subtiel ook en linksboven vind ik ook gaaf, met die vlekjes, of zijn het steentjes?

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