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I’ve been off the grid a little (especially yesterday) but summer is to blame. First of all since I’ve been enjoying the weather a lot with friends and haven’t been behind my computer much the last few days, and second because the heat is getting to me. I’m not complaining about the fact that it is summer because I love that but the heat does bring some health-related issues which makes things a bit difficult the last few days. And that (it’s hard to go into details because that will be a long boring story) limits my outfit choices a lot as well so I haven’t been shooting all weekend. This is an outfit from last week, wearing a sleeveless sweatshirt I’ve been wearing a lot lately. Love how everybody says YO instead of hello when I walk into a place wearing this, haha. As I said, love top with a cool text on it lately. Also: a new pair of jeans. I have these in grey and they’re my favorite skinny jeans so I decided to get them in blue as well, they’re perfect. And then the last new favorite that you might have seen on instagram already: my grey Superga sneakers. You know, when an obsession for sneakers and an obsession for grey come together.

Also this week: still planning for fun things for Copenhagen Fashion Week (any Copenhagen tips?), eating Milka Oreo chocolate (new obsession), loadsss of new stuff in my closet of which I’ll share some in instagram today, cleaning out my closet for the NSMBL sale on Saturday and I’ll also be doing some shooting today since it’s been wayy too long. Happy Wednesday!

Sleeveless sweatshirt: Weekday / Jeans: ASOS / Trainers: Superga / Bag: Alexander Wang / Bar ring: Fashionology / Watch: Michael Kors
Pictures by Debbie

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22 Responses to “Off the grid”

  1. Well Living BLog Says:

    Super chic, laid- back look ! love it !

    XX Luba

    Don´t miss today my look with peplum, jeans and Loubis

  2. Amy Says:

    dat shirt is super vet!!!
    Gelukkig voor jou is het nu aan het regenen; hopelijk wordt het dan minder warm, en kun je snel weer je oude zelf zijn :)

  3. carol Says:

    oooh these jeans suit you perfectly !!! amazing :)

  4. Maisie Says:

    This outfit is so simple yet so perfect.

  5. Mafalda Says:

    You look amazing in those denims, they’re perfect on you. I like the whole sporty outfit with a few accessories that add a bit of an edge to it (blue nail polish, tote, watch and ring).
    You rock!

    Mafalda ❤

  6. Nena Says:

    Leuke outfit! Ben zelf dit jaar met school in kopenhagen geweest maar dat was vooral architectuur-gericht dus tips kan ik niet echt geven :D Ik was wel helemaal weg van de built-a-bear store waar je zelf een beer kon maken :’) voor de rest liggen praktisch alle winkels op 1 straat (lekker handig!)

    Veel plezier daar!

  7. Macarena Says:

    I love your style and I love your blog
    Kisses from spain!

  8. nora Says:

    Super outfit wat een leuk shirt zeg!

  9. Amanda @ Eloquent English Says:

    Hopefully it cools off sooner rather than later to beat the heat. I’m not a huge fan of summer b/c ours can be unruly… Love the casual look and cutoff sweatshirt!

  10. Sweet Mona Says:

    fantastic look!

  11. Melissa Says:

    the jeans look amazing

  12. Eve Says:

    Whaa super gave top! xx

  13. Saara Says:


    I absolutely love this casual but super cool outfit! I was just wondering if your jeans are ‘mid stonewash blue’ as it says on ASOS’s website when you click on the link? I’d really like to get them in the same colour as you but the pic shows a pair that looks much darker than the ones you’re wearing. Hope you can help me, thanks in advance!


    P.S. Love your blog :)

  14. Lucy Says:

    @ Saara: Thank you so much! Yes, the jeans I linked to are the exact same jeans, they’re less dark in real. If you do Catwalk view on ASOS you can already see that they’re lighter. It’s the exact same one I order, promise :)

  15. Theresa Says:

    Sorry to hear the heat is causing some health issues for you babe. I really hope you’re okay.

    I have a similar pair of skinnies like that that I just love. Something about the double ripped knee that I’m really into. Those ones look killer on your amazing legs. Great top too. Looking beautiful babe!


  16. Chahrazad Says:

    Lovely outfit dear. I just come across your blog. Love it!


  17. jeong Says:


    You look awesome in this look, especially this pair of jeans!!
    May I know what size do you wear for this pair of ASOS jeans?
    Thank you so much =)Love your looks, always

  18. M A R T A Says:

    You look adorable! I totally love the jeans!

  19. Lucy Says:

    @ Jeong: Thank you! I ordered a size UK8 which is my normal size :)

  20. Saara Pynnönen Says:

    Thank you so much! :)) Yay, so happy now that I can order them :D

  21. Melanie Giandzi Says:

    Hey Lucy I was wondering how do you cut holes in your jeans? Any particular way you do it?

  22. Lucy Says:

    @ Melanie: No just with scissors, no strategy sorry!

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