Here’s what I wore on the second day of Berlin Fashion Week. Looking back, it’s not one of my most interesting outfits. I was underdressed, to say the least. But considering the circumstances (being super tired and in quite a lot of pain) I felt comfortable, and that’s what fashion is all about right? I’m really happy some of you responded that way on instagram as well, I really appreciate it. Maybe next fashion week I’ll go all out, but I always want to stay true to my own style and what I’m comfortable with. I saw a lot of fakery as well and that kind of made me want to wear jeans and a tee even more, is that weird? Sometimes I can be going a bit more all out than this, but that day it just wasn’t the case, and I wouldn’t have felt comfortable in heels and a skirt, even though I do wear that sometimes. This was just not the time, and those things happen. I guess I’m just a human being, right? :)

This was the last bit of Berlin talk though, because the next topic is SUMMER! L-0-v-e the weather this weekend. I’m definitely needing the weekend to recover physically but I’m also taking a weekend off fashion. Kind of, because I do have a shoot this afternoon (as always, get the scoop on instagram @lovelybylucy) but I’m definitely enjoying the sun for the rest of the time. I will catch up with work on Monday, but right now I don’t want to think about that! Happy Sunday!

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9 Responses to “Underdressed”

  1. Mafalda Says:

    You looked lovely!


  2. Elza Sokolovski Says:

    Those pictures reminds me of my trip in Berlin! I love this city!

  3. Louise Says:

    Wat is het toch fijn dat jij lekker jezelf blijft! Dan inspireer je me ook echt, ik ga nou eenmaal nooit als kerstboom over straat ;-) Hoop dat je lekker genoten hebt van het weer!



  4. Theresa Says:

    I love that you stay true to yourself and the thing about you is that you always look good babe! :) Seems like you had a really nice trip in Berlin and hope you’re feeling okay sweetie!


  5. WOWS Says:


    Don’t miss today my last SUNNY NEW IN……my new last trend Sunglasses!!!.

    Kisses from
    http://www.withorwithoutshoes.com My Bloglovin

  6. Renske Says:

    I really appreciate you staying true to yourself. I feel like the pressure to go all out and dress up like a crazy person is huge during fashion weeks. And most of the time i feel like it is a little show everyone is putting up, and that is not what fashion is about for me.

  7. Lucy Says:

    I love this look! It all fits together so well, I don’t think you can look ‘underdressed’ at a fashion week can you? It’s all about personal style and so this is perfect! xx


  8. carol Says:

    cool !!! vmatched together very well babe :)


  9. Anna Says:

    Ik kan het me helemaal voorstellen, soms moet je gewoon superfijne kleren dragen.
    De tweede foto is trouwens echt heel leuk! :)

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