balenciaga marbled high top sneakers fw13

My name is Lucy and I am addicted to sneakers. There, I’ve said it. If anyone knows a treatment centre for this, do let me know. All my sneaker investments so far have been really good ones though, they’re the only designer pieces I will actually wear every day because I’m just not such a heel heroine and well, I am a sneaker kinda girl. My current major obsession is this pair of marbled Balenciaga sneakers. So cool, but a good quite basic high top at the same time, and did I say cool yet? Someone stop me now. Or not. Available here.

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8 Responses to “Addicted”

  1. Katarina Says:

    They really are dope, Lucy!!!

  2. Nina Says:


  3. Mafalda Says:

    Wow, amazing!
    Mafalda ❤

  4. Molly Says:

    love your sneaker choices.. still on a mad hunt for your black leather/suede new balances in canada! one day!

  5. nora Says:

    Oeeeff die zijn gaaf zeg!

  6. CannibalMalabar Says:

    They’re absolutely gorgeous!!! <3


    Thank you. Now I want them fing badly <3

  8. Juli Says:

    they are absolutely beautiful! i also love sneakers, but sometimes i need to wear some high heels :D

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