Celebrating 4 years of Fashionology: Win 4X a set of my favorite jewelry!

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To those of you who have been following my blog for a while now it might be quite clear that I have a favorite jewelry brand. I’ve been obsessed with Fashionology jewelry since day 1 and wear at least 1 piece every day. In the 2 weeks to come Fashionology is celebrating their 4th birthday already and they’re not celebrating small: it’s 30% off EVERYTHING and a free Fashionology canvas bag with every order if you use the code BDAY4. But that’s not all, I got to put together my Fashionology favorites and give 4 of them to 4 of my lucky readers! Below is the set that you can win, which obviously involves shark teeth and that ring that never really leaves my finger. In the next 2 weeks I’m giving away 4 of these sets, and all you have to do to win is:

- Like both the Fashionology FB page here and Lovely By Lucy FB page here
– Leave a comment below this blogpost with your name and email address so that I can contact the winner
– Cross your fingers!

fashionology anniversary giveaway

This competition is open worlwide and runs from October 29th until November 14th. Winners will be picked randomly and will be checked on having completed the requirements to enter the competition. 


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230 Responses to “Celebrating 4 years of Fashionology: Win 4X a set of my favorite jewelry!”

  1. Cheryl-Lynn van de Wiel Says:

    Cheryl-Lynn van de Wiel

  2. iliana fourkioti Says:

    fingers crossed!!!

  3. Alexandra Says:


    …and good luck to me!

    Thank you!

  4. Tamara Says:

    Normaal doe ik niet zo vaak mee met winacties, maar deze kan ik toch echt niet voorbij laten schieten! :)

    Naam: Tamara Henzen
    E-mail: goingcream@live.nl

  5. Veronique Says:

    Veronique Jilisen – veronique.jilisen@hotmail.com
    Will keep my fingers crossed!

  6. Denise van Breemen Says:

    Wow, a give-away that definitely suits you ;) I’m in!

    Oh and by the way; I still read (and love) your blog everyday!


    Denise van Breemen

  7. Anita H. Says:

    Ik doe mee!!

  8. Lucy Phillips Says:

    Love your blog!

  9. Nienke Says:

    Leuk, ik doe mee! xx

  10. Dasha Says:

    they have amazing jewelry, I would love to own couple of pices :D hugs from croatia!

  11. Alina Says:


    Simply love Fashionology <3

  12. Louisa Says:

    HI! I love your blog! Your outfits are so inspirational. I have been obsessed with Fashionology for a long time as well. I’m so excited that you’re doing this give-away!! xoxo

  13. Louisa Says:

    Your style is so cool! You’re a real inspiration… :)

  14. sammie Says:

    Oh wonderful giveaway!I have a rainbow cluster ring from fashionology and i’m so impressed with the quality :)
    Liked both of the pages with the name Fashionbarbecue.
    Email is Sammie.Ries@hotmail.de

  15. Janine Says:

    Aaaaaahhh hebben, prachtig !!!!

  16. Shanice Hengstz Says:

    Ik like beide pages al! Ik was net fashionology.nl aan het afstruinen toen ik je instagram zag…waaaah geweldige giveaway! Nu maar hopen dat ik win… :)

    x Shanice Hengstz

  17. Fiona Costanzo Says:

    Yay first comment I hope I win… I love fashionology jewelry xx

  18. Romane Says:

    Thxx for this competition !

  19. Fiona Costanzo Says:

    Yay first comment I hope I win… Happy birthday Fashionology I love your jewelry xx

  20. Rachel Hrudko Says:

    Love the shark tooth jewelry!

  21. barbara Says:

    love you and love fashionology!

    barbara da campo

  22. Ailis Says:


  23. Sarah Says:

    Sarah Toussain, xx_saartje@hotmail.com

  24. shujun Gong Says:

    Shujun Gong

  25. Manon Margaretha Says:

    Ik doe mee!
    Manon Dijkhuizen

  26. Bettina Says:

    Hi, congrats to your blog-birthday!! one of the best blogs out there :)
    liked facebook pages (please see my full name in the email that ist not published – but you can see; its also my name on facebook);)

  27. Océane Sarabelli Says:

    Hey Lucy ! I’m so excited about this giveaway, thank you so much ! Fashionology is my favorite jewelry brand so i’ll keep my fingers crossed :)
    Greetings from France !

  28. Eszter Says:

    happy birthday fashionology! :)

  29. Courtney Says:

    Love your blog, thanks for this contest!

  30. MARJOLEIN Says:

    Super leuk! Ik heb zelf ook een aantal armbanden van het merk en aanvulling is natuurlijk niet verkeerd. Zeker niet als die aanvulling jouw samengestelde pakket bevat natuurlijk! ;)



  31. Isabelle Says:

    This shark teeth ! hoodelally@gmail.com
    Isabelle x

  32. Sofia Rosa Says:

    I’m a Big fan of the brand and of your blog. Thank you!
    Sofia Rosa

  33. Raquel Gil Says:

    Hi, I want to participate, this giveaway is awesome!!! crossed fingers and all steps done!! I was fan of your blog on facebook and since now I´m fan of Fashionology too!!
    Raquel Gil

  34. Motilayo Says:

    Great rings love them!

    xo’ M

  35. Nina / Hermania Says:

    Aaaww yeah, I would wear these pieces to death if I owned them!

    (ninadhollander@gmail.com – nina dhollander)

  36. Cassy Says:

    Always love your style,as well as your jewelry picks, hope I could be the lucky winner. Thanks for the giveaway!

  37. Soof Says:

    Superleuke winactie, ik doe mee! x

  38. Paula Says:

    I really, really love these!! :)

  39. Fanny Says:

    Like it!

    Name: Fanny
    Email: vegamusik_89@hotmail.com


  40. Nikki Says:

    superleuke giveaway! x

    Nikki Beulen


  41. Fanny Says:

    Like it!

    Name: Fanny
    Email: vegamusik_89@hotmail.com


  42. Mar Says:

    I love them! Fingers crossed!!

  43. kasey carlston Says:

    All of these pieces are so beautiful. I hope I win!

  44. Leia Says:

    Hi Lucy, I love your blog and love this jewelry brand. I bought the Evil Eye bracelet after seeing it on your blog and it is by far my favorite piece in my collection so far. Hope to add to it soon with these lovelies :)

  45. Emilie Lau Says:

    Absolutely love Fashionology as well, think i’m gonna treat myself with the triangle ring!
    I’ve been eyeing it for a while now ahah, love your set!

    Anyway, email is emilie.lau@hotmail.fr and name is Emilie ;)

  46. Gabriela Says:

    Gabriela Sanchez
    Liked FB Gabriela Aguilar
    Email: gabrielaaguilarsanchez_7587@yahoo.com

  47. Talia Says:

    Great giveaway! I absolutely adore these pieces – understated and simplistic is the kind of jewelry I wear every day :)
    Name: Talia Kaur
    Email: talia.kaur@gmail.com
    Fingers crossed!

  48. Tess Says:

    Yes this is awesome! I’m joining this competition for sure!


  49. Maylis Courbet Says:

    I cross my fingers and my toes ! I love this brand ( and your blog ! )
    Thanks to give us a chance to win :)

  50. Narelle Lau Says:

    Haha I’m not sure if i’m supposed to comment here.. :P


    Hope you are having a ‘lovely’ day Lucy! You’re a cutie! Keep smiling :)

  51. elke Says:

    Heb geen fb :( Maar ik wil mss wel een paar knuckleringen bestellen, hoe heb jij de maat bepaald? Ik heb altijd het idee dat die gaan afvallen omdat die zo hoog zitten, neem je die dan best wat kleiner? Er staat wel een gemiddelde bij, maar ik denk dat mijn vingers smaller zijn dan gemiddeld.. En heb je op die foto’s de small of tiny versie aan (behalve je pink dan)? Alvast bedankt! :)

  52. colby Says:

    I would be ecstatic to win!!
    Colby xx

  53. iro Says:

    fabulous!!thanks for the opportunity!!

  54. Katrina Bay Says:

    Oh my, that’s so cool, I can’t believe it!
    Would love to put my hands on all these beauties! :)

    Katrina Bay


  55. Liesbeth Van Vynckt Says:

    Yay, my favourite jewelry brand! And the ring has been on my wish list FOR-E-VER :-D So I’m definitely in!


  56. Mafalda Says:

    Beautiful pieces of jewelry!
    Mafalda ❤

  57. Thamar Lobo Says:

    Beautiful jewelry, would love to win!

  58. Lucy Says:

    Their jewellery is lovely and really suits you! xx


  59. Kristina Vartanova Says:

    Kristina Vartanova

  60. Paola Holthausen Says:

    Already liked both fb pages. Super cool and pretty jewelry!!! Fingers crossed :)

  61. Beatrice Guardascione Says:

    fingers crossed! I love Fashionology

  62. Suzanne Says:

    ik wil graag meedoen! had jullie allebei al geliked :)

  63. Myriam Vogt Says:

    Really beautiful jewelry ;-)
    I like to try my luck!
    My name is Myriam Vogt and my email address is mycke73@gmail.com.
    Wish you a great day!
    Greetings from Germany!

  64. Riëlle Says:

    Heel leuk! Fashionology vind ik ook een heel leuk merk! Ik vond jullie facebookpagina’s beide al leuk & mijn email is: itsrainingheelsandsneakers@gmail.com

    Fingers crossed!
    xx Riëlle

  65. soulofashopper Says:

    very nice jewelry indeed! hopefully I’ll get a chance to win ;)
    xx, ALma

  66. Amber Muyshondt Says:

    Love the jewelry! Hope to win a set!

    With love,

  67. Laura Maradam Says:

    Fingers crossed ;-)

  68. masha Says:


  69. Natalia Says:

    Cool! I love Fashionology!!!

  70. norma Says:

    Fashionology is such a nice brand, their style is rough but feminine I love it!

  71. M* Says:

    Love me some Fashionology! I’m obsessed with the brand!!! I’d love to get some more beautiful piece! Thanks for the giveaway, Lucy :)

    xoxo M*

  72. Erika Says:

    Awsome! Happy birthday Fashionology and many more :D!

  73. Nikki bayliss Says:

    Fashionology has amazing quality and design I would be lucky to win. Great chioces on your favorites x

  74. Michelle Says:

    Woohoo! Happy Birthday to Fashionology! Zou een mooie toevoeging zijn aan mijn eigen Fashionology collectie!
    Fingers crossed!

    Liefs, Michelle (blamichelle@hotmail.com)

  75. Cristina Clandestina Says:

    Thanks for the competition!!! I love this brand ;)

  76. Nastya Says:

    Name: Nastya
    E-mail: hardnastyar@gmail.com
    Your jewelry is so amazing, especially these gorgeous rings! ❤

  77. Anita L. Says:

    Thanks for the giveaway Lucy!
    Anita Lezsák, anita.lezsak@gmail.com

  78. Valery Says:

    Ik volg jullie allebei al op Facebook.
    De sieraden zijn erg mooi en ik heb er zelf ook al een aantal sieraden van.
    Toch kun je niet genoeg Fashionology sieraden hebben en als ik deze set zou winnen zou ik daarom heel erg blij zijn!


  79. ELENKA Says:

    I am absolutely in love with each and every piece of FASHIONOLOGY!!

    I need them in my body!! ;)

    Elenka Montesinos



  80. Alice Says:

    Crossing my fingers!

  81. Rosadinde Says:

    He Lucy! I was already a fan of Fashionology. Those rings, WOW! But now I know your blog as well! Very nice! Hope to win some of those lovely jewelry! xoxo

  82. Allysa Says:

    Whaaaa toffe actie!! Ik doe zeker mee!! :D

  83. Allysa Says:

    Ohhh mijn email is allysa.kop@hotmail.com

  84. Natasja Says:

    Wow, dit wil ik zeker wel winnen, erg mooi! Ik volg jullie beide al op Facebook!
    Natasja _ 87@hotmail.com

  85. Marlon Says:

    Hiep hiep hoera voor Fashionology!!
    Echt super mooie sieraden, laten ze daar ook mooi mee door gaan.
    en leuke actie Lucy :) X

  86. Andrea Tersak Says:

    Hoi Lucy! :) Is het de bedoeling dat ik hier een comment achter laat voor de winactie (Fashionology)? Zoja, dan bij deze :) Beiden Facebook pagina’s geliked.. Keeping my fingers crosst

  87. claudia Says:

    Fingers crossed, love the jewelry pieces!
    claudia villanueva


  88. Kelly Wu Kei Yan Says:

    Happy Birthday Fashionology!
    and Lucy, thank you so much for this giveaway.
    I adore your laid down chic style so much, keep surprising us!
    good luck to me haha:)

    my name: Kelly
    email: kwukei@gmail.com

  89. Julie Says:

    Nice selection!



  90. Janice Says:

    Love your style <3

  91. Silta Says:

    Wauw loving this!

    Silta Maatita – silta_maatita@hotmail.com

  92. Lucy Says:

    @ Elke: Jammer! Ik heb vrij smalle vingers dus ik heb kleine maten besteld maar wat misschien het slimst is, is gewoon even Fashionology mailen en vragen naar de afmetingen/diameter zodat je even kunt meten en zeker weet dat ze passen!

  93. Fiona Schubert Says:

    Fingers crossed!
    xx ♥

  94. Talitha Says:

    want <3

  95. Debora Says:

    Great giveaway! I love these rings :)
    Debora Ferri

  96. Cat Dorsett Says:

    Love these pieces! Xx

  97. Gina Says:

    Lovely giveaway!! :)
    Gina – gina_velie@hotmail.com

  98. Lindi Says:

    Waauuw ❤️
    Lindi Würdemann

  99. Rowan Sterenberg Says:

    Let’s hope!!!!

    Rowan Sterenberg

  100. Marissa Says:

    I’m in love !

    Name: Marissa Koolwijk
    Email: marissakoolwijk@gmail.com

  101. Steffany Says:

    Steffany Hernandez <3 s.hernandezholguin@gmail.com <3

  102. Rieke Groll Says:

    Rieke Groll

  103. Sacha de vos Says:

    Please please please!!!
    Mywordismyprada@gmail.com !!!

  104. Andrea Tersak Says:

    Oeps ik vergeet m’n emailadres bij m’n comment te zetten :-/

    Anyway: andrea_tersak@hotmail.com
    Andrea Tersak


  105. Laura Says:

    How cool ! Thanks for the giveaway !!

    Fingers crossed of course
    Laura L Fernandez


  106. elke Says:

    Dankje, heb net even met ze gechat, erg goeie service! :) enkel voor mn pink twijfel ik nog wat, ik denk dat we ongeveer dezelfde maat hebben, weet je nog of je XXS of XXXS genomen hebt? ik ben niet zo handig in meten op de mm haha, maar ik denk dat ik eig nog onder de XXXS kom maar ik vind mn handen helemaal niet zo freakish fijn :’)

  107. STYLONYM Says:

    Beautiful pieces, sure would like to enter the competition!
    Jessica Hofmann/ jessicahofmann89@gmail.com


  108. Lenneke van der Meijden Says:

    *Fingers crossed* :-)

  109. Lenneke van der Meijden Says:

    Oops.. lenneke_meijden@hotmail.com

  110. Cristina Sanser Says:


    Cristina Sanchez Serrano

  111. Lissa Brouwer Says:

    Ik ben helemaal niet van de juwelen ik draag ze dan ook zelden omdat ze altijd te ‘meisjesachtig’ zijn, maar de stoere juwelen die jij draagt spreken me erg aan.

    Naam: Lissa Brouwer
    Emailaders: lissabrouwer@hotmail.com

  112. Zoe Says:


    Zoe de la Concepción


  113. Nienke van Liempd Says:

    All done! And keeping my fingers crossed!

  114. Kira steffensen Says:

    Name is kira steffensen.

    Cheers! :)

  115. Joelle Boers Says:

    Chapeau for your blog and your style!
    I’m such an FASHIONOLOGY addict too! But now all of my budget goes to my design studio…
    I’m Textile/Print designer and just started…
    Fingers crossed I wil win one of the SHARK items..! HOPE HOPE HOPE! <3

  116. Dedeuxville Claire Says:

    Fingers crossed

  117. Amanda @ Eloquent English Says:

    Love this collection!

    Amanda – eloquentenglish1 (at) gmail

  118. April Crisafulli Says:

    Love this giveaway!

    April Crisafulli

  119. Romina Says:

    Love fashionology and your selection

  120. Aga Says:

    Aga – agataroszak0@gmail.com

    these are gorgeous <3

  121. Elke Says:

    Uncanny obsession! Love their items!

  122. Scarlett Says:

    Scarlett Jacobi

    Fingers crossed!!

  123. Lisa Says:

    Love this brand!

  124. Jule Mariella Says:

    Jule Mariella Hirsch
    julemariella@emailn.de :)

  125. Nina Says:

    Nina Zipp
    e-Mail: nina.zipp@googlemail.com

    Fingers crossed! :)

  126. Kristýna Says:



  127. Paula RM Says:

    Great Giveaway!!!
    Paula RM

  128. Noëlla Says:

    Jaaaa, ik doe graag mee die sieraden zijn zo prachtig <3
    Mijn emailadres is:


  129. Katie Stover Says:

    Katie Stover

  130. Alison Wong Says:

    Alison Wong

    Thanks you for the giveaway!

  131. Emily Wouters Says:

    This jewellery is absolutely stunning! I would love to win one of the sets.

    Emily Wouters

  132. Carly Sanderson Says:

    Thanks, love your site!

  133. Nina Says:

    Janina Schwarz

  134. Sonja Says:

    Alles gedaan! Ik vind Fashionology echt tof! :)

    Naam: Sonja Vogel
    E-mail: sonjavogel91@gmail.com


  135. Rafaela Says:

    Fashionology is my fav brand too!

    Rafaela Bastić


  136. Ianthe Says:

    Whoa, lovely! Count me in ;)

    Ianthe Lambrechts

  137. Hanne Says:

    Oh, dat zien er zo’n mooie dingen uit! :)

    Hanne Willekens

    hannewillekens [at] hotmail [dot] com

  138. Alexandra [ILUMUOTI] Says:

    Wauw, supergave winactie, ik doe mee! :)

    Xx Alexandra Huijgens

  139. Nisha S Says:

    Nisha S. I left my email to comment, I just don’t want to publish it publicy here :)

  140. Gabriela S. Says:

    Let’s hope 100 is the magic number! :)

    Gabriela Staykova

  141. thatsmonique Says:

    Thanks for this chance!
    Finger crossed xx


  142. Julia Says:

    fingers crossed! :)
    julia fehn

  143. Kirsten Says:

    <3 <3 So pretty!!! <3<3

    Offcourse stonden beiden fb pagina's al tussen mijn likes (want: al jaren fan!!)

  144. Ellen Says:

    Love your style and love fashionogoly. Keep my fingers crossed.

  145. Vera Says:

    I think this jewelry set is lovely by you Lucy, but also by me :) I’m a big fan of Fashionology and wear a beautiful ring with a green stone everyday! So it’s time to expand my Fashionology collection. Keep my fingers crossed…. xx Vera vera@brainydays.nl

  146. danielle Says:

    :) Danielle moeilijkhip@gmail.com

  147. Siel Says:

    Zo leuk! :D

  148. Jesse Says:

    Simply gorgeous! <3 <3

    Jessica Guite

  149. Leong Shay Mei Says:

    Crossing fingers. :)

  150. Carlijn Says:

    Love them!

    Carlijn C

  151. Simone Says:

    I love the jewelry of fashionology as well, great give away!

    simone luijk @ gmail.com

  152. Mischa Says:

    Hele leuke winactie!! Vooral omdat ik zelf ook al erg lang Fashionology bezoek, maar het vaak net wat te duur is. M’n emailadres: mischa_buter@hotmail.com

  153. Kat Says:

    Crossed my paws X!! Lovely giveaway))

    I’m Kat

  154. Tara Says:

    I’m in :DD

    Tara den Hertog
    email: tara.denhertog@heerbeeck.nl

  155. Rosa María Says:

    All done

    Rosa María

    Thanks :)

  156. Anna van der Griend Says:

    Fashionology blijft ook echt mijn favoriete merk!

    Anna van der Griend

  157. Francisca Says:

    Wauww echt hele leuke winactie! Vind de sieraden echt super mooi<3

    Francisca Claasen

  158. Julianna Farkas Says:

    I love your style:)
    Julianna Farkas

  159. Elsa Lopez Says:

    I love it!!! :)

  160. ryane Says:

    Ryane Wong


  161. Milou Levink Says:

    Hee, leuke actie zeg! De sieraden van Fashionology staan je geweldig!
    Milou Levink

  162. Elodie Says:

    Hey Lucie,

    I love your style and follow you since a few months. It’s always great to read your posts!

    Thanks for this give away!

    Elodie from Belgium

  163. Julia Says:

    Have been reading your blog since forever, love your style and especially your jewellery :-) !!!

  164. Melina Giamalaki Says:


    Kisses from Greece

  165. Nathalie Says:

    Hi there! :)

    Amazing giveaway! I love the Tiny Above knuckle ring and the Vertical Ring and I’m totally hooked on the Tooth Necklaces so I’m definitely in!
    This would be an amazingly perfect set to wear at my nephews wedding next month by the way, so this giveaway is just what I needed! ;) Just in time! :)

    I’m following both Facebookpages as Nathalie Madsen and I’m keeping my fingers crossed! :)

    Happy B Day to the wonderful people of Fashionology.nl! :) Hooray!!! :)

    Oh, enne… Keep on blogging meid, je doet ‘t fantastisch! ;)


  166. silke polhuis Says:


  167. Sjo - Bordeaux Bravoure Says:

    Vind deze sieraden je altijd super staan!
    Ik doe graag mee: bordeauxbravoure@hotmail.com


  168. Cynthia Saviano Says:

    Wooo! Fingers crossed :)

  169. Rosalin Says:

    Great put-together outfits you swing on your blog!
    In love with the combination of the flawless and clean fashionology jewellery.
    / xx Rosie from Sweden

  170. Maria Says:

    Maria João Santos – mariajoosnts1@gmail.com

  171. Hanna Says:

    Your loved by the Girls in Switzerland :)

    Hanna Ekberg

  172. Hanna Says:

    You are loved by the girls in Switzerland :)

    Hanna Ekberg

  173. Linda Says:

    Love your blog lucy!
    Linda Hilmer

  174. Estrella Says:

    i LOVE their jewlery!
    Estrella Sevilla

    thank you xx

  175. Laetitia Says:

    Hi !
    I found out about your site through fashionology and I find it gourgeous! Your style is very inspiring!
    Thanks a lot for it and please let me win the jewels :)

  176. layallennicolas Says:

    lay allen nicolas / layallennicolas@yahoo.com

  177. Kristin B Says:

    Holy bananas, I’m crossing every possible body part! ;)

  178. Carmen Says:

    I would love to win thus cool ser of jewellery!

  179. Denise Says:

    Crossing my fingers and toes for good luck!

    Nice blog!

    Groetjes, Denise

    Denise van Wijk

  180. Asia Olech Says:

    Asia Olech

    girl can’t help but love jewelry!

  181. Duong Nguyen Says:

    Very street style and one of a kind design jewelry!!! I like it very much <3

    Duong Nguyen

  182. Majsa Says:

    ahhhhhhh so prewwty….. lijkt me echt super! Ik hou zo van jou stijl! I wish i just had the money to buy everything too.. :’( hihi!


    Majsa – majsa_spm@xs4all.nl

  183. Minke Says:

    I’ll keep my fingers crossed! I promise ;)


  184. Christina Says:

    I’m in!! Love it

  185. Szabina L Says:

    Szabina Luzics
    porcukorborso at gmail dot com

    these are super-fab beauties-thanks for that!!

  186. Yvonne Glorius Says:

    What a rad giveaway! Whoever wins those sets is without a doubt a lucky duck!

  187. Dragana Says:

    Dragana Beronja

  188. Carolyne Says:

    Carolyne Gratton


  189. Angela Zieme Says:

    Yes, please. ;)
    I think it’s great that it’s worldwide. <3
    Good Luck to everybody.

  190. Sacha Says:

    Thanks for the contest! My name is Sacha Farber! finger crossed ;)

  191. Sacha Says:

    Thanks for the contest! My name is Sacha Farber! finger crossed ;) farbersacha@hotmail.com

  192. Karolina Says:

    Wooo hoo!! All fingers and toes crossed!!xx

  193. Ailis Says:

    Ailis O’Neill

  194. Elyne Says:

    Geweldige giveaway, ik doe mee!
    Elyne Heirman, elyne-heirman-93@hotmail.com

  195. zoe Says:

    i’m in!
    facebook: zoe louwerse

  196. Lia S Says:

    beautiful jewelry

  197. Laura Says:

    Lovely, simple designs.

    Laura MacMahon x

  198. Jeannet Says:

    Volg Fashionology en jouw al op Facebook.
    Leuke giveaway, doe hier graag aan mee!

    Jeannet Jager

  199. Sarah van der Weijde Says:

    Ik had allebei de pagina’s al geliked, ik doe heel graag mee! Ben verliefd op de fashionology sieraden..xx
    Mijn email staat al bovenaan, maar voor de zekerheid..sarahrosalie(a)gmail.com!

  200. Shirley Says:

    Wow, fashionolog is so trendy! Each piece of jewelry just looks unique. Best of luck to ME!!

  201. Camila Says:

    Camila Rojas – ccrrondon.17@gmail.com
    Love your style <3 i wanna win!
    grettings from South america!

  202. Marloes Says:

    Fashionology sieraden staan nog steeds op mijn (vreselijk lange) wishlist! Super dit!
    Mijn naam: Marloes Baaijens
    marloesbaaijens@gmail.com ;)

  203. Renate Says:

    Love it!

  204. Lisa Says:

    love it!!

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  206. Annelien Says:

    Geweldig, ik ben gek op fashionology! :)
    Annelien Driesen

  207. Milda Says:

    I adore the sharp simplicity of their jewelry, stunning.

    Name: Milda Nae
    e-mail: mildanae@gmail.com

  208. Dress your life. Says:

    Zalig! Grote fan van fashionology :)
    Naomi, x

  209. Anna Says:

    Prachtige dingen, ik doe mee! :)

  210. Manon Says:

    Fingers are crossed!

  211. Katarzyna Ignacek Says:

    Katarzyna Ignacek

  212. Angie Monroy Says:

    :D Love them all!!! <3

    Angie Monroy

    …. just in case :) I dont use this account for my facebook :D so if you are wondering if I liked the pages :D yesss! <3 good luck to me and thank youu!

  213. Anne-Clarine Says:


    Anne-Clarine Prosman

  214. Goron Sophie Says:

    Me please!!!!! A french fan :)

  215. Jaimy Says:

    Jaimy / jimjimjaim@hotmail.com

  216. Marloes de Lange Says:

    Marloes de Lange
    *Fingers are crossed!!*

  217. Anne Says:

    Ik doe zeker mee! Supertoffe sieraden:)

  218. Kareen Jaber Says:

    Crossing my fingers! Last minute! Love your blog :)

  219. Chayenna Says:

    Geweldige winactie!!

  220. de Vos Laetitia Says:

    In love with your blog! On facebook, instagram, pintrest,lookbook…
    Love it all!
    And fashionology is the best jewelry ever!
    Hand made artwork with real gemstones and silver.
    Just perfect!

    Greets de Vos Laetitia

  221. Moira White Says:

    I love fashionology too! What a brilliant giveaway :) xx

  222. Rachael McHaffie Says:

    Love these!! Fingers are crossed lovely Lucy! x

  223. Joanna Page Says:

    Fingers crossed!!

  224. Simi Says:


  225. Helena Sirvent Says:

    Helena Sirvent Mateo

  226. Cathy Says:

    Love them all, crossing my fingers! I Love your blog and instagram photos! :) x

  227. Vanessa Says:

    Vanessa Eu


  228. Sahar Zahidi Says:

    My name is Sahar Zahidi and my email is sahar.zahidi@campus.lmu.de
    Let’s hope I win :)

  229. Denise Says:

    En en en en en…..

  230. Stephen Colliver Says:


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