Golden lining


2013 has definitely been a year of lessons learned. And even though lessons are not always learned the easy way, it’s important to focus on the good things that hard times may bring. I tend to pay much more attention to silver linings, because I truly believe that every cloud has a silver lining. Or gold linings, for that matter. On a less abstract level (or maybe not really, depending on the way you interpret it): golden linings are what makes the black less dark. It’s all golden details in this look. I’m obsessed with this coat, an obvious reference to a certain coat of my dreams but a really good reference. I’m getting a bit tired of the dark December days and the weather, I’m actually quite in the mood for snow! But who knows what 2014 will bring us, in many ways. We’re not there yet though, in the next days to come I’m looking back on 2013 on the blog and getting ready for a better 2014. Stay tuned, and enjoy the weekend!

Coat: Bellevior / Sweater: Stussy / Jeans: ASOS / Trainers: Nike

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14 responses to “Golden lining”

  1. sonja says:

    Super, vooral die jas, staat je echt ptachtig

  2. Nora says:

    Wauw prachtige outfit en die jas is echt geweldig!

  3. Siel says:

    Prachtige jas !

  4. STYLONYM says:

    Gorgeous outfit, love your coat and trainers!


  5. bertha natasha says:

    Great coat!
    Im loving your shoes ♥

  6. Melissa says:

    love the nikes x

  7. Lene says:

    great blog.
    where can i find ur nikies ,please

  8. nastassja says:

    hi babe! I’ve just seen on bellevior the coat you’re wearing there, affordable, faux leather/faux fur.. it a crush!!! I would love to hear your opinion about the quality of the fabric, the texture, the size.. even if your pictures are really great, I can’t realize how it is “live”. can you tell me as well if everything have been ok with the website about shipping, etc.. I can’t find any review about them, maybe you can help me because thanks to you I have a new obsession in my mind with that coat! I really hope you’ll answer me!
    HAve a nice weekend,
    xoxo from france

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