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Let’s be honest, the year doesn’t start until January first for those of us who have partied the night away on New Year’s Eve. So I spent the day in PJ’s yesterday allowing myself to do absolutely nothing, because what better way to start the year than being a little nice to yourself? Today it’s back to business though and here’s my first look of the year. I’ve had my eyes on some super shiny PVC trousers for a while now but with those, it’s always a bit tricky to not look like your from a different industry than fashion (you know what I mean right?). But not if you’re me I guess, because dressing down something like PVC leggings is something I love to do, I love the contrast between that and an oversized sweat and chunky boots. So there you go, I hope you guys like my first outfit of the year. And a special thanks for all the amazingly sweet comments on yesterday’s post, it means the world to me!

Oversized sweater: Monki / T-shirt: H&M / PVC leggings: Glamorous via ASOS (or try these) / Boots: Balenciaga / Bag: Alexander Wang / Scarf: Zara / Ring: Fashionology

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39 Responses to “The First”

  1. irene laura Says:


  2. What the L Says:

    I love those leggings on you, with a casual sweater it’s just so cool !

  3. straehnchenliesel Says:

    I don’t like the trousers, but I like the whole outfit :D
    Happy New Year! :)

  4. Nina / Hermania Says:

    It’s amazing how you make those leggings look so wearable!

  5. Sofia Says:

    You’re juste stunning, I love this look :) <3

    By the way, would you like to follow each other ?
    To explain, I'm quite a new blogger, a little sheep who fled his flock to create his own style, and share it all around !
    So, take a look to my blog, follow me if you like on any social platform you want and let me know, I follow you right back :) <3

  6. Eni Says:

    Great outfit, love the pants! And I also spent the whole last day in my pj :D

  7. 33 Says:

    Only YOU can pull off pants like these! :-) BTW, I am in love with Monki (thanks to ASOS). It has a lot of kooky items but it also has great quality basic and timeless pieces. I bought 5 pieces already and love each one of them.

  8. Nora Says:

    Super gaaf zeg die broek staat je super mooi ook!

  9. Q Says:

    nice over sized sweater!

  10. Aneta Says:

    omg, I love your style! these leggings are perfect!

  11. lena Says:

    your leggings are adorable!

  12. Goron Sophie Says:

    Great look Lucy!
    Happy new year & a lot of shopping :)

  13. carol Says:

    just cant go wrong with these shoes

  14. Lucy Says:

    Love those leggings! xx

  15. Nena Says:

    Super, ik hou van deze outfits!

  16. STYLONYM Says:

    This is dressing down 2.0, love it! Didn’t think leggings as such could be a part of dressing down, but you sure work it .. beautiful pictures.


  17. BIngle Says:

    Those leggings are beyond awesome! why do i always like shiny things? hehehe
    And i love all the smiling that’s going on :)

  18. Divo's Diva Says:

    Love the last picture of you, something to do with one of your new year’s resolutions?

  19. Maud Schellekens Says:

    Love those boots hun!

    XOXO Maud


  20. rabia Says:

    the trousers are awesome! you styled them really nicely!
    rara from RepeatPiece

  21. Shamz Says:

    Gorgous luv it x happy new year x

  22. Mireille Says:

    Waauw, die broek en schoenen, erg gaaf!

    liefs Mireille

  23. Joyce Says:

    Je ziet er geweldig uit! Die broek met die boots: love it!

  24. Siel Says:

    You have such a cute smile :)

  25. Narelle Lau Says:

    Your smile is beautiful :)

  26. julie Says:

    Hi Lucy

    I am a 17yo french girl and i follow your blog for a long time. You are so beautiful. Your last look is realy fantastic ! as you, i loved leather and shiny materials from my ealy years . I remembered when i was 12 yo i absolutely wanted a pair of shiny fake leather pants and it was so difficult to convince my parents. But now, i have a lot of leather outfits (many pants, dresses, shirts, shorts and tops). I have never dress PVC but i am realy excited to try it. What your feelings with it ? sensation ? And you why do you like leather ? and what was your first purchase ? How old was you ?


  27. claudia Says:

    Love that PVC leggings so much! Veru cool outfit!

  28. SoTrendy Says:

    oh ! what a good legging !

  29. Lucy Says:

    @ Julie: Hi Julie, thanks for your sweet words about my blog and for reading it! These are my first pair of PVC leggings but it’s not really PVC because the inside of this particular one is really soft and not sticky or plastic at all, only the outside feels like that. :)

  30. Melissa Says:

    those pants are so good! love them x

  31. Lisa Says:

    Geweldige legging!

  32. steph Says:

    what a nice clean outfit – love the leggings!

    steph /

  33. Bowie Says:

    This is an amazing look! Those leggings really make the look.

  34. Goran K. Says:

    Great look, love the shine of your PVC leggings. Is sizing much different, any advice? (ASOS models wear 8, but my wife had to order regular spandex leggings in size 10)

  35. Lucy Says:

    Goran: Thanks! I ordered my own size (UK8) and it’s tight but it fits :)

  36. Merel Says:

    Geniale broek! En ik vind je er helemaal niet té shiny/opvallend uitzien. Goed gedowndressed dus!

  37. Goran K. Says:

    Purchased. Now we wait. Thank you!

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