Boy Power


Occasionally – but sometimes more often than other times – I have this craving for menswear. And by that I don’t mean oversized, masculine coats like we’ve been seeing a lot this winter, or big sweaters that look like they could be your boyfriend’s, but actual men’s clothing. When browsing through my favorite online stores, I often go through the men’s section as well, which can lead to surprisingly good finds. One of them being the hoodie I wore on Sunday – because I find myself wearing big hoodies all the time lately but I try to justify that by wearing a cool Wood Wood men’s hoodie, blame my crazy fashion mind – and the other one being these super cool trousers. Which are actually just men’s joggers. Well no, not JUST men’s joggers, knitted soft color block pants that I want to live in. I never get tired of finding stuff that feels like you’re in PJ’s all day but looks super cool. Especially with my new Air Force One if you ask me. And again, The Jacket. I hope you’re not getting tired of it. I could pretend to be wearing a different coat every day and be super versatile but if you know me by now, you’re getting the real moi on this blog. Which sometimes means looking at the same stuff for a few outfits in a row because I just can’t get enough. But can you blame me, really?
Also: packing for Stockholm today! But more about that later :) Happy Tuesday!

Shearling collar leather jacket: Acne / Sweatpants: Wood Wood via ASOS (men’s) / Trainers: Nike Air Force 1 via ASOS

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24 Responses to “Boy Power”

  1. B Says:

    nice look! great blog!
    following you dear!

  2. Sjo Says:

    blijft een prachtige jas :)


  3. Labériane Says:

    That jacket OMG !!!!! Bisou <3

  4. little monster Says:

    I shall never grow tired of this jacket!! :)

  5. Dominique Says:

    amazing, you look lovely! :)

    just posted,

  6. carol Says:

    this jacket, oh dear ♥

  7. pia Says:

    I love this outfit! So casual and cool :)

  8. Nina / Hermania Says:

    Don’t ever apologize for wearing that jacket!

  9. Jessica Rose Says:

    Love the jogging pants…the block detail on the back makes this.

  10. Merel Says:

    Dat jasje mag je nog wel zeshonderdvijfentachtig keer fotograferen, hoor. Heb ik geen problemen mee ;). En ik draag ook wel eens wat van de herenafdeling! Shirts/truien bij de damesafdeling willen nog wel eens te kort zijn of te dun zijn. Herenshirts/truien lijken altijd een betere snit/kwaliteit te hebben. Of ben ik nu argwanend? :p

  11. Fenna Says:

    Ge-wel-dig! Een van m’n favo looks van jou tot nu toe! <3

  12. Q Says:

    cute tracky’s!

  13. What the L Says:

    I totally understand your will to wear your favorite piece of clothing over and over again, I have the same problem with two pairs of shoes I wear all the time !

  14. Iren Says:

    Great pants, big love <3

    xoxo Iren

  15. STYLONYM Says:

    Whoa, your leather jacket is gorgeous – as are those pants! Who cares where they come from, they look good!


  16. kcomekarolina Says:

    cool photos!

    xoxo from rome

  17. Anna Says:

    Superleuke outfit, ik vind de combi echt heel leuk! En ik ben benieuwd hoe die broek bij een man zou staan, haha.. ;)

  18. Lucy Says:

    Love those pants! Gorgeous look xx

  19. Fashion Musings Diary Says:

    Gorgeous outfit! The more Tomboy, the better!

  20. Georgina Fox Says:


    Can you do no wrong??

    Georgina at

  21. Lisanne Says:

    Super tof! Heel leuk gecombineerd. Ik vind jasje geweldig!

  22. Nora Says:

    Wauw gave broek! mooi!

  23. Virginie Says:

    beautiful !

  24. Maella B Says:

    OMG ! Parfaite puissance 10 000

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