Objects of Desire

perfect valentines day gifts

Almost Valentine’s Day! Have you got a date planned yet? I’m not doing much on Valentine’s Day but if I were a guy and wanted to steal my heart, I’d buy her one of the 2 options above. Too bad my audience is mostly female, but you can always leave my blog open in your browser ladies!
Ok but serious, I’m just curious to hear about your plans on V-day and wanted to share with you 2 things currently on the top of my If Only-wishlist. If only, right?

Saint Laurent tassel bag / Givenchy Obsedia bracelet

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9 Responses to “Objects of Desire”

  1. pia Says:

    The bag is so gorgeous :)

  2. Q Says:

    The bag!!!…….. yes!


  3. Nora Says:

    Wauw die tas is prachtig!

  4. Siel Says:

    Matching bracelet bij je tas, super! :D
    Ik ga samen met mijn vriend naar een verjaardagsfeest van een vriend van hem! We gaan het dus niet echt vieren denk ik.

  5. carol Says:

    oh yeah sait laurent knows !


  6. Dominique Says:


    new post up,

  7. jessie Says:

    they are on the top of my wishlist too! =)


  8. Maud Schellekens Says:

    OMG, that bracelet!

    XOXO Maud


  9. Sandy Says:

    I just saw this in a second hand webstore…
    Not exactly the same, but always very beautiful! (and cheaper….;-)


    Happy no-Valentine’s day!

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