This Happened.

acne mape shearling leather jacket

So yeah, did you really think I could leave the PERFECT leather jacket in Copenhagen when after trying it on? I just couldn’t. I really couldn’t. Part of this happening was unexpected, since I wasn’t planning on finding nor buying the perfect leather jacket in Copenhagen. But it was definitely not splurge either, since I have been looking for the perfect leather biker jacket since forever. I kind of gave up on finding that on a (relative, since it had to be leather) budget, but didn’t go out looking for something like this either. I gave up the search because I thought I would eventually run into the perfect one and it would be love at first sight and we would live happily ever after. And so it happened. I know, I shouldn’t have tried it on because when I did, my knees got weak, my heart started pounding, and I just knew I couldn’t leave it hanging there: my gorgeous little Mape. With shearling, that I can take off as well. An investment I already know I will not regret and I’m looking forward to the many times we will spend together, me and my new love. So yes, that happened. Happy weekend!

Acne Mape shearling collar leather biker jacket (without shearling here and here)

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18 Responses to “This Happened.”

  1. Jessica Rose Says:

    The jacket is really classic…well worth the money. x

  2. Q Says:

    gorgeous! nice choice!

  3. kcomekarolina Says:

    it’s fab!

    xoxo from rome

  4. Nora Says:

    Wauww wat is ie mooi!

  5. allicia-maria Says:

    P e r f e c t jacket, happy weekend. xo

  6. Dominique Says:

    this is perfect…

    new post up,

  7. Theresa Says:

    LOVE that Lucy!!! Yay for finding your perfect leather jacket. It’s freaking amazeballs! Love the textured leather. Omg so good! Congrats!!


  8. The Dutch countryside Says:

    It is just really amazing. I absolutely adore Acne because their stuff is so simple but at the same time so different. Love this jacket indeed, it’s a great buy for sure:)

  9. little monster Says:

    Waouhhhhhhhhhh just wonderful!!! :0

  10. Mariska Says:

    Oh my… this one is MORE than perfect!!

  11. pia Says:

    gorgeous jacket!:)

  12. YZ Chan Says:

    Acne makes some of the best leather jackets, and yours looks amazing. x

  13. Noël Says:

    Wauw, dat zal inderdaad de perfecte leren jas zijn (eigenlijk zou alles van Acne perfect zijn) ik ben super jaloers ! :)

  14. Eva Says:

    Wauw, die is echt zo mooi. Lucky you! xx

  15. Jint Says:

    Win a Rika bag on my blog, enter the giveaway!

  16. Felicia Rodrigues dos Santos Says:

    Love this jacket!

    Love, Felicia

  17. Riëlle Says:

    erg mooi! Goede investering!

    xx Riëlle

  18. Merely Merel » HET ROER EEN BEETJE OM Says:

    […] Foto: […]

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