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There has been some confusion about my hair lately. Blonde? Wait, now black? Grey?
Here’s the story..
I wanted dark grey hair. I set my mind to it and nobody could talk me out of it. But I couldn’t find a hairdresser who wanted to take on the challenge, since it wouldn’t be an easy process.
Then opened a new hair salon in my hometown Arnhem. Not only the coolest hair salon in town (how awesome is that interior?) but also one that is highly professional and good enough to take on the challenge (I don’t let just anyone touch my hair, read: hardly anyone).
To go from dark brown to dark grey, there’s a little detour via blonde necessary. So I spent 2 days at Hype getting my hair de-colored from orange to yellow to very blonde, I have stubborn hair. No matter how good your hairdresser is, bleaching is not good for your hair so after those 2 days I had to leave my hair alone for a week, which is why I spent a week as a blonde girl. After that I went back and my heroin Nikita spent another day getting it to the color it is now, a dark grey. And the bangs are back! Even though I lost some split ends along the way, I’m super happy with the result. I wanted to change up my hair a little bit and it’s so cool to have a unique color that you hardly see on anyone!
So, to answer the most asked questions:
Is my hair black now? No, but in some light it looks very dark and the grey doesn’t come out in pictures perfectly all the time, but it does in real life.
Did my hair die? No. I knew some of it would, because bleaching is very bad for your hair, but I also knew I have very healthy and thick hair and my hairdresser is a pro, so besides cutting off some split ends that were already dead, my hair survived really well. And of course Maroccan Oil does wonders as well.
Would I do it again? Totally!

Special thanks to Hype in Arnhem (highly recommended).

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16 responses to “the hair story”

  1. Moniek says:

    Geweldig kleurtje!

  2. Staat je super! & if you never try you never know ;)! Mooi om te zien dat je de uitdaging aan ging!

  3. Carlita says:

    Great you like it!
    Just a simple question:
    What will happen with the new growing hair? will you do that process of de-coloring, etc. over it all the time?
    So you will have blonde roots over your dark grey hair?

    • Lucy says:

      @ Carlita: My new growing hair is dark blonde and according to my hairdresser new hair is much more suitable do dye grey immediately than dyed hair so I won’t have to bleach it all over again. Also I’ll dye my roots a little bit darker so that’s easier anyways :) x

  4. Fenna says:

    Ik vind dat het je geweldig staat! Helemaal jou

  5. monica says:

    love it!!

  6. Michelle says:

    Your hair looks lovely! :) Having a good hairdresser/stylist definitely makes a big difference.

  7. Eva says:

    Ik vind je nieuwe haarkleur echt heel gaaf. Ik dacht in 1e instantie dat je misschien van gedachte veranderd was en blond wilde maar toen je donkergrijs was een week later begreep ik het al, haha. Vond het blond je overigens ook erg gaaf staan trouwens. Zou willen dat mijn haar dit soort dingen wat beter doorstond. Vind het zo leuk allemaal! xx

  8. Angela says:

    I love it! I can make out the dark grey on my screen. She did a great job on your bangs too!

    Angela | The Awkward Blog

  9. Leah says:

    your hair very nice now lucy,I think don’t change again,dark brown color perfect on you,maybe black,but absolutely no blonde :) I think dark colors for yours.You should use argan oil and keratin,these 2 oil nourishes hair so so well,and I’am using too.Use this shampoo it has keratin and perfection for hair you will see when you touch your hair,here
    this is keratin shampoo

    and conditioner here

    You should always use just these two,I am using too.And after washing your hair just use argan oil,and dry your hair,that’s all.
    So amazing! x

  10. Hanne says:

    I think it looks amazing! :)

  11. Elisa says:

    Very nice photos!
    My Fantabulous World

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