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This week’s moodboard is in a color you’ve probably never seen me in: pink. The only time I remember wearing pink is last year when I had an Acne bomber in soft pink, which I gave to a friend who loved it even more than I do. I might have to borrow it from him though, because the soft pink is really growing on me lately. It’s also one of the biggest color for this coming spring. I walked through the city yesterday visiting a few stores but I haven’t seen that much pink in stores yet. That will hopefully change soon, because I would mind a cute pink jumper to soften my look a little.

How do you guys feel about this trending color? Do you ever wear pink?

Images via my Pinterest.

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3 responses to “Moodboard”

  1. Claire says:

    I’ve been thinking about adding some pink to my wardrobe. It looks especially nice with grey, which I wear a lot of! I’ve seen a sweatshirt in Topshop in a brushed fabric which is a lovely blush pink colour.

  2. WLF359 says:

    “On Wednesday’s we wear pink” … ;)
    I’ve actually been looking for some pink items to add to my all greytone wardrobe as well, but I haven’t seen anything in the perfect shade of soft old pink as you’ve posted above. Oh well, the search continues!

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