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New hair!


It was time for a hair change! Although I really liked being blonde for a while, especially because my ombre was done really well by my hair-magician Nikita from Hype Arnhem, I wanted to go back to dark. And shorter! Luckily I can trust that girl with big hair changes, because it turned out even better than I had in mind. My hair is now a really cool dark grey brown-ish, and I love the length, feels really fresh!
This is what I was wearing today, denim on denim, love this shirt tied at the front. But not as much as I love my new hair :)

Chambray shirt: Cheap Monday (printed version worth checking out here)
Jeans: Weekday Thursday jeans
Watch: Rosefield




I’m in a grey mood this week, I’ve been wearing lots of it. Now that my hair is more interesting than it used to be I tend to keep the rest of my look simpler. Besides black there’s nothing more in my comfort zone than wearing grey – especially when it was about time to get these gorgeous boots out again that I’ve had for years and will never stop wearing. They were my first designer purchase and one of my best, I still love them so much.
Happy Friday guys! Any fun plans for the weekend?

Sweater: H&M (men’s department, can’t help myself)
Jeans: Zara
Boots: Isabel Marant

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New hair

new hair

After going grey for a little while, my hair wouldn’t really accept the grey (somehow it washed out quicker than expected) and went back to dark brown again.
Which was fine, until something started to tickle again. I’ve had the same hair for a really long time and really wanted a change. So I went back to Hype in Arnhem this weekend with a few ideas and went for something totally different that I used to have. This is the result! Quite a bit shorter, lots of layers and I’m especially super excited about the color which is a really cool ombre, from really dark to cool blonde (3 different shades) that is really a work of art since it’s not easy to get this kind of ombre exactly right. I knew who I was trusting with my hair though, I don’t find it that easy to find hairdressers who listen, dare to take a risk because they know they can do it and who will make sure I’ll walk out both happy and looking gorgeous. I’m happy I did because after about 4 years of having pretty much the same haircut and color, I have a super cool cut and color now. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts! Do you ever change up your hair completely?

Special thanks to Hype in Arnhem for making my hair wishes come true!


the hair story

DSC_0424hype kappers arnhemhype kappers arnhem beeldhype arnhem kapsalonhype kapsalon arnhem

There has been some confusion about my hair lately. Blonde? Wait, now black? Grey?
Here’s the story..
I wanted dark grey hair. I set my mind to it and nobody could talk me out of it. But I couldn’t find a hairdresser who wanted to take on the challenge, since it wouldn’t be an easy process.
Then opened a new hair salon in my hometown Arnhem. Not only the coolest hair salon in town (how awesome is that interior?) but also one that is highly professional and good enough to take on the challenge (I don’t let just anyone touch my hair, read: hardly anyone).
To go from dark brown to dark grey, there’s a little detour via blonde necessary. So I spent 2 days at Hype getting my hair de-colored from orange to yellow to very blonde, I have stubborn hair. No matter how good your hairdresser is, bleaching is not good for your hair so after those 2 days I had to leave my hair alone for a week, which is why I spent a week as a blonde girl. After that I went back and my heroin Nikita spent another day getting it to the color it is now, a dark grey. And the bangs are back! Even though I lost some split ends along the way, I’m super happy with the result. I wanted to change up my hair a little bit and it’s so cool to have a unique color that you hardly see on anyone!
So, to answer the most asked questions:
Is my hair black now? No, but in some light it looks very dark and the grey doesn’t come out in pictures perfectly all the time, but it does in real life.
Did my hair die? No. I knew some of it would, because bleaching is very bad for your hair, but I also knew I have very healthy and thick hair and my hairdresser is a pro, so besides cutting off some split ends that were already dead, my hair survived really well. And of course Maroccan Oil does wonders as well.
Would I do it again? Totally!

Special thanks to Hype in Arnhem (highly recommended).



hair inspiration dark grey hair bangs

Soooo I’ve been wanting to do something different with my hair for a while.. The only problem is, I’m always so indecisive about my hair that I usually let it be, for a long time. I think I’m ready though. What’s been on my mind for a few weeks now is dark grey hair (as pictured), I can’t get it out of my head and think it would be so cool to have dark grey hair. Also, I might be getting my bangs back. Or even cut my hair.. Aaaaaahh! What do you think?


Outfit | Grey Plus

wood wood dark green grey leather varsity jacketoutfit ivyrevel shirt all grey bomber jacketIvyrevel kenzas V shirtoutfit wood wood varsity jacket new balancegrey new balance 420 trainers jeansleopard print animal backpack breaking rocks lookoutfit varsity jacket snapback cap sneakers greyoutfit snapback varsity jacket fun lookstussy grey felt cap look

My favorite variation to wearing black or grey is wearing black or grey plus. Which means still wearing black or grey, but with something extra. This is yesterday’s casual but nonetheless almost signature look in which I wore all grey, plus. + Plus a little green, from this super cool leather sleeved varsity jacket I scored on sale. You’ll probably see me wearing this one a lot this fall, love the combination of dark green and grey leather. + Plus not a simple grey shirt but one from the Ivyrevel collection by (great job Kenza, love the collection!). + Plus an animal print backpack you can’t get around. But you must know by now that my plus is often leopard, in this case a very angry leopard. The cap collection is also expanding, love how a cap worn backwards gives that little tomboy edge and covers up both bad hair days and the fact that I haven’t dyed my hair in a while. Win, win. Happy Wednesday!

5 panel cap: Stussy / Varsity jacket with leather sleeves: Wood Wood / T-shirt: Ivyrevel / Grey jeans with ripped knees: ASOS / Leopard backpack: Breaking Rocks / Trainers: New Balance