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On Tuesday I went to Paris for a day with my girl Beaudine, because sometimes you just have to do something in the spur of the moment, go one a one day adventure and have croissants in the country they’re from. I really should do things like these more often, even though we only spent 7 hours in Paris it was soooo much fun and we actually squeezed a lot in those hours, from eating croissants to checking out the Louvre, go to Colette, do some vintage shopping, have french fries and french cheese and french wine in Le Marais and of course I couldn’t go home with macarons from Pierre Hermé.
I wore something easy that was suited for all those activities while trying not to look too much like a tourist.
Really, go to Paris more often. It’s my resolution for this year.

Leather jacket: Acne Studios
Sweater: Vogue
Jeans: Cheap Monday
Trainers: Nike x Riccardo Tisci

Pictures by Beaudine


The Sunday after


The Sunday after Christmas.. I was just sleeping in this morning and waking up slow, thinking about the amazing 4 days (3rd day of Christmas is officially a thing now) I had with friends, family, lots of food and drinks and gifts and lights and decorations.. I’d say: back to normal life, but not really. The days in between Christmas and NYE are the days that we can reminisce about the wonderful times we had, look back on the past year, but also look forward to a new year and celebrating that it’s coming. On my mind today is what on earth I’ll be wearing on NYE, because very un-blogger like I haven’t decided yet and was too late to order something online as well. Crisis! I guess I’m going to face the cold in a minute (but there’s snow, yay!) and see if I can find a cute outfit in the city. In the meantime, it’s all black skinnies, sweaters and Air Forces (the warmest shoe I have) lately. This is the 3rd outfit for a series I did for (find it here) on wearing Air Force 1’s. This must be my favorite way to wear them: with all black – and this is my favorite pair as well.
Hope you had a great Christmas guys! Have you decided what to wear on NYE yet?

Happy Sunday!

Leather jacket: Acne Studios
Sweater: ASOS
Jeans: Cheap Monday via
Trainers: Nike x Riccardo Tisci Air Force 1




When all the colors of my shoes come back in the rest of my look, that’s what gets me going. I’m such a sucker for cardigans that match the exact nude tone of my shoes, not to mention gorgeous big coats that do. I can be super OCD when it comes to colors, and even my socks are grey although you can’t even see them.
What’s your weird dressing habit?

Coat: Dagmar
Camel cardigan: ASOS men’s
T-shirt: H&M
Jeans: ASOS
Trainers: Nike x Riccardo Tisci


Weekend inspiration

fall inspiration board fashion

Weeeekend! Here’s my current inspiration board. On the hotlist right now: cozy spaces with lots of (palm) plants, knits and knit layering, lots of grey, minimalist nails, those tule socks from Marchesa runway, want! On it’s way to me: the Riccardo Tisci x Nike Air Forces on the top right. Soooo happy to have gotten my hands on them.

Find more of my inspiration on my Pinterest.
Happy weekend!


Couture on Kicks

chanel couture spring 2014 show sneakers

I don’t think I’ve ever been this excited over any haute couture show as I am over the Chanel Spring 2014 Haute Couture show. I don’t really watch haute couture since it’s very far from my personal style and interest, but when I found out about the sneakers at Chanel last week, I was really happy. Happy to see something different in Haute Couture, a shift towards wearability (because when Chanel does sneakers in a couture show, it’s a shift), always happy to see sneakers. Where I was always convinced that sneakers can be worn with anything, as long as you own that s**t, Lagerfeld now seems to agree with me that even couture dresses and kicks indeed go very well together. And if you can wear couture dresses with sneakers, you can wear anything with sneakers, or at least that’s my logic. It’s the shoe of the year, no doubt about that.

On a slightly different but related note: First images of Riccardo Tisci and Nike’s collaboration are out, and here’s some of what we can expect from what I think will be a match made in heaven, Givenchy’s designer and Nike. Who’s excited? And where can I put myself on a pre-order list?
riccardo tisci for nike sneakers