About me


Welcome to Lovely By Lucy.

My name is Lucy de Boer, a 26 year old girl from Arnhem, Netherlands that studied Social Sciences and is crazy about sneakers. I wasn’t born with a passion for fashion, but in my late teens it started to interest me more and more until I realized I wanted to create a place where I could share all kinds of bits and pieces about fashion that I felt like sharing.

That was in 2011, when I had no idea anyone would even read this blog. Today, Lovely By Lucy is a personal style blog mainly focused on what I wear, what inspires me, trends, shopping and some traveling.
I try to appeal to fashionistas that like to look edgy but still comfortable.
My style is best described by the words casual cool, sports inspired, street, tomboy, simple but edgy and updated basics. A new pair of sneakers can make my eyes sparkle and my wardrobe is all about fabrics and textures.

Everything you see here is real. I wanted to create an accessible place for girls to find inspiration for their own looks and shopping sprees. Recently, I added new content to this platform.┬áIt’s not just about fashion anymore, but you’ll also find articles about happiness and life in general here. As I grow, this blog grows with me and because I’m really focussing on life, being happy and improving myself, I wanted to write about that and share my tips and knowledge with my readers.