Feels like Summer


I’m so happy the weather gods are reading my blog and made it feel like summer this week because I was so much in the mood for summer! (ok, kidding)
That way I could wear my Givenchy lace shirt again in a casual look with boyfriend jeans and slides – first time my toes are exposed to the sun again since summer last year.
I have such a lace obsession lately but this shirt is definitely is my favorite piece of lace, as I said earlier, with fabrics like lace it can really be worth it to invest in. And I’ve been working out a lot lately and since it’s really starting to pay off (I actually have muscles now) I decided to wear this shirt again with nothing underneath, also because I love the contrast of a top that is sexy besides its crewneck and baggy jeans and slides.. Are you enjoying the sunshine today or are you stuck at the office (or in school) just like me? I hope not!

Lace shirt: Givenchy via The Clutcher / Jeans: Weekday Friday jeans / Slides: ASOS / Watch: Triwa


A little lace


Whenever I have a day off, a day at home or am just not in the mood to dress myself, this is what I wear.
I have this oversized vest in 3 different colors and love how it’s both oversized and sexy, especially when worn with a lace bra. And then I obviously wear this with a big hoodie from some menswear section and black skinny jeans. That’s my number 1 no nonsense chill outfit. And lucky there’s such a thing as sexy lace bras so that I don’t look like a total slouch (not sure if that’s a word but it was the only word I could think of to describe how I feel today). Off to the gym.

Lace bra: Monki / Vest with drop armhole: ASOS (and in grey and black)



lovelybylucy instadiary april 2014

It’s been quite a while since I posted a diary and I figured it was about time for a little peek into my life showing you what I’m up to!
Here’s what you’re looking at:
1. New super cute slip ons from ASOS
2. Shooting with sweetie Chantal from Cocorosa
3. Buying new cactuses for my office!
4. Checking out the And Other Stories collection for this fall. Can’t wait for the store to open in Amsterdam later this year!
5. I don’t do much ‘offline’ shopping anymore but realized I kind of missed it so I did a little shopping in Amsterdam last week! One of the things I bought was this bomber jacket.
6. Made my own pizza and I don’t think I’ll be ordering pizza anymore, it’s so much better to make it yourself! I made one half with tuna, onions and olives and the other half with gorgonzola, cured ham and arugula.
7. New boots from Boohoo.com
8. I’ve been working out a lot lately and also getting some more workout gear like this Nike sports bra.

lovelybylucy diary april 2014 2

1. Hope all of you had a great Easter weekend! I spent my weekend with friends, lots of parties and Easter brunch. Can you find all the eggs in this picture?
2. Can’t wait for the temperature to go up and wear these Blank NYC shorts!
3. I’ve been killing it at the office lately. It was a really good choice getting an office, I’m much more productive now, more organized and it’s a lot of fun at my office as well!
4. More working out. My favorite work-out trainers are these Nike Flyknit Lunar 2‘s, they’re sooo comfy.
5. One of my favorite snacks!
6. I also baked cookies this weekend. Tried out this recipe for peanut butter banana oatmeal cookies (but left oat the chocolate chip and added coconut shavings) and added a maple syrup glaze with pecans. SO good.
7. In the mood for festival season after a great afternoon at NDS TV Sunday. Also looking forward to this weekends Kingsday celebrations. If you’re in Arnhem, do stop by Pink City Nomads, a new concept I’m really excited for!
8. Hoping the sun will come out as well this week (although it looks like it will be raining a lot) so that I can wear these TRIWA shades!


Getting Summer Ready


Nothing beats afternoon sunshine in spring. Except for afternoon sunshine in summer, that is. I really can’t wait for those warm summer days, nor for wearing espadrilles, shorts and bikinis. But everyone knows a summer wardrobe must be built in spring and a little anticipatory pleasure never hurt anyone. This summer will be a laid back one, one with lots of light weight fabrics and lots of denim – which is exactly what you’ll find in the Diesel SS14 collection. I’m in love with this oversized, hand bleached jacket that is the perfect light weight summer jacket I’ll be able to throw over nearly anything really. It’s just one of the great pieces of the new SS14 collection from Diesel filled with bleached denim, cool and easy summer garments and edgy pieces like this sweater with a cactus made out of tiny studs. I love to spice up easy outfits with a quirky print or embellishment every now and then!
Check out the full new collection right here, and let’s hope summer will arrive soon!
Happy Easter Weekend!

Jacket, sweater and jeans from Diesel


Weekend inspiration / Minimalism

inspiration minimalism

I’m not always as good at minimalism as I’d like to be. I love images of a clean white house with only the essential furniture and a really cool accessory here and there, but somehow my studio is always a mess and there’s clothes and other stuff everywhere. I like looking at very small, clean wardrobes with only black, grey, and whites – but I also love adding a touch of color or leopard or cat-print to my wardrobe every now and then. I’d like to be able to live with less, but somehow it doesn’t always turn out that way (when I decide I really need a device to make grilled cheese even though I don’t have space in my kitchen). Sometimes I just am really in the mood for less. Have less on my mind. Wear less. Have less. Think less. But then again I am who I am and even though sometimes I wish I was born in Scandiland (minimalism just seems to come natural to them), I am who I am and I’m just not always that good at minimalism. Even though it’s so esthetically appealing to me. And sometimes I feel like people are trying too hard to be minimalistic (on blogs, on instagram) and then I can find it quite liberating that I’m a mess sometimes and not ashamed of it. Luckily there’s moodboards! So I’ll just enjoy (and share here) this week’s inspiration while sitting in my bed in my house that is shattered with clothes and tea mugs and receipts and other random things. Cleaning the house this weekend, that’s for sure. What are you up to this Easter weekend?

images via Pinterest


Blending in


Besides adding pastel blue to my spring wardrobe, I’m really into more natural colors that go really well with my black and grey wardrobe. I’m really into nude/tan shades and couldn’t resist to add these suede trainers to my sneaker collection – I love the beige/tan tone and their simplicity that is upgraded by their color. It’s crazy how happy a new pair of sneakers can make me (no worries, a lot of other things make me happy as well). I’m loving the color of this new bomber jacket as well that I scored in between meetings in Amsterdam this week. Jackets and shoes are the top 2 things I like to vary with while wearing all time favorites time after time (like this t-shirt dress) and I honestly don’t think I can have enough of either of them. Now what’s on my mind is a nude bag (which has been on my mind for a while now but since these trainers turned up, even more) to match the look. Happy Thursday!

Jacket: Monki / T-shirt dress: Noisy May via ASOS / Leggings: Topshop / Trainers: Puma via Intreza


White coat


Oh, the joy of sunshine combined with a fresh new white coat. I used to have a good white coat until it turned beige (that eventually happens with almost all things white in my wardrobe, I can’t seem to keep my whites white for long) and I got rid of it and decided that the white coat was not for me. Until I saw this one, clean, collarless, with zippers and splits at the sides, and then I decided to give the white coat another try. So far, so good, and I really plan on keeping this one the color that it is for at least this spring ( I know myself). Love the contrast with my dark hair as well, I made it darker again and cut my bangs, it was about time. Apart from that, not much news. Just my favorite type of high waist skinnies and I’m wearing lots of crop tops lately. Enjoy the sunshine!

Coat: ASOS (also in light blue AND on sale) / Crop top: ASOS / Jeans: Cheap Monday via ASOS / Slip-ons: ASOS

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