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I’m really into this blue mascara at the moment. It really makes my eyes pop and I don’t experiment muchwith my make-up but this is a really easy way to have really interesting eye make-up without too much effort. It’s Inimitable mascara from Chanel.

Pictures by Sydney Francisco.


My beauty favorites

lovelybylucy favorite beauty products

Remember you asking me all those questions? Some of you asked about my beauty routine and favorite beauty products, so I thought I’d share a few of my favorite beauty products today and have a little beauty talk.
I’m not much of a beauty guru, my make-up is pretty much the same everyday with a smokey eye every now and then as an exception. I do have a crazy amount of nail polishes, but somehow there are only a few that I tend to grab lately. So this is my beauty routine:

After the shower, the first thing I use is Chanel Hydra Beauty Gel Creme, my best discovery of the year. I used to use all kinds of different creams, mostly budget options or what was on promotion, because I didn’t want to spend too much on beauty, I’d rather buy clothes. I got a gift voucher from a beauty shop for my birthday though and decided to ask for some advice there and got this cream. At first I thought ‘now that is an expensive bit of cream, but ever since I started using it my skin has been so much better! I don’t even use foundation most of the time, just because my skin is good now thanks to Chanel. I definitely am coming back from not spending too much on beauty. I still don’t, but make an exception for this Hydra Beauty Gel since I just look much better when my skin is healthy.

Back to my routine: I don’t leave the house without mascara. My favorites are Lancôme Hypnose Drama (but I only get that when it’s on sale and I ask for gift vouchers for beauty stores for my birthday) and mostly I use L’Oréal Volume Million Lashes – which to my opinion is the best not too expensive mascara out there. Also: lots of eyeliner, I always get a budget eyeliner from Dutch store HEMA which works really well for me. That’s about it when it comes to my face. Sometimes I use a bit of foundation, but I prefer not too because it’s better for my skin not to.

Then for my hair, the only thing I do is blow-dry and straighten it and use Maroccan Oil, which is my hair miracle. It’s all I need really, makes my hair less dry, more shiny and in control, and softer as well. Also pictured above are my favorite perfume (even though I don’t use much perfume): Chance by Chanel, and my favorite nail polishes. I must own about 200 different nail polishes, but these are my favorites at the moment. Blanc from Essie, a blue one (Adora-bleu) from Bourjois that promises to last 10 days – on my nails it lasts about 6 but that’s more than any nail polish I own) and this grey one from USLU Airlines because I love grey and the quality of USLU polishes is really good as well.

I hope that answers your questions! It’s not a super interesting beauty story maybe but I just prefer to spend my money on fashion, more than on expensive perfumes or eyeliners. Do you spend a lot of money on beauty? Do you have some discoveries you can’t live without anymore?


My Nails Today

My nails today. Simple and white, just how I like it.
Just a quick little update today, sorry! Exciting things coming up though.
And Dutchies, are you joining my giveaway for festival tickets yet? Happy sunday!


Tiny skull rings

Loving these tiny skull rings from ASOS (here), I love skulls that are made a little cuter somehow. And some purple ombre glitter nails. That’s it for now loves, sorry no outfit today but I it’s raining cats and dogs and I’m in my joggers working on my thesis all day!


My Nails Today

Here’s what my nails look like today! I played around with nail polish a little yesterday evening and tried out some geometric shapes using white, lilac and black nail polish with silver lining. I really like the result and didn’t even take me that long because Essie nail polish dries really quick! I used Essie ‘blanc’, Essie ‘Lilacism’, black nail polish from Sephora and a silver polish with thin brush from Essence. What do you think?


My nails today.

Yesterday evening I was randomly thinking about the endless variations to black and white nails, so I got black and white nail polish and started to play around a little. This is the result, pretty cool right? Not sure how to name it, but it was very easy to make! I polished my nails white and then got a little sponge (just a regular kitchen sponge, no nail art tools required) and put a bit of black nail polish on the sponge, and just tapped that on my nails. Also pretty cool with spring colors if you ask me! What do you think?


Nails | Colors of the Sea

My nails today: 5 different shades of mint and turquoise. Not only a nice nail-do, also a good way to test 5 different brands of nail polish! OPI won this one (on my pink).

So from my thumb to my pink these are Essence, Catrice, Miss Sporty, Douglas and OPI.
Sorry for just the quick little update but I’m crazy busy at the moment so unfortunately I’m going to have to do more of these ‘little snaps’ the coming 2 weeks! Hope you don’t mind!

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