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Oh yes, the jolly season is almost here. Counting down the days to Christmas is best done with a good advent calendar. This year ASOS has come up with a beauty advent calendar with luxury beauty products worth £175! It’s a calendar gift box with skincare, make-up and hair products which are gooood, I can tell you. It’s so much fun to open a window each day and find a new beauty product. You can get it for just £50 right here, which is a steal, but I’m also giving away 2 advent calendar boxes for you and your best friend!

All you need to do is leave a comment on my instagram or Facebook, tagging your bestie who would love to have this calendar as well. I’ll randomly pick a pair of besties to both win this calendar! Competition is open worldwide and runs until November 13th.

Good luck!
Find more info on the beauty calendar here.

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A treat or two


 Being nice to yourself is just about as important as being nice to others, and with that in mind I like to treat myself every now and then, about once a month, to a little luxury. In the beauty sphere that is, because a bit of pampering is something I think every girl can enjoy. I don’t usually spend that much on beauty so when I get myself a little something, makes it extra special. Thought I’d share with you my August treats from me to me, because they’re definitely worth sharing.

 massagehuys amsterdam

A serious moment of happiness was getting an intense and utterly relaxing massage at Het Massagehuys in Amsterdam. Getting a massage is something I really should do more often, I couldn’t even remember when I had my last one. But once I laid down on the massage table I made a promise to myself to do it more often. And when I do, I’ll do it well – which is also what I did when going to this cozy and quiet place in a cute area in Amsterdam, where they have multiple oriental massages to choose from. And even better: special herbal teas and homemade massage oils that enhance the effect of your treatment of choice, that smell divine and that you can also buy there to take home. I went for a stress relief massage and when I walked out I felt more zen than I felt in a while. So getting a massage, need to do more often.

sisley phyto poudre libre loose powder

You can’t (or at least I can’t) spend money on everything, and fashion is one of my biggest loves, I usually don’t spend that much on beauty. But every once in a while I find a really good item to splurge on. This loose powder from Sisley I’m really excited about, makes my skin feel soft as velvet and at the same time makes it look naturally smooth and matte. Worth a try!

How do you spoil yourself?

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New hair!


It was time for a hair change! Although I really liked being blonde for a while, especially because my ombre was done really well by my hair-magician Nikita from Hype Arnhem, I wanted to go back to dark. And shorter! Luckily I can trust that girl with big hair changes, because it turned out even better than I had in mind. My hair is now a really cool dark grey brown-ish, and I love the length, feels really fresh!
This is what I was wearing today, denim on denim, love this shirt tied at the front. But not as much as I love my new hair :)

Chambray shirt: Cheap Monday (printed version worth checking out here)
Jeans: Weekday Thursday jeans
Watch: Rosefield


My Morning with Garnier BB Cream


Before I went to NYC, I shared a sneek peak with you guys on my instagram, when I had an entire crew from Garnier in my (not very big) studio. They were there to film my morning routine, which we thought would be fun to share with my readers and give you a bit of insight into what my mornings look like!
A peek into my life it surely is, even revealing something probably 99% of you have never seen: me without make up. Ehmmm, yes.
Anyways, here’s the video! It shows you my morning routine, which is quite calm and easy, as I’m not one to rush in the morning. It also shows you that I’ve been using the Garnier BB cream for a while now and for me it’s a great product for every day use, especially since I usually don’t want to wear too much make up on my skin. Hope you guys like the video! :)

Find more info on and enter the competition to win one of the 100 BBMornings surprise packages: all you have to do is upload a picture of your favorite moment during your morning ritual here!




I hate to brag, but I have a pretty good skin. It hasn’t always been like that though and it took me years to find the right products. Skincare is obviously very personal but I wanted to share my favorite products with you. Most of my good, often quite flawless skin, I thank to Biodermal PCLE fluide. Since I’ve been using this (for 2 years now) my skin is calm, soft and just good really. The Chanel eye cream I use mostly on Sundays and sometimes at night because my eyes can use a little extra attention sometimes (especially after the weekend). The anti-stress sleeping mask from & Other Stories is new but after trying it out once I discovered it’s something I will definitely keep using, especially when my skin needs a little extra attention. The hand cream? Total addiction! But I told you about that one before :) What are your favorite skincare products? Tips are always welcome! готовое казино

Happy weekend!

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New hair

new hair

After going grey for a little while, my hair wouldn’t really accept the grey (somehow it washed out quicker than expected) and went back to dark brown again.
Which was fine, until something started to tickle again. I’ve had the same hair for a really long time and really wanted a change. So I went back to Hype in Arnhem this weekend with a few ideas and went for something totally different that I used to have. This is the result! Quite a bit shorter, lots of layers and I’m especially super excited about the color which is a really cool ombre, from really dark to cool blonde (3 different shades) that is really a work of art since it’s not easy to get this kind of ombre exactly right. I knew who I was trusting with my hair though, I don’t find it that easy to find hairdressers who listen, dare to take a risk because they know they can do it and who will make sure I’ll walk out both happy and looking gorgeous. I’m happy I did because after about 4 years of having pretty much the same haircut and color, I have a super cool cut and color now. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts! Do you ever change up your hair completely?

Special thanks to Hype in Arnhem for making my hair wishes come true!