Nails | Fading to black

My nails today: fading to black. Loving this multicolor nail trend, I can never decide what color nail polish to choose, but now I won’t have to!


Hair Routine | No more bad hairdays

You might have seen me wearing a beanie quite often lately, and it was indeed because I’d been having quite a lot of bad hairdays (ok, and maybe a little because I’m really into beanies) Rain, cold, all no good for my hair. But now the beanie days are over, I have a new hair routine, and wanted to share it with you guys.
Obviously I just wash my hair with shampoo and conditioner, but I now use products from the Sleek Mystique line from Tigi and my hair feels softer than ever. After blowdrying it, I use some Tigi Haute Iron Spray to protect my hair from the heat from my hair straightener, that I can’t live without. After straightening every hair I have (yes, indeed) I finish my hair with some Blow Out Balm to let it shine a little extra, and ready is my hair.
Since I’m using Tigi products I have not had a single bad hairday, really. This Sleek Mystique line is actually from their Catwalk Collection and is used at many shows during Fashion weeks in London, Paris, Milan and NY, so I guess I have my own little catwalk coupe now!
Keep an eye on the blog this week, I have a surprise for you :)
Tigi products are available at selected hair salons. There’s a salon finder on the website here.


Snowy Glitter Nails

How cool are my snowy glittery black and silver winter nails? Perfect for New Year’s Eve, or even Christmas, or just because it winter and I love glitter. Below I’ll show you step by step how to do it!

These are the polishes I used. A plain black one, silver shatter (but can also be regular silver nail polish), and the most important component is this ubercool silver (but multicolor in sunlight) glitter polish, with tiny glitters. And a top coat. Always use topcoat!
So first I just made my nails black.. Which I could have done more neatly.
Than I applied silver shatter on the top half of my nails. No stickers or tape, you don’t have to be precise here. It won’t show later.
And then I applied two layers of the Essence glitter nail polish, and the effect were sort of snowy glitter nails! Make sure you’re covering all the silver with glitter, and a little extra below to make it look a little ombre.
I was really just trying some polishes out when I came to this idea, and it worked out pretty well if you ask me!
What do you think? Are you giving it a try?


Christmas Nails.

I know, nails again, but if you’re getting tired of my pretty nail-obsession, please just let me know!
I always get in the Christmas mood very early, and I was very in the mood for Christmas Nails this week! I found this pretty double nail polish in the new Essence Circus Collection, which is new in stores this week. It’s quite simple, red with red glitter, but looking at my nails right now, I wish it were Christmas already. It also comes in black with gold glitters and cute pink with pink glitters. Great about this one: sells for about 2 euros so it won’t hurt your wallet in this already expensive month. And you have more left to spend in sale, which has already started in a few stores!
Happy weekend lovelies!


Love | Leopard Nails

Just how cool are my leopard nails?
I picked up these nail stickers a while ago at H&M; (they still sell them though) and this sunday morning was the perfect time to try them out. No complicated tutorial needed, these babies are super easy to apply! Just cut them into the shape of your nail a bit, stick them onto your nails and file off the excess parts of the sticker. Easy as that, no heat or anything needed.
Can’t stop looking at my nails right now, I love how cool that looks and these stickers are perfect for those of us who aren’t that good at doing nail art ourselves!


>Ombre burgundy glitter nails


As you might have noticed, I’ve been wearing a lot of glittery nail polish lately. I just love the instant glamour it gives to my hands and the touch of sparkle is just right to add to any outfit.
Yesterday I tried something different. I had this burgundy glitter polish from Essence, and decided to try some ombre nails. This is the result! I love how chic it looks and it’s definitely a bit extra from the usual glittery nails! I can give you a step by step explanation of how I did it, but the truth is, it’s not that hard. Just apply one thin layer to the whole nail, and then two thick layers to the top of your nails and make sure the transition is gradient. Pretty cool, right?


>Diary | Knits & Nails


What you’re looking at:
1. I went to the launch of the Danie Bles Shop & Styleguide last thursday. And guess what, she was picking winners, looking at who was wearing (according to her) the best Mix & Match outfit. And I ended up winning the first place! I won 500 euro shopping money in fashion cheques, I was over the moon! That means shopping this weekend :) 
2. Having the most delicious pizza at Vapiano with the sweet Laura.
3. Went on a little nail polish shopping spree. I got black/silver glitter, dark grey metallic, mint and black nail polish. It’s becoming an addiction! Luckily they were all under 2 euros :)
4.  I got the silver H&M Trend knit you’ve probably already seen on many blogs. But I just couldn’t resist. It’s oversized, it’s comfy, it’s shiny, it’s warm, it’s gorgeous! I’ve had it for almost two weeks now but haven’t got the chance to show you how I wear it. I’ll show you very soon, promise!
5. Having a delicious lunch. I love hummus. I’ve been home studying a lot this week, so a good healthy lunch keeps me going on days I’m stuck behind the computer!
6. Matching my nails with my knit. Sometimes I paint my nails in a different color every day, just because I like it when they match (or at least not totally mismatch) my outfit.
7. I’ve been walking by this jacket from Zara for a month now, telling it (yes, I speak to jackets) that I will pick it up as soon as it’s on sale. I absolutely love it, but I’m on a budget!
So that’s what I’ve been up to. Hope you have a lovely weekend!

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