The power of denim / Come join me in Amsterdam next week!

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There’s something about jeans. There’s so many of them, so many varieties, washes, fits, colors.. I have a lot of jeans from many different brands and in different price ranges, but there’s something about the jeans pictured above. They reminded me of what a great pair of jeans can do for your body. They can make your legs look longer, your butt look better, your legs look slimmer.. They helped me remind that wherever you get your jeans – the right pair can make a difference. There’s a lot of ok options on the high street and don’t get me wrong, I have a lot of budget jeans – but these jeans in particular reminded me that it can really be worth it to invest in a great pair of jeans. I mean, denim never goes out of fashion anyways. To celebrate not only how much I like to wear 7 for all Mankind jeans but also a really cool new 7FAM Malhia Kent collection with jeans made of haute couture fabrics there’s an event in the 7FAM store in Amsterdam next week, and you’re invited! Come check out the new collection, the cool Malhia Kent jeans, have a drink and chat with me and have the chance to win a pair of 7 for all Mankind jeans. Be there, next Thursday from 5 to 9pm at PC Hoofstraat 52 (7FAM store). I really hope to see you there!

Jeans pictured above: 7 for all Mankind shoecut jeans


This was Copenhagen


As promised, a big Copenhagen diary with all the highlights and pictures I haven’t shown you yet. I fell in love with this city, it shares the 1st place on my list of favorite European cities with Berlin now. It’s so pretty, the shopping is great, the people are nice (and gorgeous) and there’s so much to do, especially in summer. I hope you enjoy the pictures!


Breakfast at Mother (a really nice pizza place) with ASOS where they showed the ASOS White and ASOS Black collection for this fall. Absolutely loved the grey leather trousers and this partly mesh dress! In stores around December.


At the Gallery fair checking out new SS14 collections. My 2 favorite collections were from Samsøe & Samsøe and Wood Wood, the shoes from Wood Wood for SS14 are amazing!

DSC_3324wood wood utopia ss14 show

First picture is at the Bruuns Bazaar show (the only show I took my own pictures, at the other shows it was either too dark or the seats were not great). Second are my favorites from the Wood Wood show which I unfortunately missed because too many people came, but I’m excited for the SS14 collection anyways. Love the street vibes, this is how I want to right now, so cool.


Shopping! We did a lottt of that. I kind of wanted to take one of these Comme des Garçons Play x Converse trainers home but in the end I went for New Balance. They’re so cute though!


And then there was this great summer vibe on the streets, especially in the Vesterbro area where we stayed over the weekend, people were just chilling and having a drink outside, it was such a nice atmosphere. And the parties of course, the city lends itself quite well for a good party! Above is one of my party looks, wearing an awesome Lady Derringer sweatshirt.


Our favorite place to eat in Copenhagen – at We Do Food you could make your own very rich salad choosing from so many ingredients for about 10€, we went there like 4 times, so good!

pretty copenhagen 1DSC_3391DSC_3404

We spent the weekend in an apartment in Vesterbro. It was the apartment of the lovely Jakob booked through AirBnB and it was such a nice place to stay over the weekend, the area was great with lots of bars and shops and the house was really nice as well. Find the apartment here on AirBnB and save it to your wish list for when you go to Copenhagen!

stella polaris festival copenhagen 2lovelybylucy sunday copenhagen festivalThe last day in Copenhagen we discovered that there was a festival in a park so we went there and it turned out to be such a good time, I love festivals where everybody is laid back and relaxed, everybody was just chilling in the park and there was music, it was the perfect ending to a great week with my partner in crime Debbie. Can’t wait to come back to Copenhagen already.


Shop My Closet @ NSMBL Super Sale


Save the date! Next week it’s time for another NSMBL Super Sale where I will also be to sell lots of goodies for small prices. It’s a while ago that I did my last sale but it’s always so much fun to meet my readers and at the same time make some space in my closet! Also, since it’s been a while I have loadsss of stuff sell, so make sure you’ll be there!


Berlin Fashion Week


In case you missed it – it was Fashion Week at Berlin last week and I was there with! It was a great but super hectic week as well. I brought my camera but ended up not even using it that much, so I decided to show you the pictures and the stories I do have in this post :)


We went to some pretty cool shows like Marc Cain, Laurel and Dimitri. Lots of people, lots of German celebrities I didn’t know, lots of chaos but lots of fashion as well. I guess chaos and fashion pretty much sums up fashion week :)


At the front row with Jolique from ilovefashionbloggers sitting next to me. Even though I might probably be the only one dressed in denim and flats sitting front row, it was a cool experience! I didn’t really dress up for fashion week. I thought about doing or not doing that for a while actually, but part of me wanted to stay true to myself and just wear the clothes I wanted to wear that day. Part of me wanted to put in an extra effort as well, because it’s fashion week, but that didn’t really work out the way I wanted to. I shall not go into medical details (boringgg) but I’m still quite much in recovery (more so than I thought) and even though the Berlin Fashion Week was great, physically it wasn’t always great – which prevented me from wearing high heels, shorts and skirts and anything tight really. Not ideal, when you didn’t bring that much clothing to begin with. So I had some fashion frustrations, but I let them go quite quickly and decided to enjoy Berlin anyways because I wasn’t going to be able to do anything about it.


Went to a really cool party from Patta, Stussy and Element. Saw the coolest people and streetwear, so inspiring! I’m getting more and more into streetwear somehow!


I spent a lot of time with Debbie as well (yay for having a shopping buddy) and when we had these pancakes for breakfast it became my most liked instagram picture so far (from 1500+ pictures!). Are you guys into pancakes or what? Should I start a pancake blog? ;)


Shopping heaven at The Corner store in Berlin. I did check out a lot of designer stores especially since it’s sale time, but didn’t get anything. Oh wait, besides the most amazing jeans at Acne. Not on sale, of course. Wouldn’t have mind taking a Céline bag home as well though!


I also found this great set of pencil skirt and sweatshirt on sale at Weekday. Can’t wait to wear them both together and separate!


More runway snaps from the front row. I have to admit (but I feel kind of bad about it) I found myself looking at people sitting in front of me and crazy photographers pushing each other around quite often, until another model walked by and I thought ‘oh right, the clothing’. Oops.


Polaroids from a great night out with Debbie and Vivian. This was at the Vice x Element party, but we ended up at White Trash until the sun came up. Those are the best parties, right?


As I said, Berlin was great but super exhausting for me as well. There was a lot of running around, from show to hotel to meeting to lunch to show to dinner to party and on the lookout for some Wifi in between. Still being in recovery and my body not being cooperative was the hardest part. I’m still happy I went though, wouldn’t have missed it! But hence the tired face at the picture above :)


I guess really big sunglasses are the best solution to a super tired face! These are my favorite sunglasses, from Chanel.


I love Berlin, I’ve been there quite often and it’s my favorite European city, especially when it comes to the atmosphere in the summer and the parties. Thank you for taking me, thanks hotel Art Nouveau for having me stay over for one night when chaos hit and I had no place to sleep (long story) and thanks Berlin, just for being awesome.




Wondered why I was on a boat last week and and why I planned a sudden trip to Berlin Fashion Week? Meet Last week I was at the launch in Rotterdam where we had a great day (including the launch on the SS Rotterdam, a ride in a watertaxi and great dinner at the Harbour Club). The pretty blonde girl in the 3rd picture is Jolique, founder of ilovefashionbloggers and Sietske, Levi and me are happy to be the ambassadors of this exciting platform. It’s also why I’m in Berlin right now – being invited by ILFB and Mercedes Benz. ILFB is a new online destination where you can follow, rate and comment on your favorite blogs. It gives new and upcoming blogs the change to grow and work their way up to become a popular blogger. It’s really a platform that brings blog-readers and bloggers together but creates that little extra by giving bloggers the opportunity to increase their popularity (even when you’re not a top blogger yet). You can sign up here to either follow blogs or promote your blog if you have one.
In the mean time, make sure you keep an eye on instagram to see what I’m up to in Berlin!


Be There: NSMBL Sale this Saturday!

nsmbl sale 23mrt

After the big success a few weeks ago, NSMBL decided to organize another big sale where the pretty NSMBL girls, me and a few other bloggers will sell all the pretty stuff that deserve better homes. It was a lot of fun last time and great to meet all of you who came, so I hope you’re free this Saturday because it’s going to be a lot of fun again! You can see the details on the flyer (it’s near Amsterdam Central Station so easy to get there even when you’re not from Amsterdam) and I’m selling a lot of pieces again starting from just €1. And girls with pants size 34 and 36, I’m selling loadsss of trousers!
I hope to see you all there!


Humanoid Stock Sale next week!

There’s an exciting 4-day event coming up in my hometown! The last time I went to a Humanoid Stock Sale I got so many good things for such small prices that I got a lot of requests from you guys about when the next big sale would be. Well, here it is: next week!
There’s an event called ‘Arnhemse Stockdagen‘ and Humanoid is joining as well, selling pieces from previous collections from all their brands like Humanoid, Hope, Isabel Marant, Acne, Avelon and more for really good prices! The event is at the Humanoid store in Arnhem (see image for the address) and lasts 4 days(!) and they will restock every day! I’m definitely going, it’s a great chance to get your hands on great stuff for really good prices at my favorite store in Arnhem.. So who’s joining me?

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