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Outfit | Easy does it.

Here’s what I was wearing today. It was slightly colder than yesterday and the days to come, so I grabbed the chance to put on my favorite and very cool printed leggings. Wearing them quite easy with an off-shoulder sweater and my NB’s, but easy does it for now. I mean, it’s not like I did much to day except for drinking wine, reading a book and.. dyeing my hair! It was supposed to become ‘cool mocca’ but it looks more like a very dark espresso-color, but I really like it! Off to bed early tonight because I’m getting up early tomorrow to go to Florence. Excited! Follow me on instagram (@lovelybylucy) to see some updates from Florence! So how do you like my outfit?

Sweater: Zara / Top: ASOS / Leggings: H&M / Sneakers: New Balance / Bag: Alexander Wang / Necklace: H&M


Outfit | The Skirt

Hello from sunny Italy (sorry, saying that never gets boring). The wifi is a bit of a drama here but luckily I finally succeeded in uploading pictures. So here’s what I was wearing last night. I love this skirt. You might have seen it popping by quite a few times already but I guess that’s for a good reason! I wore denim shorts during the day and just changed bottom for quite a chic evening look, I don’t think a skirt like this needs more than a basic top and shoes, especially when I’m on vacation. Totally rediscovered these shoes by the way, not sure why I hadn’t worn them in a while but they are back in business. Since I’m pretty sure you’re not overly excited about cheesy tourist pics I’ll stick to outfits and hopefully there will soon be some shopping out here, because I’m very much in the mood for that. But now I’m back to my glass of prosecco and some olives. Oh, I love Italy.

Top: Zara / Skirt: H&M Trend / Shoes: Mango / Bracelet: ASOS


On Arrival

Arrived in the gorgeousness and serenity of Tuscany yesterday in a beautiful resort in pretty much the quiet middle of nowhere, and I’m loving it already. So here’s what I look like after spending two days in a car with a comfy travel outfit. Must be a bit of a letdown considering all the fashionable London action that is going on right now (and which I’m unfortunately missing out on) but I’m trying not to care too much. After all, I’m on vacation, right? So what am I missing?

Number tee: Victoria’s Secret (cut off the sleeves) / Leopard trousers: Zara / Platform sandals: COS


Outfit | Lilac

Sorry, since it’s like 3 am Friday Night and my eyes will hardly stay open, not much typing today. I’m wearing all lilac, told you I wasn’t kidding. Loooove the new COS mohair jumper and I never thought I would wear that with super tight high waist lilac jeans but it just kind of happened. And I love it. So…. Thoughts?
I’m on my way to Italy as you’re reading this so probably no blogpost tomorrow but I’ll try to keep you updated! Happy weekend lovelies!

Mohair sweater: COS / High waist lilac skinny jeans: ASOS (on sale!) / Shoes: Mango /  Chain bracelets: ASOS


Outfit | Repeat Offenders

I actually feel a little guilty showing you this outfit. Let me tell you why. I’m wearing green AGAIN, and this green knit for the third time on the blog since I got it. Which is not long ago. Also, I guess it’s nothing you really haven’t seen before. I just really like big knits with skirts and the unexpected sporty new balance sneaker to go with it. Also, the pictures are not that great quality-wise, since it’s all of a sudden getting dark earlier, which is always a problem when fall kicks in. And it’s also a location I use a lot since it’s really close to my house and it just works well. So yes, sorry for all of that. But I guess this is just what I love to wear and showing you about 3 outfits a week, this will probably happen more often. Hope you don’t mind! Also, I’m feeling a little uninspired when it comes to my closet. I’m VERY inspired in my head, looking at all the NYFW runway and off-runway action, but I can’t translate it into my own outfits because my wardrobe doesn’t match my inspiration at the moment. And then I’m going to Tuscany on saturday for two weeks of sunshine and 30 degrees and I have absolutely no clue what to wear anymore! Haha, sounds very fashion-blogger-like, right? I’ll figure it all out eventually I guess.. I have to!

Coat: Stylein / Knit: Zara / Skirt: American Apparel / Necklace: Zara / Sneakers: New Balance / Bag: Alexander Wang


Sweating over Sweaters

My favorite trend for this fall season might just be next-level-sweaters. They’re such a comfy and easy to wear garment but there’s a million things you can do to them when it comes to print, pattern, fit and fabric and there are so many good ones out there at the moment. Just pick one of the above options, wear a pair of jeans and heels and you’re look is done. Not much needed. I wouldn’t mind owning all or even one of these, like the fishnet-sleeved Alexander Wang sweater or the Kenzo bobble knit.. Or maybe just that 3.1 Phillip Lim sweater with the very cool patchwork or a bright purple one from Acne.. Truth is, it’s going to be a tough season for me. With my being ‘in-between-jobs’ and just generally not being all that rich lately, I’m probably not going to do any designer buys at all, just because I can’t. And boy there’s SO much good stuff out there, not only sweaters but coats, shoes, bags, and then it’s also my favorite season.. It’s going to be a hard one but I guess I’ll have to stick to good budget options and hoping for better times. Until now, I’ll just drool!

3.1 Phillip Lim patchwork sweater / Alexander Wang fishnet-sleeved turtleneck / Acne purple chunky knit
Kenzo bobble knit / Proenza Schouler geometric print sweater / A.L.C. checked sweater 


Outfit | Suit Up

I’m not necessarily the kind of girl that would suit up, I don’t even wear blazers, but as when I saw this blouse and matching skirt a loooooong time ago I felt like if I was going to wear some kind of suit, it would be this. I’m not sure why I waited so long to get it but I’m very glad I did because I now got it at 70% off! I really love both the skirt and blouse since they’re not your average but have nice clean cuts and details. I think they’re best worn together as I did here but also have great combination potential with the rest of my closet. And I matched my nails which I used to do all the time but somewhere along the way I stopped paying as much attention to my nails as I used to. I might just pick up where I left, we’ll see. How do you like my suit?

Sleeveless denim blouse: Nowhere via Nelly / Denim mini skirt: Nowhere via Nelly / Chain bracelets: ASOS