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O is for Oversized


I have a big love for clothing and I wear all kinds of different stuff, but my most loved and cherished items must be the oversized tops I can snuggle up in and are as comfy as they seem to be. May not be the most fashion-forward confession, but I’d be lying if I say I didn’t live in this oversized t-shirt, that I also have in green. Love the look of it with some ripped flared jeans. The D-ring trainers give it just that little extra, for a look that might not wow, but does it for me every single time.

Oversized t-shirt: Weekday
Jeans: ASOS
Trainers: ASOS


The unexpected


Sooooo I have to admit. That blonde hair wasn’t much of a success. The original idea was making it super blonde but since my hair simply refused, it turned out much darker than I wanted. And it didn’t do much for me at all. So after a few weeks of unhappiness I went back to dark again. Sometimes you just have to admit your defeat. Not all experiments are a succes. I did another experiment though that did turn out well, and that is (after some great responses for you guys) I got myself a pair of knee high boots. And I must say I’m liking them! What do you guys think?

Oversized sweater: ASOS
Knee high boots: River Island


New in


It’s been quite a while since I got myself a new bag. I actually don’t have that many, just because I’m very picky when it comes to bags and I own a few good basics that are hard to beat. This one with leopard ponyhair though caught my eye immediately, because I like they idea of quite a basic bag with a little extra detail to it that makes it an eyecatcher. It didn’t break the bank either! Get it here.

Also new, these white Calvin Klein sliders. Maybe slider season is over but I have a trip to Aruba planned next month so these will be perfect for that!

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fluffy feet


I guess summer is officially over. I’ve been sticking my head in the sand a little bit though, because I just am not ready. OK, maybe I’m a little excited to wear big sweatshirts again and Christmas (yay) is starting to come closer, but I’m not really ready for tights and jackets. This super cute dress I got last week (super sale score by the way) will however look good in fall as well and on parties, and I’m taking those fluffy sliders on my feet right into fall as well. Faux fur season, bring it on.

Dress: Monki (on sale!)
Leather jacket: Zara
Faux fur sliders: ASOS

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I’m not really the lace-wearing type of girl. Usually I don’t like how it looks ‘cute’. I usually don’t want to look cute or girly. Here comes the confession. I watch a lot of TLC and Say Yes To The Dress is one of my guilty pleasures to watch. On one day after a bit of a marathon, some pretty lace wedding dresses caught me thinking about lace. That’s exactly when I was browsing ASOS just to see what’s new, and I spotted this lace skirt. Like it was meant to be. Without thinking about it too much I clicked it home. A day later, when I was cured from my head being up in wedding dress-sky, I wasn’t too sure what to think of my impulsive order. Until it came in. I actually really like the lined chunky lace and although I of course had to dress it down with a boxy black jumper, I don’t mind that it’s kind of ‘cute’. Who know’s what I’ll wear on my wedding day..

Jumper: COS
Lace skirt: ASOS (order a size up)
Trainers: Adidas Stan Smith

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