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inspiration / late winter

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Winter has been upon us for quite a while. And it’s always late in a season that I could use some extra inspiration. I’ve been wearing the same thing for weeks and it’s been boring me a little, so I’ve been on the lookout for some extra inspiration. I don’t really want to get new clothes at the moment, unless they’re spring appropriate, but it’s always good to scour some inspiration images and maybe get some different ideas on how to combine your current winter clothing or a different idea on how to style, let’s say, your big hoodie. Which I totally want to wear with glitter pants now. So here’s some of the looks that spoke to me, find more of this on my pinterest to see what inspires me :) Happy Sunday!

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What to wear?

street style inspiration spring summer 2016 ss16

Every now and then I am completely clueless when it comes to what to wear. I suddenly feel like everything in my wardrobe is old and stupid and I have no idea how to dress, or what I even want to look like. On these days, I thank Pinterest. Because this morning I felt exactly like this and started looking on Pinterest for some fresh spring street style inspiration, and boy did I find it. All of a sudden I’m inspired again and about to order light denim dungarees and am ready for short skirts in the coming days, in which the weather will be divine. And as sharing is caring, here some of the images I was inspired by. Find more on my Pinterest page!

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This week’s moodboard is in a color you’ve probably never seen me in: pink. The only time I remember wearing pink is last year when I had an Acne bomber in soft pink, which I gave to a friend who loved it even more than I do. I might have to borrow it from him though, because the soft pink is really growing on me lately. It’s also one of the biggest color for this coming spring. I walked through the city yesterday visiting a few stores but I haven’t seen that much pink in stores yet. That will hopefully change soon, because I would mind a cute pink jumper to soften my look a little.

How do you guys feel about this trending color? Do you ever wear pink?

Images via my Pinterest.