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5 Things

5 things july

5 Things I came across this morning that tickled my senses..
– This simple but cool faux leather backpack that is on saaaaale (which makes it extra sense-tickling), from Monki, find it here.
Rag & Bone Resort 2016
– This image that is a campaign image for a new collection at Ikea, called Sinnerlig. Love how natural and expensive it looks. Available from August 2015.
– 642 Things to write about. I love notebooks but especially the kind of ‘notebooks’ that give you guidance and ideas to write, draw or doodle about. Available here.
– Sunglasses from And Other Stories.


Interior inspiration

interior inspiration 7

Right now my life is packed in boxes, since I found a gorgeous new apartment in Arnhem that I’m moving into tomorrow. I always underestimate how much work moving actually is. E-ve-ry-thing needs to be packed in boxes (which is a lot if you have as much clothing and shoes as I do, and then there’s all the other stuff), the new home needed to be painted and cleaned, but after a lot of hard work the most fun part is almost there. Moving into my new home and making it my own, which also means decorating it! Of course I’ve been scouring the web, mainly Pinterest, for some fresh home inspiration and so far I decided there will be a lot of green in it. It’s not always easy to look for inspiration on Pinterest because I mostly come across things that I would LOVE to have in my home or pictures I’d love my home to look like, but it’s not always doable, nor affordable. Nonetheless, inspiration is taking something you see and like and translating it into your own thing, whether that’s interior decoration or an outfit. So even I’m curious to see the end result, which I’ll definitely show you, as well as some snaps in between. Happy Tuesday!

Find more of my interior inspiration on my Pinterest.