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5 things that are on my mind right now:

1. Givenchy designer Riccardo Tisci collaborating with Nike on a new line that will be carrying the logo Nike RT. and will be launched this spring. Can’t wait.
2. Lancome Hypnose doll eyes mascara, my current favorite. When it comes to beauty, I live by ‘one can never wear too much mascara’.
3. One-shoulder and off-shoulder tops. Love this budget option by ASOS (here).
4. This look by Ellen Claesson.
5. Nike Dunk Sky Hi metallic silver trainers. Very high on my wishlist. Available here.


Editorial Love

nadja-on-a-bender4nadja-on-a-bender6nadja-on-a-bender1nadja-on-a-bender7nadja-on-a-bender3 for Scandinavia SSAW Spring Issuenadja-on-a-bender5nadja-on-a-bender2 for Scandinavia S:S:A:W

Some Monday inspiration for a fresh start of a busy week! One of my favorite editorials at the moment: Nadja Bender for Scandinavia S/S/A/W Spring Issue. I really feel like putting on some white socks and Nike slides right now. Happy Monday guys!


Editorial love

STYLING-BLOGG006ef3af64e0f6500512ee119c617888vogue brazil november whiteellesweden-oct1ellesweden-oct5bo-don-jacques-dequeker5erin-wasson-alex-cayley8Westfield-Chermside-Jazmine-Oracle-Fox.6ellesweden-oct3

My latest inspirations, so obsessed with that cool editorial in Elle Sweden. I’m never getting tired of sporty looks and am SO going to wear my oversized grey hoodie with a short full skirt. Find more of what inspires me on my Pinterest. Happy weekend!

images 1,2,4,5,9 from Elle Sweden, image 7 from Harper’s Bazaar Korea, image 3 and 6 from Vogue Brazil, image 8 from Oracle Fox



interior inspo lovelybylucy

On my mind right now: interior. Even more so than fashion, I can hardly believe it myself. It’s a good thing though, finding a new studio and starting from scratch, but that also means I really had to start from scratch, building IKEA-beds and having to buy literally everything new. I always have a lot of inspiration when it comes to interior but my inspiration don’t always stroke with reality. If I could choose, I’d have a big white loft en decorate it super minimalistic in white, black and grey with some cozy details like a big grey sheepskin. The truth is that I have a very cute studio with high ceilings (which I love) and an old wood floor and a tiny kitchen, so I have to work with what I have. And then there’s always the really cool furniture you see in inspirational pictures (I wish there was a machine on which I could select pictures on Pinterest and have the machine turn a combination of those pictures in my dream home), furniture that is not always the most affordable. And since I have to get everything new, I’m on a budget. But I do like a bit of a challenge and I’m very curious to see the end result, even though I’m the one making the end result. I’ll share my own pictures soon! Until then, sorry for being busy and not sharing as much as I’d want to. Happy Thursday guys!

images via Pinterest


On my mind

a_4x kopiestreet style pfw grazia itlayered lace skirt

On my mind: this layered asymmetrical lace skirt from Chloé. I’m not much of a lace lover but this is probably the coolest lace skirt out there, and I’m obsessed with the look above in which it’s worn with jeans underneath. You can get it here on payday but might want to consider a DIY on any other day. Happy Monday!


Waitin’ for my man

staz for oyster mag 11staz for oyster mag 1

My favorite editorial at the moment called ‘Waitin’ for my man’ shot by Eddie Chacon for Oyster Magazine. Love the styling, the model (called Staz, definitely naming my future kid that) and it kind makes me want to get a pair of Adidas Gazelle as well. How cool is that lace suit in the first picture? From Cheap Monday actually, I might need to start a search.


Monday inspiration – from the streets

Paris_Fashion_Week-PFW-Street_Style-Collage_Vintage-Taylor_Tomasi_Hill-2Paris_Fashion_Week-PFW-Street_Style-Collage_Vintage-Black_Outfit5038-Le-21eme-Adam-Katz-Sinding-Samantha-Walker-Mercedes-Benz-New-York-Fashion-Week-Spring-Summer-2014_AKS6196slipons pfw tommy tonParis_Fashion_Week-PFW-Street_Style-Collage_Vintage-Sofia_Sanchez_Barrenechea-LFW-London_Fashion_Week_Spring_Summer_2014-Street_Style-Say_Cheese-Collage_Vintage-Gary_pepper-Domino_Hells-Paris_Fashion_Week-PFW-Street_Style-Collage_Vintage-Chiara_Ferragni.LFW-London_Fashion_Week_Spring_Summer_2014-Street_Style-Say_Cheese-Collage_Vintage-Kenzo_eye_Trend_Sweatshirt-Paris_Fashion_Week-PFW-Street_Style-Collage_Vintage-Leigh_Lezark-stella mccartney shoes pernille lfw by le-21iemeParis_Fashion_Week-PFW-Street_Style-Collage_Vintage-Natasha_Goldenberg-907b0565_524380683_north_883xChiara totire street style paris grazia itceline street style pfw by tommy ton

Oh, the streets during fashion week. There’s so much being said about it and there always seems to be a discussion going on – is it street style or playing dress up for the photographers / how do we borrow style when we’re looking at borrowed stuff / why is everyone a photographer these days / and so on. I don’t think the discussions will end soon and there’s a lot of different viewpoints that all seem make sense in their own way, but however street style and fashion weeks might be changing, I do always get quite some inspiration from seeing what happens on the streets of NY, Milan, Paris and London during fashion week. True, there’s many pictures I skip and there’s obviously thousands of pictures published from the past few weeks of which only about 20 end up in my inspiration folder – but I do like just browsing through all those pictures sometimes as a source of inspiration and sometimes as a form of malicious delight (what was she thinking wearing THAT – and don’t tell me you’ve never thought that when looking at what other people are wearing). So anyway, I spent my Sunday night catching up on what happened in Milan and Paris in the past few weeks since I’ve been super busy working and hadn’t seen much of it, and above are the pictures that ended up in my FW SS14 inspiration folder. Sometimes it’s a strong look, sometimes it’s a small detail, and sometimes it’s just a pair of shoes I really really want (those black Stella boots in the 10th picture!). And then again, don’t we all need a little inspiration on Monday morning? I sure do. Happy Monday!

Picture 1, 2, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 11 by Collage Vintage, Picture 3, 10 by le 21ème, Picture by 4, 14 Tommy Ton for Style.com, Picture 12, 13 by Grazia.it

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