An ode to Spring

perrier jouet belle epoque cuvee

Spring is in the air. Beautiful first sunrays, dewey green leafs and blooming flowers, I love the fragile new spring, the first moment that you can just feel it in the air, there’s something enchanting about it. To celebrate spring and make our own enchanting moment, Chantal and I went to the park to celebrate spring with Perrier-Jouët Belle Epoque Edition Première..

Since its foundation in 1811, Perrier-Jouët has been nourished by authenticity, elegance and a real passion for nature. For this season Cellar Master Hervé Deschamps fashioned an ephemeral Champagne Cuvée as he would compose a spring bouquet, refreshing and floral with fruity scents such as cherry and hints of juicy yellow fruit, citrus, a zest of Yuzu and the dominant scent of white elderflowers: Belle Epoque Edition Première. The elegant bottle reflects both the freshness and delicacy of the champagne as it is gorgeous.

It’s not the first time me and Chantal decided to celebrate spring and make it a special moment with a champagne that lives up to the beauty of spring. Last year we had our moment here, but this time it felt extra special. Last year was such a tough year for me and I’ve been living 2014 to the fullest after many unfortunate events that made last year one of my hardest so far. But this spring really marks new beginnings for me and when I compare where I was last year and where I am now, I feel very lucky. I was happy to share this special ode to spring with the sweet and pretty Chantal whose editorial work I really admire and who made it possible to translate our special moment into pictures.

May this spring be as blooming for you as the flowers are. And never hesitate to celebrate an enchanting moment with something special such as we did here with Perrier-Jouët.

Enjoy Perrier-Jouët responsibly.


News / Lovely By Lucy has an office!

workspace interior inspiration desk

One of the things I’ve been working on and that has gotten me excited lately has been looking for an office space. Ever since I started Lovely By Lucy I’ve been working from home, but I felt now was the time to start looking for a more focused place to work. Not only to be more focused, get more work done in a shorter amount of time (no Netflix allowed at the office!) but also to bring Lovely By Lucy to another level and maybe get a little less intertwined personal and work life. I found an office space, actually a shared office space where I have my own (very big desk) in an inspiring environment with lots of other young entrepreneurs in all kinds of different fields. I’m moving into my office today and couldn’t be more excited. Stay tuned because this is just the start of lots more to come.

Now all I have to do is decorate my workspace. Which might be even harder than finding one. Luckily there’s Pinterest for that!
images via my Pinterest.



conservatorium hotel spa akasha

I’ve been really busy and hectic lately. Busy with exciting stuff and fun projects, don’t get me wrong, but even the best job in the world is still a job and sometimes it feels like I need to force myself to spend some time with me, and just me, to relax and regroup. That’s exactly what I did last Friday on a perfect place to do that: the Akasha Holistic Wellbeing Centre at the Conservatorium Hotel in Amsterdam.

Not only do they have a beautiful gym with all the equipment you can think of – I did a pretty harsh workout there and my first bit of boxing of which you can see a video here – after that you can relax in their gorgeous spa with sauna, hammam and pool. It was just what I needed: a little me time, some pampering and luxury and getting away from it all. Much recommended, even if you’re not that busy ;)



Vienna winkelstraat

Can’t believe my Vienna trip was already a week ago! Last week was my first time ever in Vienna and I fell in love with the beautiful city. It was a very inspiring trip with Just Away, a new online travel platform that launched in the Netherlands last week offering inspiring trips and holidays. But let me tell you more about them later, because I really want to show you more of Vienna and all I’ve seen and done..


On day 1 I arrived in Vienna and went to see the famous Spanish riding school and had a workshop at Swarovski. Did you know Swarovski is originally Austrian? I didn’t!
After that we went to the main shopping area (the Golden Quarter) and took a horse carriage ride, as pictured above with Kim from NSMBL. It was quite easy to get around in Vienna by foot actually, although the city has a lot of grandeur, it’s less big than I expected which is a good thing, I love to be able to explore cities by foot.

DSC_3571palmenhaus vienna

At night we had an amazing dinner in a restaurant that used to be a metro station, called Albertina Passage, and cocktails at the Palmenhaus which was a gorgeous location in the Hofburg Palace gardens that used to be a greenhouse part of the old palace. Definitely a place you can’t miss when in Vienna!

DSC_3598lucy viennaDSC_3605

Day 2 was a gorgeous sunny day that started with a bike tour along the Ringstrasse where you’ll find many gorgeous historic buildings and along the Donau river. A good way to spend the morning and Vienna is a great city to cycle through as well! I wore comfy travel gear because my days in Vienna were packed with activities and black never fails. Nor do leather jackets.

spinazie knode bij corbaci

I also had a taste of the Austrian cuisine. Which is not my favorite in the world (too many brown and beige food) but when you find a good place to eat (such as Corbaci), a cooked ball of dough called knödel is actually quite delicious!


There’s many gorgeous historical architecture in Vienna, pretty much everywhere you go, but we also got to see the University of Business & Economics which was an amazing piece of modern architectural work. It almost (yeah, almost) made me want to go back to school, I wish my university had looked like this!

DSC_3688leuke buurt spittelbergstore Park wenenPark store

There was not much time for shopping on this trip, which I for a change didn’t mind that much because I really wanted to see Vienna and the special places Just Away showed me, not just the shopping streets. We did get to do some shopping in the 7th district though (also known as Bobo) which was a really nice area with small streets and shops where I could have walked around for hours. I also discovered my favorite store in Vienna there, called Park. A huge store carrying brands such as Acne, Haider Ackermann and Maison Martin Margiela. Couldn’t resist to get myself a souvenir, although I’m not sure a Margiela scent really counts as a souvenir ;) Another plus: Vienna has a Wood Wood store!


On the second night we had dinner alongside the Donau and after that we went to the spectacular Le Loft bar at the Sofitel hotel (pictured above). The cocktails were amazing, the view was breathtaking and they have a gorgeous colored ceiling that made this bar one of the most spectacular ones I’ve ever been. Again, a must-see!

DSC_3863lucy en kim van nsmblDSC_3910Untitled3

Day 3 consisted of a visit to the famous Naschmarkt, a huge food market where we went to get ingredients for a traditional Viennese lunch. The market is open all week except on Sundays but on Saturday there was a flea market as well. I can spend hours on flea and food markets, but there was lunch that had to be made. With a chef, we prepared a soup, the original Wiener Schnitzel (which was better than I thought) and a yummy dessert. That part of the day might have been my favorite of the week, the cooking studio and preparing local food is such a great idea when visiting a city! Especially for me because I love to cook and who doesn’t love food?

25 hours hotel wenenDSC_354425 hours hotel lobby

Last but not least I just have to show you the hotel. My image of Vienna was an image of a traditional, historical city. Which it absolutely is, but there’s a lot of modern architecture, stores, restaurants and hotels as well. I spent my Vienna nights at the 25 Hours Hotel which is a super fun, kind of bizarre and surreal place to stay. It gave me a bit of an Alice in Wonderland feel with a fun touch (like the rug of the elevator saying ‘claustrophobic therapy centre’. Check out their website and more pictures here.

Soon there will be a bookable citytrip available on Just Away with this hotel or with the cooking workshop, which were my 2 favorites of this trip. But do have another look at Just Away every now and then (and check out their inspirator!)  because they offer thematic and inspiring trips and packages that change every now and then and there’s really something for everybody.

Happy Weekend!


On My Mind

onmymind tgif

Here’s what’s on my mind right now..

- High on my to do list: finish my interior that is still not done after moving in in October last year.. There’s hardly anything on my walls yet! But I guess the finishing touches are always the hardest ones. I really want to decorate my house nicely though so I might have to make some time for that..
- Homemade granola bars. Still looking for a healthy and easy recipe but I really want to do a bit more baking and cooking again and number 1 on the list is making my own granola bars!
- Kittens! Always.
- This very cool Chinese printed top from Swedish favorite BACK by Ann-Sofie Back.
- Leather and lace. I love good contrasts.
- Cocktails! Because it’s almost Friday!
- Perfect basic black high tops from Balenciaga.
- When things don’t happen right away, just remember, it takes 6 months to build a Rolls Royce and 13 hours to build a toyota.
My head seems to be all over the place with ideas and plans and thoughts, both personal as for Lovely By Lucy (thanks to your input as well!) but I have to realize sometimes that I can’t do it all at once. That’s why this Friday, it’s Spa day. Me-day. Happy Friday!

Find all of these (and more!) images on my Pinterest.


I need your help!


I’ve been feeling a bit unsettled lately. My blog is my favorite thing in the world, but lately I’ve been feeling like it’s missing something, and I have a few ideas of what it might be, but there’s nobody better to help me out here than you guys. Without you, Lovely By Lucy wouldn’t be what it is today and you guys are super important to me, so I’m really hoping some of you want to take a minute and help me a little.

I’ve been mainly sharing outfits lately, which is and will always be what Lovely By Lucy is about: my style and what I wear. Sometimes I share some diaries (less often than I used to), some wishlists (also less often), inspiration and stuff that is new in my closet. In the stories underneath the pictures I share some of my personal life, but I mostly share that on instagram. My inspirations are not always on this blog, but always on my Pinterest. And the wishlists have been scarce lately because I didn’t have much time to scour the web for things I’d like to buy but can’t always afford.
I don’t feel as much as if there’s something missing, but more like I am missing something, like there’s something extra I could bring that I’m not doing now. I mean, there’s always other things I can do, but I want to make sure it’s what I want to write about and it’s what you’d like to see.

So tell me, what is it that you’d like to see more on Lovely By Lucy?
More diaries? Or are you following me on instagram already and don’t feel the need to see those pictures here as well? (because that’s how I feel sometimes)
More inspiration, even though you can find it on my Pinterest?
More shopping lists and wish lists? Which I always find fun to make so would be happy to provide you with :)
More Things I Love?
Runway collections, trends? Or maybe even something totally different like food and fitness that is a big part of my daily life as well?
More writings or more pictures? More beauty? Or maybe even something totally different?

It’s not that I can’t think of these things myself and believe me, this has been on my mind for quite a while, including new ideas and resolutions. I just can’t seem to bite the bullet yet and I very much value the opinion of my dearest readers so I’d love to hear what you’d like to see more of on Lovely By Lucy!
I will be forever thankful and have something special as a thank you later this week :)



marble macbook air skinmarble laptop skin and iphone case whitewhite marble iphone case

Marble is having a moment, not only in fashion but in interior as well. Sometimes easy to find (marble printed tops are everywhere), sometimes a bit harder (can’t seem to find affordable bedding in marble print). I saw an image on Pinterest a while ago showing a marble Macbook skin and had an instant obsession, so I went on the hunt. And then I found CaseApp, allowing me to make cases and skin for my favorite hardware in any print possible. Design your own, I love it. And thus I made a skin for my Macbook Air and a matching iPhone case in one of this seasons hottest prints. Also: a little peek into my interior. That could use some more marble, I think.
If you go to you can design any skin or case you want for your device, and you get 20% off with the code 20LUCY, valid until March 9th. Delivery is super quick! Happy Friday :)

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