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Marble is having a moment, not only in fashion but in interior as well. Sometimes easy to find (marble printed tops are everywhere), sometimes a bit harder (can’t seem to find affordable bedding in marble print). I saw an image on Pinterest a while ago showing a marble Macbook skin and had an instant obsession, so I went on the hunt. And then I found CaseApp, allowing me to make cases and skin for my favorite hardware in any print possible. Design your own, I love it. And thus I made a skin for my Macbook Air and a matching iPhone case in one of this seasons hottest prints. Also: a little peek into my interior. That could use some more marble, I think.
If you go to you can design any skin or case you want for your device, and you get 20% off with the code 20LUCY, valid until March 9th. Delivery is super quick! Happy Friday :)




Paying a little tribute to the hardware that I can’t live without today. My beloved laptop and phone which pretty much are my (working) life. A backpack from QWSTION that I use as a laptop bag. A portable phone charger that saves my life every time I’m traveling or on the road for a long time. Always being able to charge my phone wherever I am, I don’t know what I used to do before I had this charger from Aiino. I’ve had multiple of these chargers but this one is the best one I’ve had, it can charge my phone multiple time without having to be charged itself and works really quick. And a case to protect my phone after 5 months of being stubborn and not using a phone case which resulted in many scratches on my phone, which was not very smart. Because let’s face it, only if I really had to, I could live without my phone, but I’d rather not!

Bag from QWSTION / Charger and iPhone case from Aiino


Who run the world?


What I do to escape from every day reality and have a little me-time? Turn on the heating to sauna-mode, put on something comfy, grab a bag of Doritos and snuggle up in bed with lots of pillows, watching my favorite series. It’s my 30 or 40-minute getaway from reality and a way to completely get my mind off things. One of my favorite series is definitely Girls. It’s honest, it’s incredibly funny, cheeky and contemporary, and who can’t relate to the struggles and things that Hannah, Shoshana, Marnie or Jessie go through? Based in New York, I completely enjoy my weekly routine of watching those 4 girls living the life in the city I once hope to live in. I really enjoy the honesty, no-nonsense and at times a little vulgarity in the series.
So tell me, are you watching Girls yet? Good news: you can now watch the first episode for free on HBO here, but even better, I’ve teamed up with Fashiolista and HBO to share with you a really cool contest in which you can win a trip to New York for two, by simply clicking here and picking your favorite moment of the new trailer. Now that’s a Happy Thursday!

Top and shorts by Samsøe & Samsøe


H&M Life

h&m life feature

H&M asked me to sum up a few of my favorite things in fashion and the article is online right now. Read the full article here! (or in Dutch here)


For my toys

caseable laptop and iphone cases

My latest ‘work’ investment has been a Macbook Air. My laptop is pretty much my life (that and my phone) because it’s where I blog, I’m on it all day, all my pictures are on it.. So I was looking for a nice case for it as well as for my phone because I always scratch it and break the glass. Then I found these cool ones from Caseable. Even though I always wear black and grey, for my electronics I like something more fun. Definitely go check out there laptop sleeves, such cool designs! Find the laptop sleeve here and the phone case here. Happy Friday lovelies!


Bicycle Diaries

lovelybylucy nsmbl bike featurelovelybylucy bloggers bicycle nsmbllovelybylucy pinstripe skirt outfitnsmbl x vanmoof bike feature

You may have seen me cycling down your instagram timeline a little while ago – that was because I was riding this super cool NSMBL x VANMOOF bicycle for a feature on NSMBL. It’s in Dutch but you can read the interview here. I love the pictures, shot by my friends Jason & Tyler and the bike is super cool as well! My own bike hasn’t been used for quite a while but it’s an old one, almost falling apart and I think that if I’d have a cool bike like this, I would ride it much more. Anyway, I wore three different looks for the shoot, love the simple grey sweat dress from Monki I’m wearing in the first and last pictures. I’m on my way again, not by bicycle but by train this time, because I have a busy day ahead for 2 exciting projects soon to launch. Keep an eye on instagram for a sneak peek!


Summer Tunes

philips citiscape 1 lovelybylucy2philips citiscape 3 lovelybylucyphilips citiscape 1 lovelybylucyphilips citiscape 1 lovelybylucy5

Doing a little happy dance because I’m in such a good place right now! Ok, the weather could be better but it’s still summer and my life is just really going in the right direction at the moment. Music really enhances my mood and since I got these cool CitiScape headphones from Philips I take my music on the go as well. It’s been super long since I listened to music while being on the go but that’s probably just because I didn’t have any headphones, because now I feel like I’ve been missing out. Luckily these not only look very cool (love the denim look and retro styling) but are very comfortable as well. Also very important: the sound is really clear and natural. The only one complaining is my boyfriend because when I have these headphones on I can’t hear a word he’s saying to me, but he might have to get used to that haha. My ultimate summer tune for 2013 is this one , can’t get enough of it! What’s your summer tune?
Wearing Philips CitiScape headphones
Jacket from Zara, sweater from Front Row Shop

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