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coffee iphone case iconemesis

Ever since I got my new iPhone 5 a few weeks ago it’s been so hard to find a new case for it that I liked! I had a lot of cases for my 4, but I couldn’t find anything nice for my 5 (which resulted in it having a lot of scratches now because it didn’t have a case for weeks) until I found this really cute one with coffee theme from Iconemesis. Finally!
(Rings from ASOS)




Wondered why I was on a boat last week and and why I planned a sudden trip to Berlin Fashion Week? Meet ilovefashionbloggers.com. Last week I was at the launch in Rotterdam where we had a great day (including the launch on the SS Rotterdam, a ride in a watertaxi and great dinner at the Harbour Club). The pretty blonde girl in the 3rd picture is Jolique, founder of ilovefashionbloggers and Sietske, Levi and me are happy to be the ambassadors of this exciting platform. It’s also why I’m in Berlin right now – being invited by ILFB and Mercedes Benz. ILFB is a new online destination where you can follow, rate and comment on your favorite blogs. It gives new and upcoming blogs the change to grow and work their way up to become a popular blogger. It’s really a platform that brings blog-readers and bloggers together but creates that little extra by giving bloggers the opportunity to increase their popularity (even when you’re not a top blogger yet). You can sign up here to either follow blogs or promote your blog if you have one.
In the mean time, make sure you keep an eye on instagram to see what I’m up to in Berlin!


Lovely By Lucy – since July 2011


It’s my blogs birthday! Today exactly 2 years ago I started this blog, and I still can’t believe all the things that happened in those 2 years. What started as a little project that I thought I’d try, has turned out to be my passion and now also full time job. This blog might be the best thing that ever happened to me, but what really makes this blog are you guys! I’m so thankful to have all these readers, I love to interact with you guys and all the support means the world to me – especially during the 1st part of this year when I was going through a hard time I realized just how great you are and how much you mean to me. So THANK YOU! I look forward to the next years in which I will continue trying to build and improve Lovely By Lucy, show you all that I’m wearing and shopping and who knows what the future will have in store for me.. I’m just happy I have all of you to share it with!


New features on lovelybylucy.com

I’ve added a some new features to the blog! 2 new pages, a page called Fashion Favorites where I save all the items I’m loving at the moment and you can easily click and shop them. It’s sort of my little shop of favorites from different webshops! It’s easy if you like my style, you can just visit the Fashion Favorites and I will do the editing for you ;) I will update and add items at least once a week so there should always be something new!
The second page is My Daily Reads, a blogroll showing my favorite blogs. I read a lot more blogs but these are the ones that really stand out to me and that I make sure to read every day.
I’ve also added a button that you can easily click to like my Facebook page if you haven’t yet and get my updates on Facebook :)

I’m off again, busy day today with three events! If you’re curious to see what I’m up to follow me on instagram: @lovelybylucy


News | Blogging for Fashionscene!

So finally the big news is out, sorry to have been so mysterious the past few weeks! I’m very excited to announce that from today on, I will be blogging for Fashionscene: one of the largest Dutch online fashion magazines! I will have my own blog there in Dutch and the blogposts that will be published here will also be published on Fashionscene. No worries, nothing about this blog will change, LovelyByLucy.com will stay the same but  there will just be more Lovely By Lucy on Fashionscene! I will be blogging there together with the lovely Cate. You can find my Fashionscene blog here. By the way, how amazing does their new website look? It’s definitely bringing Fashionscene to a new level and I’m very happy to be part of it! I’m very excited to be blogging for them and can’t believe that just a year of blogging brought me this opportunity. Pretty cool, huh?
So check out my new blog on Fashionscene and let me know what you think!

Oh and don’t forget, since this is another reason to celebrate: you have only two days to enter my celebration giveaway with Nelly to win a €100 Nelly voucher!



It’s new. It’s fresh. It’s lovely. Welcome to my new website! I wanted a new lay-out and a .com but I didn’t have the skills to build one, but I now it’s finally here! There are two important changes:

- The link to my blog is no longer lovelybylucy.blogspot.com but it’s now lovelybylucy.com, so if you’ve added me to your favorites or are linking to my blog, please change that URL so you won’t miss anything!

- Second, I no longer blog via Blogger so there’s NO Google Friend Connect on my blog anymore! I really hope my GFC-lovers will continue to follow me on Bloglovin (here) so they will still get all my updates! If all goes well the followers on Bloglovin will automatically move with me, so I hope that works!

I really hope you’re moving with me to my new URL and new blog. =)

A special thanks to Britt van Noord, without her I couldn’t have done anything. She built my entire blog just the way I want it, thanks Britt! (By the way, are you a Dutch blogger and also want your site to be exactly the way you wanted? Britt now has a special offer for bloggers, go to her website here and contact her for more info!)

Sooooo.. What do you think?




Dear readers! I’ve finally created a Facebook Fan Page for my blog!
If you like it, you get to stay updated on all my blog posts, but I’ll also post pictures, sneak peeks, tips, and other fashion related things to my page! And most important, having a Facebook page hopefully will give me even more opportunity to connect with my readers! I’m still figuring out a few things but it’s online since today and I would really appreciate it if you would LIKE!
Thank you! <3

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