Sort of Black Gold

triwa sort of black gold watchtriwa watch goldsort of black gold 2014 triwa watch

There’s certain pieces in a wardrobe that you will buy a lot of until you find the perfect one and then you’ll only need one. I’ve bought a lot of (faux) leather jackets in the past but ever since I’ve found the perfect one, that one is all I wear – and all I need. Same goes for watches. I used to have only 2, the perfect simple one, the perfect rose gold one, but I’ve never found the perfect gold watch until now. Not only is it the most gorgeous gold watch – just the right shade of gold, simple but with just the right details and very high quality – it’s also the coolest new watch in town. May I present you the Sort of Black Gold watch, a collaboration between Triwa and Rasmus Storm (i.a. owner of concept store Storm in Copenhagen) who have created 4 gorgeous watches (see them all here) and launched their collection last week (exclusively available at 10 stores worldwide including Storm, Hypebeast Store, Colette and online at I feel very happy to be one of the first people wearing this watch and even more than that I’m in love with it and wear it all the time. It reminds me to not settle for anything less than what I’m looking for and invest in really good pieces.

Watch: Sort of Black Gold by Triwa x Rasmus Storm


Lace 2.0

Givenchy favelas lace number t-shirt

For the last year or so, lace has been growing on me. It’s never been in my closet much until the past year when I added some lace to my wardrobe – especially black lace.
There’s some fabrics though that really require quality to look good, and lace is one of them. There’s a really big difference between cheap lace and delicate, detailed lace.

Meet the latest addition to my wardrobe. The most delicate lace, but in a cool crew neck oversized fit with just the right overprint to make it a statement piece. I guess we can always trust Givenchy on that. However, the excitement is twofold since with this top came the discovery of an online store called The Clutcher selling a great selection of designer brands such as Givenchy, Balenciaga, Balmain, Kenzo, Margiela, Céline, Valentino and much more. I must say, it’s hard to decide whether the discovery of this great online store makes me happier or the lace number does, but since the last one is actually mine, it wins.

Givenchy lace t-shirt via The Clutcher



marble macbook air skinmarble laptop skin and iphone case whitewhite marble iphone case

Marble is having a moment, not only in fashion but in interior as well. Sometimes easy to find (marble printed tops are everywhere), sometimes a bit harder (can’t seem to find affordable bedding in marble print). I saw an image on Pinterest a while ago showing a marble Macbook skin and had an instant obsession, so I went on the hunt. And then I found CaseApp, allowing me to make cases and skin for my favorite hardware in any print possible. Design your own, I love it. And thus I made a skin for my Macbook Air and a matching iPhone case in one of this seasons hottest prints. Also: a little peek into my interior. That could use some more marble, I think.
If you go to you can design any skin or case you want for your device, and you get 20% off with the code 20LUCY, valid until March 9th. Delivery is super quick! Happy Friday :)




Paying a little tribute to the hardware that I can’t live without today. My beloved laptop and phone which pretty much are my (working) life. A backpack from QWSTION that I use as a laptop bag. A portable phone charger that saves my life every time I’m traveling or on the road for a long time. Always being able to charge my phone wherever I am, I don’t know what I used to do before I had this charger from Aiino. I’ve had multiple of these chargers but this one is the best one I’ve had, it can charge my phone multiple time without having to be charged itself and works really quick. And a case to protect my phone after 5 months of being stubborn and not using a phone case which resulted in many scratches on my phone, which was not very smart. Because let’s face it, only if I really had to, I could live without my phone, but I’d rather not!

Bag from QWSTION / Charger and iPhone case from Aiino


This Happened.

acne mape shearling leather jacket

So yeah, did you really think I could leave the PERFECT leather jacket in Copenhagen when after trying it on? I just couldn’t. I really couldn’t. Part of this happening was unexpected, since I wasn’t planning on finding nor buying the perfect leather jacket in Copenhagen. But it was definitely not splurge either, since I have been looking for the perfect leather biker jacket since forever. I kind of gave up on finding that on a (relative, since it had to be leather) budget, but didn’t go out looking for something like this either. I gave up the search because I thought I would eventually run into the perfect one and it would be love at first sight and we would live happily ever after. And so it happened. I know, I shouldn’t have tried it on because when I did, my knees got weak, my heart started pounding, and I just knew I couldn’t leave it hanging there: my gorgeous little Mape. With shearling, that I can take off as well. An investment I already know I will not regret and I’m looking forward to the many times we will spend together, me and my new love. So yes, that happened. Happy weekend!

Acne Mape shearling collar leather biker jacket (without shearling here and here)


New baby

Proenza Schouler tiny PS11 camo black and white printProenza Schouler PS11 Tiny on sale camouflage print

I pretty much skipped the end of season sales this year. I just got a few pieces on ASOS but other than that I was actually not even looking, just to avoid temptation that doesn’t go well with a not so big budget. And then, I randomly walked into a department store and ran into this baby.. With 70% off! I really tried to resist, but kind of knew I wouldn’t be able to, since I absolutely loved the print for quite a while and the size is really good for me as well, as  I wear small bags like these quite often. It’s so cute! It’s my first real sale score, as well as my last of the season. And also, I was pretty much in need of a new small bag since I’m getting rid of 2 other designer bags when my much anticipated Shop My Closet opens again (this weekend, promise!). Justified, and super cute, right? Have you done a major designer sale score this season? Happy Friday!

Bag: Proenza Schouler tiny PS11
(haven’t found it anywhere else on sale yet but there’s a red one on sale here)



Marcel Ostertag for ASOS faux fur coat

Since I haven’t been able to shoot a look with this coat yet I wanted to show it to you anyway because I’m obsessed with this Marcel Ostertag for ASOS faux fur jacket. I love the grey fur, can’t wait to wear it with black and what but I’m guessing you already expected that. By the way, it’s on sale right now right here because SALE STARTED AT ASOS TODAY. Sorry, I get really excited from sale at ASOS. You know what I’m up to the rest of the day. #saleshopping. Find the ASOS sale here.

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