Getting Summer Ready


Nothing beats afternoon sunshine in spring. Except for afternoon sunshine in summer, that is. I really can’t wait for those warm summer days, nor for wearing espadrilles, shorts and bikinis. But everyone knows a summer wardrobe must be built in spring and a little anticipatory pleasure never hurt anyone. This summer will be a laid back one, one with lots of light weight fabrics and lots of denim – which is exactly what you’ll find in the Diesel SS14 collection. I’m in love with this oversized, hand bleached jacket that is the perfect light weight summer jacket I’ll be able to throw over nearly anything really. It’s just one of the great pieces of the new SS14 collection from Diesel filled with bleached denim, cool and easy summer garments and edgy pieces like this sweater with a cactus made out of tiny studs. I love to spice up easy outfits with a quirky print or embellishment every now and then!
Check out the full new collection right here, and let’s hope summer will arrive soon!
Happy Easter Weekend!

Jacket, sweater and jeans from Diesel

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Blending in


Besides adding pastel blue to my spring wardrobe, I’m really into more natural colors that go really well with my black and grey wardrobe. I’m really into nude/tan shades and couldn’t resist to add these suede trainers to my sneaker collection – I love the beige/tan tone and their simplicity that is upgraded by their color. It’s crazy how happy a new pair of sneakers can make me (no worries, a lot of other things make me happy as well). I’m loving the color of this new bomber jacket as well that I scored in between meetings in Amsterdam this week. Jackets and shoes are the top 2 things I like to vary with while wearing all time favorites time after time (like this t-shirt dress) and I honestly don’t think I can have enough of either of them. Now what’s on my mind is a nude bag (which has been on my mind for a while now but since these trainers turned up, even more) to match the look. Happy Thursday!

Jacket: Monki / T-shirt dress: Noisy May via ASOS / Leggings: Topshop / Trainers: Puma via Intreza


White coat


Oh, the joy of sunshine combined with a fresh new white coat. I used to have a good white coat until it turned beige (that eventually happens with almost all things white in my wardrobe, I can’t seem to keep my whites white for long) and I got rid of it and decided that the white coat was not for me. Until I saw this one, clean, collarless, with zippers and splits at the sides, and then I decided to give the white coat another try. So far, so good, and I really plan on keeping this one the color that it is for at least this spring ( I know myself). Love the contrast with my dark hair as well, I made it darker again and cut my bangs, it was about time. Apart from that, not much news. Just my favorite type of high waist skinnies and I’m wearing lots of crop tops lately. Enjoy the sunshine!

Coat: ASOS (also in light blue AND on sale) / Crop top: ASOS / Jeans: Cheap Monday via ASOS / Slip-ons: ASOS


Fresh Kicks

DSC_1420DSC_1615DSC_1754DSC_1341acne jacket stussy black world tour t-shirtlovelybylucy all black stussyoutfit puma trinomic trainers black lookpuma trinomic xs 850 plus white black pink

There;s nothing like a pair of fresh kicks to upgrade an outfit I so often wear and never get tired of – the all black skinny jeans, cool t-shirt and favorite leather jacket look. There’s a part of me that likes a good bit of alternation, wearing something different every day. but there’s also a part of me that wants to wear all black every day and black skinnies with black leather jackets all the time. When it comes to shoes though, variation is always best. It’s the joy of the morning in which I browse through my shoe collection and figure out which ones I’ll wear that day. I had been eyeing these Puma sneakers for a while now and am super happy to have gotten my hands of them, they’re such a fresh and cool pair of kicks and they walk like heaven.

Hope all of you had a great weekend! I went off the radar for a bit due to a lack of sleep, inspiration, photographer and energy but that was just because I had worked my butt off last week for the blog. It might seem a little strange, me telling you that I’m so very busy but in the mean time updating a bit less and not showing much changes yet – but as I said 2 weeks ago: all good things take time and the work I’m doing now will show in a few weeks, so bear with me! After recharging this weekend I’m fully ready, much inspired and excited for another busy week!

Leather jacket: Acne / T-shirt: Stussy via ASOS / Jeans: Cheap Monday via Zalando / Bag: Alexander Wang / Bracelet: Cooee / Trainers: Puma Trinomic xs850

By the way, did you enter the ASOS competition yet giving you a chance to win a shopping spree worth £200 on ASOS? Enter here!




There’s just nothing better than black on black on black. In black and white. In Givenchy and Supreme.
Happy Thursday.

Givenchy shirt via The Clutcher / Supreme cap / Cheap Monday jeans via ASOS


On basics and essentials


If you’d ask me what the ultimate spring shoe is, not from just this spring, but every season – it would be a pair of white chucks. Goes with anything, is a sneaker (because we want to be active and outside in spring) and I can’t believe I didn’t have a pair until now, with my endless love for great basics. Now I do have to watch out sometimes not to confuse basics with essentials, because when I tried to convince someone the other day that leopard trousers were really a great basic anyone should own and he (maybe that was the problem) didn’t agree I realized that there’s definitely a difference between basics and essentials. Basics are items you do really need: the black leather jacket, the black skinny jeans, the white t-shirt, and so on. Essentials can change when your style, trends or even the season changes. Most of all, essentials are personal. Everyone has their own essentials, for me a pair of leopard trousers is an essential, for someone else it might be a red skirt or a pair of sliders (definitely an essential for this summer). You don’t have to own all the basics, nor all the essentials. But I do enjoy owning and wearing them more than just random items I like and than buy, which I don’t do very often anymore.
To make a long story short: here’s what I’m wearing today. The basics: white chucks and an oversized black knit (which to me are also essentials)/ the essentials: leopard trousers.
I know it’s a big of a vague story but that’s what was on my mind today – I hope it makes sense and I’ll do a post on my spring essentials later this week!
But not before I have a big surprise for you guys tomorrow ;)

Happy Tuesday!

Oversized sweater: / Trousers: Zara / Trainers: Conversie via


Killin it


I’ve been pretty much killin it this week if I may say so – getting tons of work done, getting my taxes done right, moving into an office and doing the NSMBL sale yesterday (thanks for everyone who came!), so my sweatshirt could not have been more appropriate. Hard work always pays off and I definitely feel like it did this week. The only thing that suffered was my night’s rest – I’m absolutely exhausted right now and have been feeling like I’m getting the flu all week (you know that in between-feeling when you’re not feeling well but well enough to  work? hate it) so I might take a day off today (but let’s see if I actually will) and catch up on some sleep and relaxing, because I also have a busy but fun week ahead!
When tired and busy I always opt for the always good to go-pieces: skinny jeans – and yes, these are again Cheap Monday second skin jeans of which I have 4 and they are my favorite jeans ever – big sweaters and the buy of the week: Vans with cat print. I mean, Vans with cat print. YES.
Happy Sunday!

‘Killin it’ sweater: / Jeans: Cheap Monday via ASOS / Trainers: Vans x ASPCA

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