Killin it


I’ve been pretty much killin it this week if I may say so – getting tons of work done, getting my taxes done right, moving into an office and doing the NSMBL sale yesterday (thanks for everyone who came!), so my sweatshirt could not have been more appropriate. Hard work always pays off and I definitely feel like it did this week. The only thing that suffered was my night’s rest – I’m absolutely exhausted right now and have been feeling like I’m getting the flu all week (you know that in between-feeling when you’re not feeling well but well enough to  work? hate it) so I might take a day off today (but let’s see if I actually will) and catch up on some sleep and relaxing, because I also have a busy but fun week ahead!
When tired and busy I always opt for the always good to go-pieces: skinny jeans – and yes, these are again Cheap Monday second skin jeans of which I have 4 and they are my favorite jeans ever – big sweaters and the buy of the week: Vans with cat print. I mean, Vans with cat print. YES.
Happy Sunday!

‘Killin it’ sweater: / Jeans: Cheap Monday via ASOS / Trainers: Vans x ASPCA


Royal Black and Gold


So far I’m loving April. The sun is shining, the weather is amazing, I’m in a good mood every day and work wise I really can’t complain either. But there’s even still more to come for April, I’m sure you Dutchies are already looking forward to King’s Day (Koningsdag, celebrating the Dutch Kings birthday) on the 26th, I definitely am. When holidays and parties like this are coming up I always start thinking about what to wear really early. Especially with this holiday, because it’s a thing to wear orange that day and I refuse. But I decided on what to wear this King’s Day: black and gold. It doesn’t really get more royal to me than black and gold so I figured it would be the perfect color combination for me that day (and I love how the adidas logo kind of looks like a crown, especially in gold). Of course I’m wearing sneakers, since I’ll be walking all day. And since all black would be a bit dark I thought I’d add some color, in the form of a super cool Adidas logo sweat - since I’m bringing a sweater anyway for when things cool off at night.
So there you go, my King’s Day look. Can’t wait for one of the best spring parties. I’m especially excited for 8Bahn and Pink City Nomads – much recommended if you’re in Arnhem!

Getting in the mood to plan your King’s Day outfit as well? Check out Zalando’s special featured page here and join the competition at Zalando, pick your royal outfit and have a chance to win your entire look! Enter here.

Black sweater with gold studs: Adidas via Zalando / Blue printed logo sweater: Adidas via Zalando / Jeans: Cheap Monday via Zalando / Trainers: Adidas Gazelle via Zalando / Watch: Triwa


What I Wore

lovelybylucy march 2014 looks 1lovelybylucy march looks 2014 looks 2lovelybylucy march 2014 looks 4lovelybylucy march 2014 looks 3

In between all the new office excitement and a lot of ongoing projects I totally forgot to do an overview of March, so here it is!
Which one is your favorite look?
Happy Thursday!


Life in sweats


Sweatpants are taking over my wardrobe, and I’m loving it. I instagrammed last week that I soon might have more sweatpants than jeans and that could actually be true..

They’re just so comfy, there’s so many good ones out there and all you have to do is throw on a pair of good kicks, a slightly sexy top and you’re good for some instant casual cool. Now I am very much aware of the reputation sweatpants have an that many would not in a million years wear this to work, but luckily I’m my own boss and these sweatpants are so cool that I would wear them any day. I decided to spice them up a little with a very open fishnet top and some leather. Can’t get over contrasts like sexy with sweats, nor will I get enough of sweatpants with leather jackets. Both the trousers and top come from a brand I often wear: Noisy May – of which there is a big selection available at  Sojeans.
I’m off again though, settling into my new office. Thanks for all your sweet messages yesterday!

Leather jacket: Zara (old) / Top: Noisy May via Sojeans / Leopard print sweatpants: Noisy May via Sojeans / Shoes: Adidas Gazelle via Zalando


Feels like summer


Feels like Summer! This weekend has been great, I took a bit of a weekend off again (sorry, no more weekends off right now but believe me when I say I needed it) and enjoyed the sunshine, stayed up until sunrise (not my fault, it was the clock that fooled me) and spent yesterday recovering in the park, eating spareribs and watching animation films. This weather somehow brings out the best in me, especially in terms of my mood (maybe a little less in terms of work but I found a solution for that about which I will tell you more later this week). I don’t even have a Monday Mood today, just because the sun is shining, it’s bare leg weather (yes!) and I’ve got some new shoes on. It’s shoe-week on my instagram this week, so check it out to see lots of shoe candy this week.

But let’s talk what I’m wearing, before me and my good mood start rambling. I ordered a pair of legging shorts last week thinking they’d be good shorts to work out in (I’m not a huge fan of working out in short shorts because I don’t want to pay attention to what I show off unintentionally all the time) but ever since I got them I’ve found many different ways to wear them. Under a skirt or dress, I like the idea. People around me not so much yet, but maybe they just have to get used to it. I think it does add a little extra to this gorgeous silk Baum und Pferdgarten summer dress which I wore here as a skirt but will definitely be wearing as a dress a lot this summer. Also: I have to wear these boots more often, they’re so good with skirts.

Hope you’re all having just as much of a Happy Monday as I am!

Top: Samsøe & Samsøe / Silk dress worn as skirt: Baum und Pferdgarten / Legging shorts: ASOS / Boots: Zara


Move your Lee


I’ve told you many times about the joy of a great pair of jeans. It’s the type of bottom I wear most, but don’t own that many of as you would expect, because I’m just so picky when it comes to jeans. The ones I have all have their own benefits, but none of them allowed me to do yoga in. Ok, I wouldn’t do yoga in jeans, but movement is something I haven’t always given much thought of when wearing jeans. Lucky for me, Lee has a campaign called Move Your Lee featuring denim that stretches and allows you to move in any way you want to. I’ve tried them for 2 days now and I must say, I feel flexible! There’s no way tight jeans are holding me back from anything when wearing these, which is exactly what I needed even though I didn’t know it.  I love the tones and washes of this line and am in love with the grey-ish ensemble I’m wearing in picture (numbers). It’s really clear that they know what they’re doing at Lee, but then again, you can’t really be surprised: Lee is celebrating their 125th (!) anniversary this year! This year is all about relaunching classic denim heritage and combining what they’ve been doing for 125 years with current trends and styles. A big congratulations to Lee, and a thank you for making both comfy and cool denim in which I can move every way I want to, right up my street.

See more items and the Move Your Lee campaign here and check how I move in my Lee jeans in this video.


First look wearing Lee denim shirt and jeans, Zara top, Supreme cap, Alexander Wang bag and Nike Air Force 1 via
Second look wearing Lee denim shirt and jeans, Chanel espadrilles and Fashionology rings
Pictures by Chantal/Cocorosa


Comfort Zone

lovelybylucy onepiece 1lovelybylucy cosmopolitan onepiecelovelybylucy onepiecelovelybylucy onepiece2

Let’s talk comfort zone. I have a love/hate relationship with it. It’s a bit in my nature (and maybe even human nature) to stay within my comfort zone, especially when I’m busy, tired or not in a happy place. Breaking out of comfort zones can be scary, that’s the part I don’t like about it. However, comfort zones are probably there to break out of, and often good things happen when you break out of your comfort zone (or not, but then you learn from it). I try to keep a balance between being comfortable and breaking out of my comfort zone every now and then. Sometimes it’s just best to give into comfort zones and for instance this week I’ve spent a lot of time at home, in my new onesies in bed with my laptop because I was tired and felt like I had the flu. But even when I don’t feel like that, I have at least one day a week in which I chill, watch series, eat way too much chocolate and wear either sweats or from now one probably one of these super soft and comfy onesies. Messy hair, little make up, my couch and my sheepskin. That and a onesie sometimes is all I need. I can always break out of my comfort zone another day.

Both onesies from OnePiece.

Want your own OnePiece onesie? Fashiolista is now hosting a contest and you can win a comfy and cool camo print onesie! Find the competition here. Good luck!

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