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Outfit | Bright Orange

Bright orange. A color that was not yet in my closet and hasn’t been for a really long time. There are a lot of shades of orange that I really don’t like but running into this sweater in the perfect shade of bright orange made me change my mind. It looks really good with blue and black and it has more combination options than I would have thought. Who’d have known? I already told you yesterday that I was adding pops of color to my wardrobe and this is definitely the brightest color in my closet right now. Who knew? I’ve been wearing my Acne boots almost every day by the way, they’re so good! I look a bit tense in these pictures though but that’s because it was crazy cold yesterday, and grey as well. On grey days like these is when I feel the need most to add color to my outfits though. By the way how purple does my hair look? Pretty cool right?
I hope you all enjoy your Sunday!

Bright orange sweater: Samsøe & Samsøe / Leather jacket: Zara / Jeans: Zara / Boots: Acne / Necklace: Delilah Dust


A Roundup of November Outfits

And than it was December. Time for winter, cold, hopefully some snow, Christmas and New Year’s eve, and more winter outfits. But first let’s look back at November, outfit wise. It wasn’t that cold last month, at least not freezing, but it was time to get the big winter coats and knits out which I did of course. A lot of prints and patterns this month comparing to before! I’m still in a mood for that though, adding exciting items to basics to give my outfit a bit extra. So you’ll probably see more of that in December, including seeing what I wear during party season and a little exciting ‘How to wear’ I’m preparing! Also: a very cool live-online-thing is coming up (that’s all I can tell right now but I’ll tell more next week) and exciting collaborations. And then I’m going to London as well. December will be crazy busy but should be a lot of fun as well, I can’t wait!

I’d love to hear which one is your favorite out of these, please tell me! Have a great weekend!


Outfit | Black and Blue

I finally get to show you the second piece of the Maison Martin Margiela x H&M collection I got: this gorgeous cashmere oversized turtleneck. Super-oversized that is, and I love it. It’s huge, super soft, I love the color and I would also have wanted it if it wasn’t Margiela but that’s a nice extra. I could live in this sweater, really. It also goes well with my freshly dyed dark hair. And navy and black is one of my favorite combinations. So I kept it simple yesterday, when I was wearing this. I went to see the Elin Kling for Guess by Marciano collection (yay for collaborations) in real life which was so good, especially the oversized knit. Didn’t get anything though. Today I’ll probably be in the same sweater you’re looking at right now on the couch all day, since I haven’t been feeling that well all week. What better to spend the day at home in a lot of cashmere? TGIF!

Coat: Esprit via CO/Motion PR / Sweater: Maison Martin Margiela for H&M / Jeans: Zara / Boots: Acne / Bag: Alexander Wang
Photos by Debbie


Outfit | Sporty Vibes

A lot of my outfits have been on the feminine side lately – or at least they are for me but I wasn’t actually wearing dresses and peeptoes – and I guess that’s just the mood I was in. Until Sunday. When I was really feeling sports again and I wore this. Nothing really feminine about it, nothing fitted, but just right for the mood I was in. Looking at it now I even think I could have added a pair of heels just to give it a bit more of a sophisticated touch but then again, why do sophisticated when you’re not feeling sophisticated. I was feeling baggy and oversized and sporty. So there you go, another morality: wear what you want to wear. Always. I mean it, because there are so many who say they do but really don’t. To advocate it besides in this outfit I ordered a pair of shoes I’ve been thinking about for a loooong time. My boyfriend thinks they’re hideous, I love them. I should have ordered them way earlier. But that’s another story and I’ll tell you tomorrow!

Jacket: Stine Riis for H&M / Cropped rib detail jumper: ASOS / Faux oversized leather track pants: ASOS / Sneakers: New Balance / Bag: Alexander Wang


Outfit | Cocooning

There’s always that little something tricky about ordering things online. You never know how they will really turn out in real, unless you’ve already seen it in stores. Of course you know what you’re getting, and if you order on certain shops or certain brands often you’ll know more or less what you’re getting in terms of quality and fit. But there’s always something that stays unknown: Will it actually look good on you? Is the quality really like I’m hoping? Will it fit? Will I like it as much as I do when seeing it on a model? And then there’s that moment you try it on at home and it turns out to be so much better even than what you expected. I love that moment. Finding something you were looking for (a cocoon coat in this case), ordering it, hoping it will turn out the way you like, and then receiving it and it being even better. To make a long story short: online shopping is worth the small risk and I love my new coat. I adore the color, the texture, the oversized fit that just screams for a pair of tight leather trousers underneath (at least it did yesterday).. And it’s quite warm and even fits a big mohair cardigan underneath (that I was wearing yesterday). How happy a coat can make a girl.
Enjoy your Sunday!

Oversized textured coat: ASOS / Mohair oversized cardigan: ASOS / Leather trousers: Humanoid / Shoes: Zara / Bag: Zara
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Outfit | Big Coat

It’s big coat weather. You can feel that winter’s coming as it’s getting colder and when going outside there’s nothing better than wrapping yourself up in a thick, warm coat. I already found mine and am very winter-ready now, with this thick coat. Or actually, I found two, because I ordered this oversized green one last week and it came in yesterday and it is just perfect, I’ll show you soon! I love the pattern on this one, most of my coats are simple in color but this one is great when wearing basics underneath. I went for multiple shades of grey this time, wearing a cozy cable knit and my beloved boots. High boots go so well with a big coat! I’m off again, it’s my dads birthday today (happy birthday dad!) and I have lots of things to do. Looking forward to the weekend, even though I haven’t made much plans yet!
Enjoy your Friday!

Coat: H&M Trend / Sweater: Zara / Jeans: ASOS (don’t forget, there’s still a 20% discount if you enter code IDEAL20) / Boots: Isabel Marant / Bag: Zara
Photos by Debbie


Outfit | What’s that jacket, Margiela?

What’s that jacket, Margiela? Well, obviously it’s Margiela for H&M, since the real deal is a little bit out of my league but I really like the H&M collaborations, it’s just great to get your hands on a piece from a designer you love but can’t afford. If you can get your hands on it, that is, because this jacket was sold out so quickly! I went to the store for the blue oversized turtleneck but that was gone within 2 minutes and then I saw the blazer and thought I’d give it a try because it looked so good in real. Well, it is very good indeed. Love the fit, slightly longer length and shoulder details. And I’m not really the type for a blazer but sometimes I like adding pieces to my wardrobe that are not just another version of what’s already in there but something that I didn’t have yet, like the perfect black blazer. It’s actually a re-edition from SS 1989 – my birth year – which makes it that little extra special. I wore quite chic in this outfit, at least more chic than you’re probably used to from me, but I guess I was in the mood for chic. My blazer and I will have lots of fun though, apparently I kind of needed one without even knowing it!

Blazer: Maison Martin Margiela for H&M / Turtleneck sweater: Zara / Leather skirt: Vila (on sale here) / Tights: H&M / Boots: Zara / Bag: Alexander Wang