On My Mind

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Here’s what’s on my mind right now..

- High on my to do list: finish my interior that is still not done after moving in in October last year.. There’s hardly anything on my walls yet! But I guess the finishing touches are always the hardest ones. I really want to decorate my house nicely though so I might have to make some time for that..
- Homemade granola bars. Still looking for a healthy and easy recipe but I really want to do a bit more baking and cooking again and number 1 on the list is making my own granola bars!
- Kittens! Always.
- This very cool Chinese printed top from Swedish favorite BACK by Ann-Sofie Back.
- Leather and lace. I love good contrasts.
- Cocktails! Because it’s almost Friday!
- Perfect basic black high tops from Balenciaga.
- When things don’t happen right away, just remember, it takes 6 months to build a Rolls Royce and 13 hours to build a toyota.
My head seems to be all over the place with ideas and plans and thoughts, both personal as for Lovely By Lucy (thanks to your input as well!) but I have to realize sometimes that I can’t do it all at once. That’s why this Friday, it’s Spa day. Me-day. Happy Friday!

Find all of these (and more!) images on my Pinterest.


On the Hot List – at De Bijenkorf


resort hot list acne studios sequin blouse shorts ss14

Resort, almost spring. Mentally, I’m totally ready. My wardrobe isn’t really ready yet though. Of course, there’s the basics that are always in my closet: the great skinnies I’ve been wearing for years, the white, black and grey tees. My wardrobe pretty much consists of a stable amount of basics and every season I like to add a few eye catchers, items to spice up those basics. So what’s on the Hot List (and in store) right now? Here’s some of it, partly on the Hot List in the entire industry, partly on the Hot List because I love it. Also on top of their game this season? Dutch department store de Bijenkorf, adding more and more luxury brands to their online store and stocking all the hot pieces in this article. Like this blouse and these shorts above from the Acne Resort 2014 collection. I saw them in real life and they’re so good. Sequins are making a comeback looking at spring and even fall 2014 collections and I love a high quality sequin piece when done well. Guess you can always trust Acne for that.. Get the top here and the shorts here.

resort hot list isabel marant tokyo fujiyama sweater

What you wore this fall but can still wear this spring: slogan shirts and logomania. Sweaters are having a big moment as well and both trends are combined in these 2 pieces from Isabel Marant Étoile, absolutely on the Hot List right now. Get the Good Morning Tokyo sweat here and the Fujiyama sweat here.

resort spring ss13 trends hot list baby blue

I’ve been talking about it already, but baby blue is my color of choice this season, and not only mine. I adore this 3.1 Phillip Lim mini satchel, so cute!

resort hot list bold artsy prints

Colorful geometric prints, abstract prints and color clashing. Come spring, everyone (even me) is ready to add some color to their wardrobe, brighten it up a little. Now I’m very restrained when it comes to any print in color, but geometrical prints do often catch my attention and when a print is done really really well, even I give in to it every now and then. Maybe not as much as Henry Holland does with the geometric track pants and sequin printed tee you see above, but if even Paul Smith makes a good geo printed pant (second one pictured) – who knows what’s to come this spring! Are you ready?

001 Bijenkorf logo

001 Bijenkorf logo



marble macbook air skinmarble laptop skin and iphone case whitewhite marble iphone case

Marble is having a moment, not only in fashion but in interior as well. Sometimes easy to find (marble printed tops are everywhere), sometimes a bit harder (can’t seem to find affordable bedding in marble print). I saw an image on Pinterest a while ago showing a marble Macbook skin and had an instant obsession, so I went on the hunt. And then I found CaseApp, allowing me to make cases and skin for my favorite hardware in any print possible. Design your own, I love it. And thus I made a skin for my Macbook Air and a matching iPhone case in one of this seasons hottest prints. Also: a little peek into my interior. That could use some more marble, I think.
If you go to Caseapp.nl you can design any skin or case you want for your device, and you get 20% off with the code 20LUCY, valid until March 9th. Delivery is super quick! Happy Friday :)


Current obsession

spring 2014 trend baby blue color

So lately I’ve been obsessing over baby blue and have been adding quite some baby blue stuff to my wardrobe. I’m not really sure what triggered this sudden obsession but I feel like I just have to go with it. There’s just something about it being the least feminine pastel color (because you know, blue, boys..) and the big contrast between cute blue and dark black that really appeals to me. And I’m in a spring mood as well even though it’s hardly almost spring, but luckily it already is in stores. So here are some of my baby blue picks from my favorite online store. 1, 4 and 7 are actually already in my wardrobe and I’m seriously considering number 2 and 5 as well.
So tell me, what’s your color of choice for this spring?

Shop my picks:
1. Oversized V-neck jumper / 2. Plimsoll trainers / 3. Midi skirt
4. Lace crop top / 5. Patent mini skirt
6. Jumper with zippers / 7. Vest with drape armhole / 8. Boyfriend sweatshirt
9. Fluffy cocoon coat / 10. Oversized lace top


Objects of Desire

perfect valentines day gifts

Almost Valentine’s Day! Have you got a date planned yet? I’m not doing much on Valentine’s Day but if I were a guy and wanted to steal my heart, I’d buy her one of the 2 options above. Too bad my audience is mostly female, but you can always leave my blog open in your browser ladies!
Ok but serious, I’m just curious to hear about your plans on V-day and wanted to share with you 2 things currently on the top of my If Only-wishlist. If only, right?

Saint Laurent tassel bag / Givenchy Obsedia bracelet


This Happened.

acne mape shearling leather jacket

So yeah, did you really think I could leave the PERFECT leather jacket in Copenhagen when after trying it on? I just couldn’t. I really couldn’t. Part of this happening was unexpected, since I wasn’t planning on finding nor buying the perfect leather jacket in Copenhagen. But it was definitely not splurge either, since I have been looking for the perfect leather biker jacket since forever. I kind of gave up on finding that on a (relative, since it had to be leather) budget, but didn’t go out looking for something like this either. I gave up the search because I thought I would eventually run into the perfect one and it would be love at first sight and we would live happily ever after. And so it happened. I know, I shouldn’t have tried it on because when I did, my knees got weak, my heart started pounding, and I just knew I couldn’t leave it hanging there: my gorgeous little Mape. With shearling, that I can take off as well. An investment I already know I will not regret and I’m looking forward to the many times we will spend together, me and my new love. So yes, that happened. Happy weekend!

Acne Mape shearling collar leather biker jacket (without shearling here and here)


Current Mood

bwg asos

So I was in a shopping mood this morning and decided to treat myself to a new pair of sneakers and a new backpack.. I had been eyeing both of these Nikes for a little while now and as I put both in my shopping bag and tried to decide which one I would remove again.. I thought: what the hell, it’s Wednesday and there’s no such thing as having too much sneakers (at least for me there isn’t), especially if they’re black and white. So I got both, and the backpack, and can’t wait until I get my order and there will be more black, white and grey in my wardrobe. Happy Wednesday!

Nike Air Force 1 trainers / Nike Dunk Sky High trainers / ASOS Backpack

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