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Sunglasses change everything / 2

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Last month I told you about my super exciting collaboration with Eyelove – an optical retail chain for prescription glasses – for which I’m designing 3 different sunglasses. I’m in the middle of the process still and hope to share updates about the samples with you guys soon (the collection will be launched at the beginning of 2015), but for now I thought it would be fun to show you the inspiration I used for the 3 pairs I’m designing. As you can see, I’m really into slightly (but not too) round sunglasses and I put a lot of thought into materials since I think they can make a huge difference.

I can’t wait to hear what you guys think of the sunglasses I designed, and what kind of glasses you like in general, so I’m doing a little poll with 3 different glasses from the new Eyelove collection. I share with Eyelove the opinion that glasses should be more of a fashion accessory, something that finishes off your look. So I’m really curious to hear, which one do you like best? Which one matches best what you’re wearing today? Or would fit most of your looks?
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Sunglasses change everything


I’ve aways had a rocky relationship with sunglasses. I LOVE them, they’re such a good accessory but there are not many sunglasses that do well on my face. Actually, I find it incredibly hard to find a pair that looks good on me and is exactly the shape and size and color that I like (and bangs make the whole story so much more complicated). I only have 4 pairs that I like and wear, although I wish I had a different one for every outfit. Us girls have many (many!) pairs of shoes, bags and jewelry, why shouldn’t we have different glasses and sunglasses to match our looks as well?

This is exactly what is the idea behind Eyelove as well, and I’m very happy to announce that at the moment I am designing 3 pairs of glasses/sunglasses for the Eyelove Fashion Collection, along with 6 other Dutch bloggers. I’m super excited to design my own sunglasses, exactly how I want them and the fact that they will be in stores and for a really good price makes it even better.
Eyelove is a Dutch brand with over 125 shop-in-shops in the Netherlands, selling high quality prescription glasses and sunglasses for only €49 – which makes it possible to have your glasses as a fashion accessory, preferably one for every outfit ;)
In the pictures above you’re looking at the kick-off which was also the start of the designing process. Harder than I thought! There are sooo many options, shapes, materials, colors, models when it comes to sunglasses. Luckily I already knew what I wanted and I can’t wait to see the first samples.

I’ll keep you updated on the project since there will be more design sessions, shoots and of course the launch!
The other bloggers went to Paris with Eyelove as well and unfortunately I couldn’t make it, but here’s a video of the kick-off and the Paris trip. Can’t wait to show you more soon!