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I guess summer is officially over. I’ve been sticking my head in the sand a little bit though, because I just am not ready. OK, maybe I’m a little excited to wear big sweatshirts again and Christmas (yay) is starting to come closer, but I’m not really ready for tights and jackets. This super cute dress I got last week (super sale score by the way) will however look good in fall as well and on parties, and I’m taking those fluffy sliders on my feet right into fall as well. Faux fur season, bring it on.

Dress: Monki (on sale!)
Leather jacket: Zara
Faux fur sliders: ASOS

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I’m not really the lace-wearing type of girl. Usually I don’t like how it looks ‘cute’. I usually don’t want to look cute or girly. Here comes the confession. I watch a lot of TLC and Say Yes To The Dress is one of my guilty pleasures to watch. On one day after a bit of a marathon, some pretty lace wedding dresses caught me thinking about lace. That’s exactly when I was browsing ASOS just to see what’s new, and I spotted this lace skirt. Like it was meant to be. Without thinking about it too much I clicked it home. A day later, when I was cured from my head being up in wedding dress-sky, I wasn’t too sure what to think of my impulsive order. Until it came in. I actually really like the lined chunky lace and although I of course had to dress it down with a boxy black jumper, I don’t mind that it’s kind of ‘cute’. Who know’s what I’ll wear on my wedding day..

Jumper: COS
Lace skirt: ASOS (order a size up)
Trainers: Adidas Stan Smith

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Knee high


There’s no way of getting around it (although I’d love for there to be a way) but fall is coming. Us girls, we might as well prepare. So what are we wearing this fall? One trend not to miss is the over the knee boot, that is everywhere. We might have Kim Kardashians questionable looks to thank for that, but luckily there are some very tasteful pairs out there.
I guess the knee high boot isn’t for everyone, it does create a bit of a daring look. I’ve been thinking about them all week and whether I’m going to make the trend my own or not. Still not sure! Would you wear them?

From left to right: shop them here, here
here and here
and find a lot more great options here




The days we spend together are the days I feel relaxed. I feel flexible, sometimes energetic, sometimes laid-back. You take me where I want to be, anywhere, but maybe not to a party. Some say you should hide inside but those who say so don’t value you like I do. I’ll take you with me whenever I want to, I don’t care what others say. You’re good for any occasion, whether it’s serious or play. You and yours have a special place in my heart you know, and you’re the most comfy thing I know. Sweet sweet joggers, I wear you with love I can honestly say, not only in the weekend, but especially on Friday.

My latest and 9th pair of sweatpants pictured above, from ASOS.
Top from H&M, trainers from Adidas.

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What’s really hot at the moment, and seems right up my street, is wearing co-ords. Monochrome, matched items that are meant to go together but can also be worn apart. Another thing I don’t mind is leggings making kind of a comeback. Not everyone agrees, but I can appreciate leggings every now and then, especially in looks with a sporty edge. Thank Kylie Jenner, maybe, but I sure don’t here the boys complaining about them either. Anyways this ensemble does it for me, I love the contrast of a somewhat sexy legging with a high neck oversized jumper. Didn’t break the bank either!

Jumper (here) and leggings (here) from Monki.




I’m not always in the lucky position to do so, but every now and then I elongate the weekend and take an extra Sunday on Monday. It’s one of the upsides (next to the many downsides) of not having a job. Because yes, I’m currently looking for a job, and it’s not as easy as I thought it would be. Times are tough for job-seeking youngsters and it can be pretty harsh for your motivation if you’re trying and it’s just not working yet. I have high hopes though, because I’m determined to find the job I’m looking for and further develop myself and my career. If you hear about anything either marketing/social media related or in copywriting, both in the fashion/lifestyle industry, do hit me up! For now, a quiet Monday in pink joggers. Not all that bad.

T-shirt: H&M men’s.
Shorts: Jaded x Granted via ASOS
Trainers: Nike Air Force 1
Velvet cap (love this one): ASOS

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Most of the black dresses I own are BBD’s (big black dresses) rather than LBD’s. I usually don’t like being wrapped in something really tight, especially after gaining some weight the last 6 months. But my feminine side is not all gone, and when I spotted this dress with more than 50% off I thought it would be fun to wear a flirty LBD again. I’m really into the peplum hem on dresses and skirts, so this is kind of my new favorite dress.
Hope you guys are enjoying the heat!

Dress: See U Soon (on sale!)

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