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Hello from Newcastle, UK! Spending a long weekend here catching up and having some quality time with 2 of my favorite girls!
In other news: I’m blonde. A blonde/grey-ish color to be exact.
After spending 2 days at Hype in Arnhem this is phase 5. The final phase should be dark grey as I showed you here, but it’s quite a process and I’m leaving my hair alone for a week after bleaching it multiple times.
I’ve had so many comments on my hair for you guys (thanks a lot for that, I love hearing what you think), positive and negative, but I’m quite neutral at the moment. Blonde is not the best color for me and I don’t like it as much as when I have dark hair, but I’m in an in between-phase so it’s temporary and it’s kind of fun being blonde for a week!

Also: obsessed with this new oversized textured sweater, I could wear this every day.
Happy Friday!

Textured oversized knit: The Laden Showroom x Paisie
Jeans: ASOS
pictures by Fieke


On the go


The last few days have been absolutely hectic. I spent 2 complete days at the hairdresser half-working with my laptop on my lap and bleach-blonde hair on my head. I went from orange to yellow to almost white to grey-blonde-ish and right now my hair is in a phase 5. Still not the dark grey I want it to be but I’m going back next week to finish it and hopefully get the color I wanted to get. In between, no time to eat properly (yay for Burger Kind and sushi), take pictures or anything else actually. And at the moment I’m on my way to the airport, off to Newcastle for a weekend with my girls. Not much of a work-week, but I’m very much looking forward to the weekend and am sure you guys will survive a little radio silence, right? Not sure why I always feel so guilty when posting less because the circumstances are forcing me to post less. Maybe it’s because the will and inspiration for posts is there, but not the conditions (think: time, photographer, no rain) to actually post.
In other news: new boooooots!

Beanie: AreYouSwedish
Leather Jacket: Samsøe & Samsøe
Dress: Selected
Boots: River Island




Do stop me if I keep repeating myself too much. There’s just a few things I keep wearing lately – in different versions however, because for instance an obsession with drawstring backpacks leads to getting 3 of them in under 2 months. But even though I think many of you may understand, I feel like explaining.
1. Cheap Monday Second Skin jeans. THE best high waist jeans ever, I kid you not. I have 2 pairs in black, one in blue, one in washed black and now one in grey as well. I do not want any other high waist jeans, these are the ones. And when I like something that good, I need it in at least one other color. It’s just so stretchy, slimming, available in 2 lengths and fits me like a glove.
2. The jeans I just told you about, plus crop tops. Neh, I’m not even going to explain that one. Midriff action doesn’t need explaining this summer.
3. Drawstring backpacks. There’s something easy about them – probably the drawstring that makes them less ‘heavy’ than a normal backpack. They’re casual and cool, easy to wear and there’s many great ones out there at the moment. Check out the similar items below this story.
4. The top knot. My favorite hair style at the moment. It’s kind of a thing, me doing something ‘different’ to my hair, but I really like it with my current bang-length (still not sure if I’ll grow them out completely or not!).

So there you go, the 4 ingredients to one of my go-to outfits lately. How great is it though to have your favorite jeans in 5 different colors, so that you can wear the same thing but something different every time? Or maybe I’m just kind of crazy. There’s just nothing like a good pair of jeans. Happy Thursday!

Top: Topshop
Jeans: Cheap Monday via ASOS
Slip-ons: ASOS
Drawstring backpack: Pieces

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Easy Black

summer look leather joggerstiny evil eye number silver necklacesleather oversized trousers zebra slideszebra print ponyhair slideslook drop armhole vest black leather

As summer gets closer, my looks simplify. First of all, because it gets warmer and as it gets warmer you just wear less layers and less clothes. Secondly, when the weather is really nice I just want to get the stuff that I need to do done as quickly as possible (which includes dressing myself) and go outside. When it’s just not warm enough for shorts yet (or the appropriate occasion – when I go to the office I hardly ever wear a top with this less fabric AND bare legs) this or this with boyfriend jeans is a typical almost summer look. These baggy faux leather joggers have been in my wardrobe for so long and I still never get tired of them. It might be one of my best budget buys! I also found a pair of the omnipresent slides (it’s undeniable, the slide is the ultimate summer shoe this summer) that I really love which of course includes an animal print. I’m loving this moment in fashion where flats are everywhere, even in the magazines and on the catwalk. There are so many good flats out there and I don’t even really wear heels anymore, except for the occasional chunky heeled boot. What’s your ultimate footwear for summer? Happy Tuesday!

Top: ASOS (and in grey and white) / Faux leather joggers: ASOS (old but similar ones here, here and here) / Slides: Vagabond / Bra: Monki / Jewelry: Fashionology


Within Reach


Having a craaazy busy week, with all kinds of fun stuff going on though but still really busy and at those days I usually grab what’s within reach for my looks. One of my favorite knits, white trainers and a beanie always works. This knit has turned out to be such a great investment! I was getting a bit tired of my hair lately so I dyed it really dark yesterday, you can see the result here on instagram but the next look will show my new haircolor as well. Tomorrow I’m finally starting project closet-cleanout, but for now I’m off to Amsterdam for a full day of meetings. Happy Wednesday!

Sweater: Hope via Nelly (and a more budget friendly spring version, still from Hope here in grey and here in tan / Jeans: Cheap Monday / Trainers: Nike (in black here) / Beanie: COS / Bag: Givenchy


2013 in review / Top 10 Looks


At the almost-last day of 2013 I thought it would be fun to share with you the looks that were most viewed and liked on Lovely By Lucy this year – so they’re your favorites! I always like looking at my statistics and seeing what you guys like and read most, it’s quite unexpected sometimes! It’s also really fun to see that you guys like black and grey on me as much as I do, since almost all the looks above are black and grey. The number 1 outfit viewed most was the one at the top with the white coat, that quite surprised me but then again, I did have very tanned legs then and just got a haircut.. No, just kidding, I’d actually wear all the looks above again, they do really reflect my personal style.

Click the image to go to the original post. And thank you for reading Lovely By Lucy this year, whether you’ve seen it all or just come in to see what’s new once a week, I feel very happy to have you here. Happy Monday!


Darker Days


The days are getting darker, it’s getting colder, winter is coming guys, I hope you’re ready. I’m not too fond of mother nature at the moment trying to ruin all my shoots by letting it rain all the time, but luckily there’s beanies against frizzy hair, boots to keep my feet warm (these are so warm despite the cut-outs!) and Zara with cool long dresses. Meet my new favorite dress with the perfect length, in the perfect shade of grey and a great piece to throw on, accessorize and go. Happy Wednesday!

Dress: Zara / Boots: Balenciaga (get them here) / Beanie: COS / Bag: Givenchy (get it here)