Girl gone blonde


I can be a little impulsive every now and then. And so it happened that last week, I suddenly decided I wanted to be blonde. A bucket of peroxide later I was a little orange, and so me and my hairdresser-friend decided to make my hair a kind of ginger-blonde. It’s not red, it’s not blonde, it’s more of a light rose color. I’m super happy with the result, having a fresh look and something different. Hope you guys like it as well! xx

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I was never one for denim jacket but this boxy mint colored one got me hooked.

Jacket from Waven
Trousers from Elizabeth and James
Nike Air Force 1 trainers
Sunglasses from Gucci


The bright side


They say you can’t always get what you want. It’s not the most joyful saying, but I guess it’s true sometimes. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t fight for what you want, or at least work towards it, and it doesn’t mean you can’t dream either. But what when life is just standing in your way and nothing seems to go really right? You go left. You count your blessings, and you don’t give up. You try to move past it, you let some things go and make room for other things and situations. You try to find your happiness in the small things, and try not to take everything too seriously. You look for something bright, and maybe even put on a t-shirt with watermelons on it. Because even though life bites you in the butt sometimes, there’s always sunshine somewhere. You just need to find it.

This is the pep talk I needed today, and probably need tomorrow. But it’s one everyone can use one once in a while. And I hope all of you are surrounded in sunshine right now!

Watermelon top from ASOS.


Hot topic


Still a hot topic, bomber jackets are everywhere right now. I have been building quite the bomber collection since 2 years. You’d think I’d stop at about 10, but it’s really hard to stop when there’s so many good ones out there. This season especially shiny ones catch my eye, as this green number did 2 weeks ago. Of course, when I order a jacket of some sorts, there’s always immediately something like a heatwave that doesn’t allow me to wear it. But on this rainy day it’s perfect.
Happy Tuesday!

Bomber jacket: ASOS
T-shirt: H&M
Jeans: Cheap Monday
Sneakers: Chanel
Cap: Supreme


Easy like


Yesterday in simple black and white. Kimono dress by Weekday, vintage Nike Air Max Renegades that were a gift from my friend that he got in Japan. Not bad at all.

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How to be more productive, despite the heat

increasing productivity in summer heat

I don’t know about you, but this 28 degree weather hasn’t exactly been boosting my productivity. It’s hot, which can make you feel more tired, you take things slower and might get less done in a day than you usually would.
To be brutally honest, I haven’t done that much this week. I could have been working much harder but instead I’ve spent a little too much time just cooling down, chilling and hanging out with friends.
It’s time for a productivity boost though, because this heat is about to last and I need to get some shit done.

  1. Don’t multitask too much. It’s stressful and usually a lot less productive than when you do your tasks one by one. Your tasks get more attention when you’re not multitasking, and extra stress is something nobody needs when it’s this hot.
  2. If you’re lucky enough to work at home, of if you need to get things done at home, eat popsicles through the day. They will cool you down and give you that summer feeling even though you’re actually getting things done.
  3. Do the things you don’t really want to do in the morning. It’s the coolest moment of the day and you’ll feel extra good for the rest of the day, because you completed that task you were dreading most.
  4. Slow down, but don’t slow down too much. Make a realistic to do list that allows you to take time to do what you need to do, but without running around like crazy. It’s hot, give yourself a break as well.
  5. Eat well. Your body needs a lot of energy to cool you down, and if you don’t eat well the heat will stroke you harder. As many people, I don’t really have much of an appetite when it’s hot outside but I force myself to eat anyways because my body needs food to cool me down.
  6. Balance it out. Tell yourself what you want to get done that day, and when you’ve done it, relax. I mean, it is summer after all which means cocktails as a reward (something to keep you motivated) and spending time outside. Enjoy.