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It was time for a good shoe closet clean-out since my shoes pretty much took over my house. I’m getting rid of some shoes that are still really good but that I just don’t wear anymore because I prefer other shoes I have (and need some space for new ones, hihi). The earnings from selling part of my shoe collection will al go directly into the decoration of my new office, which I’m still working on. Shop my shoes here or click the image. Shipping worldwide!


I would

wouldn't mind oct nelly favs

I would totally wear this today if it was in my wardrobe. So far, only the ring is, but I might have to do some changes there because I’m really loving the fit of those black trousers and how cool is that iPhone case? I tried the Wood Wood jacket on the other day and it hasn’t left my mind since.. Anyways, wishful thinking for now (especially when it comes to the sunnies) since I’m still in Newcastle enjoying time with friends in big sweaters, avoiding fashion for a day or 2. I’ll be back tonight ;) Happy Monday!

Wood Wood jacket
Céline sunglasses
By Malene Birger trousers
BACK sweatshirt
Marc by Marc Jacobs iPhone case
Fontesi trainers
Pieces ring

Check out more of my favorites and cravings in my Nellyshop! xx


Covered in Camel


Leaves falling, rain, wind, all the downsides of fall almost completely washed away when you find that perfect fall coat. I’ve been wrapped in this oversized piece of joy for 3 days now and can’t remember how I used to survive fall without it. Fall asks for warmth and fuzziness, my coat serves.
I’m still in Newcastle (which is really really pretty and very English!), spending quality time with friends. We went out here yesterday and I don’t know how many of you have seen the MTV-show Geordie Shore, but it’s like that. Gosh, the English can drink. Also, me and my girls were probably the only 3 girls going out without a dress and heels – it was quite an interesting night. Right now: waking up slow, smoothies and eggs and a little bit of sightseeing later. How are you spending your Sunday?

Oversized coat: ASOS
T-shirt: Noisy May 
Jeans: ASOS
Trainers: Nike Air Force 1


Weekend inspiration

fall inspiration board fashion

Weeeekend! Here’s my current inspiration board. On the hotlist right now: cozy spaces with lots of (palm) plants, knits and knit layering, lots of grey, minimalist nails, those tule socks from Marchesa runway, want! On it’s way to me: the Riccardo Tisci x Nike Air Forces on the top right. Soooo happy to have gotten my hands on them.

Find more of my inspiration on my Pinterest.
Happy weekend!




Hello from Newcastle, UK! Spending a long weekend here catching up and having some quality time with 2 of my favorite girls!
In other news: I’m blonde. A blonde/grey-ish color to be exact.
After spending 2 days at Hype in Arnhem this is phase 5. The final phase should be dark grey as I showed you here, but it’s quite a process and I’m leaving my hair alone for a week after bleaching it multiple times.
I’ve had so many comments on my hair for you guys (thanks a lot for that, I love hearing what you think), positive and negative, but I’m quite neutral at the moment. Blonde is not the best color for me and I don’t like it as much as when I have dark hair, but I’m in an in between-phase so it’s temporary and it’s kind of fun being blonde for a week!

Also: obsessed with this new oversized textured sweater, I could wear this every day.
Happy Friday!

Textured oversized knit: The Laden Showroom x Paisie
Jeans: ASOS
pictures by Fieke


On the go


The last few days have been absolutely hectic. I spent 2 complete days at the hairdresser half-working with my laptop on my lap and bleach-blonde hair on my head. I went from orange to yellow to almost white to grey-blonde-ish and right now my hair is in a phase 5. Still not the dark grey I want it to be but I’m going back next week to finish it and hopefully get the color I wanted to get. In between, no time to eat properly (yay for Burger Kind and sushi), take pictures or anything else actually. And at the moment I’m on my way to the airport, off to Newcastle for a weekend with my girls. Not much of a work-week, but I’m very much looking forward to the weekend and am sure you guys will survive a little radio silence, right? Not sure why I always feel so guilty when posting less because the circumstances are forcing me to post less. Maybe it’s because the will and inspiration for posts is there, but not the conditions (think: time, photographer, no rain) to actually post.
In other news: new boooooots!

Beanie: AreYouSwedish
Leather Jacket: Samsøe & Samsøe
Dress: Selected
Boots: River Island