I don’t do prints or patterns all that often but once every now and then I run into a really good print or pattern and I just can’t resist. It’s not really a coincidence that black and white prints are most common in my wardrobe, I have a big weak spot for that contrast. I’m crazy about the oversized and super soft paint splatter shirt I’m wearing, it’s not always easy to find shirts this soft that have the perfect fit, can be worn one-shoulder as well (big plus) and have a cool print as well.
Another obsession that haven’t left my body for longer than a 7-hour sleep: these Puma Trinomics that I had my eye on for quite a while – finally in my wardrobe winning best black and white shoe I have in there. So yes, black and white galore, even around my neck where I have some new neck candy hanging.
I don’t think you can ever overdo black and white, right?

Soft blazer: Y.A.S.
Jeans: ASOS
Bag: Nelly
Trainers: Puma Trinomic Blaze Tech
Ring and necklaces: Fashionology


the hair story

DSC_0424hype kappers arnhemhype kappers arnhem beeldhype arnhem kapsalonhype kapsalon arnhem

There has been some confusion about my hair lately. Blonde? Wait, now black? Grey?
Here’s the story..
I wanted dark grey hair. I set my mind to it and nobody could talk me out of it. But I couldn’t find a hairdresser who wanted to take on the challenge, since it wouldn’t be an easy process.
Then opened a new hair salon in my hometown Arnhem. Not only the coolest hair salon in town (how awesome is that interior?) but also one that is highly professional and good enough to take on the challenge (I don’t let just anyone touch my hair, read: hardly anyone).
To go from dark brown to dark grey, there’s a little detour via blonde necessary. So I spent 2 days at Hype getting my hair de-colored from orange to yellow to very blonde, I have stubborn hair. No matter how good your hairdresser is, bleaching is not good for your hair so after those 2 days I had to leave my hair alone for a week, which is why I spent a week as a blonde girl. After that I went back and my heroin Nikita spent another day getting it to the color it is now, a dark grey. And the bangs are back! Even though I lost some split ends along the way, I’m super happy with the result. I wanted to change up my hair a little bit and it’s so cool to have a unique color that you hardly see on anyone!
So, to answer the most asked questions:
Is my hair black now? No, but in some light it looks very dark and the grey doesn’t come out in pictures perfectly all the time, but it does in real life.
Did my hair die? No. I knew some of it would, because bleaching is very bad for your hair, but I also knew I have very healthy and thick hair and my hairdresser is a pro, so besides cutting off some split ends that were already dead, my hair survived really well. And of course Maroccan Oil does wonders as well.
Would I do it again? Totally!

Special thanks to Hype in Arnhem (highly recommended).




Fashion has much to do with options. So many different options to shop, so many different options when it comes to what to wear, many different ways to wear it. We like to have a lot of options, and I’m definitely not an exception. For instance, these are the first pictures with my new hair color, which I changed into a really dark grey because I wanted something else and the option was there.
But sometimes options can be confusing. Having too much to choose from is a first world problem, but still a problem. Which one of the million different shoes out there are you actually going to buy? Which of my 8 pairs of black skinny jeans will I wear today? (yes, that’s my problem sometimes).
For some of those problems you have me and other media (I love making ‘best of the sales’-posts when sale time comes around and will tell you that you might want to buy something army green this season – but of course you don’t have to listen!), for some of those problems I have my solutions.
One of those solutions is the following sentence: always start with black and then consider other colors. Apart from black being my favorite color and I just think it looks really good on so many people, it’s also really easy to have good black pieces in your wardrobe so that whatever you throw on, it’s going to be OK because it’s black and that increases the chance of your outfit being ok by about 70% if you ask me.
A long black coat is something you cannot go without during fall and winter. It’s not only a multi-seasonal piece but a piece you can throw over literally anything without ruining your look. If you pick a good coat, it will just enhance that look.
Now, a little secret: I did not have a good long black coat until now. I really like this one from Mexx fit- and fabric-wise, but there’s one other thing that I love: it has options. You can take the fur collar off and have a really good black coat, or wear it with the faux fur and have a black coat 2.0. Yeah, options.

Coat: Mexx
T-shirt: Monki
Jeans: ASOS
Shoes: & Other Stories




Finally. & Other Stories in Amsterdam. I was at the opening yesterday which was both fun and dangerous. I told myself I wasn’t going to buy any shoes but who was I kidding? The store is absolutely gorgeous, as are the clothes, bags, jewelry and shoes. It’s probably good that I don’t live in Amsterdam and can’t go every week, but you should definitely go check it when it officially opens tomorrow (Heiligeweg 26). I got the shoes in the last picture in all black. Just go there, you’ll say: ‘Oh now I know why she couldn’t resist buying shoes here’. Or shop online, of course.


Shop my shoes!

shop my closet shoes

It was time for a good shoe closet clean-out since my shoes pretty much took over my house. I’m getting rid of some shoes that are still really good but that I just don’t wear anymore because I prefer other shoes I have (and need some space for new ones, hihi). The earnings from selling part of my shoe collection will al go directly into the decoration of my new office, which I’m still working on. Shop my shoes here or click the image. Shipping worldwide!