Outfit | Heatwave

Hi guys, I hope you all survived the weekend and the heatwave from yesterday. I did, luckily, and this is what I wore. Stubborn layering but luckily fishnet leaves a little room for fresh air. Too hot for bangs, too hot for hair anyways, and luckily when it’s too hot for really anything there’s always fishnet to spice up a white top and black skirt. Don’t I look different without bangs? Spent the whole weekend with friends, bbq-ing and not doing all too much, except for packing loads of packages that are to be shipped for those of you who’ve been shopping in my closet. How was your weekend?

Top: Zara / Skirt: Zara / Fishnet dress: Isabel Marant / Bag: Alexander Wang / Leopard Sandals: Zara / Watch: Michael Kors / Sunnies: Ray Ban


My favorites right now

My favorites right now: the leopard trousers that are perfect for summer nights and give any outfit a little wild touch. Also I’m still very into lilac but only into lilac details so a tee and lilac nails are perfect for that. Cute cate eye shaped glasses. A gorgeously illustrated sweater that I unfortunately can’t wear right now (stupid heatwave) and of course my biker boots. Zara does so well lately, especially with shoes!
That’s it for now lovelies, it’s too hot to blog! Enjoy the sunday and eat lots of ice cream  ;)

Biker Boots: Zara / Sweater: Illustrated People / Lilac tee: Zara / Leopard trousers: Zara / Nail polishes: Sephora / Sunglasses: H&M


Outfit | Summer, Light

Two quick snaps of what I was wearing yesterday. I’m having major wardrobe panic with all these hot days and a tiny summer wardrobe. When 30 degrees like today, all I want to wear is a bikini and maybe some shorts and a tanktop, but how on earth to be fashion forward when probably every piece of clothing on your body feels like too much? Excuse my complaining, I really am enjoying the summer weather but fashion wise it’s not my first choice right now. I did do a tiny bit of layering yesterday and wore shoes that were way too hot for the weather but wore them anyway, and here’s the result. I’m just going to have to find creative ways to still wear interesting stuff even though the weather doesn’t allow me. And I have to keep my mind to summer outfits anyway, since I just found out I’m going on vacation to Tuscany, Italy in 4 weeks! Hope you’re all enjoying the heat wave babes!

Oh, and some items in my shop sold really fast but there’s still a lot available so go shop my closet ;)

Skirt: Zara / Tanktop: H&M / Vest: Zara / Sneakers: Topshop / Bag: Alexander Wang / Bracelet: Fashionology


Shop My Closet!

Finally! I’ve been cleaning out my closet and opened a shop where you can shop my closet (find it here). I mainly sell things that are very pretty but deserve to be worn more than I wear them, so I hope to make a few of you guys happy with them. It’s really easy, you can shop it right there and pay with PayPal but if you don’t have PayPal you can also send me an e-mail. Happy shopping!
(by the way, this is not even all yet, more to come!)


Ordered – Python strap heels

Just ordered a few minutes ago: these green python strap heels. I couldn’t resist, since Nelly has a promotion selling over 100 pairs of shoes for just €20. That’s like almost free, right? I’m not sure for how long the promotion lasts but if I were you I’d score while you can. Or well, that’s what I did actually. I really liked these since it’s something I don’t have (or anything similar) in my closet yet and perfect for summer days like now. If you’re curious to see the other 100 pairs of shoes that are now very low priced, click here.
Nelly  Symi shoes.


Outfit | Checked and Studded

Sorry for being such a bad blogger lately, but there’s just so much going on at the moment that I have my hands full with, that I’ve had little time to post. I promise to be better! Luckily there’s always clothes that have to be worn, so when I found the time to shoot them yesterday I made sure I did. Hello there checked shirt with rose gold studs that I picked up in Portugal but wore for the first time yesterday. No, it is indeed not your typical 28 degrees outside summer shirt, but I’m actually quite bummed that it gets freaking hot just when I have so much fall inspiration and so many long sleeves, jeans and knits to wear. I don’t even know what to wear the coming days that promise to be crazy hot again, since I was all ready for transitional wear. Oh well, me and my stubborn self will wear what we want to wear anyways. I’m off again, lots to do today! How are you spending these days of heat?

Shirt: Zara / Shorts: Forever 21 / Heels: Mango / Bag: Alexander Wang / Watch: Michael Kors / Bracelets: Fashionology


Wish Wish Wish

What I sooooo wish I was wearing right now.. Love the pissed off Rottweiler Givenchy tank because it’s sort of freaky and fashionable at the same time, and I found the perfect leather shorts to go with them.. The boots you’ve seen on the blog before but I just can’t get them out of my head, they’re so good! I’m really into purple lately, not sure why, but I sure wouldn’t mind this amazing Givenchy Antigona bag in purple with a sort-of-matching Wang wallet. A good statement necklace and some cuffs (I need these in my life) to top it off, and I would be all ready to go. If only.

Spider & Spike Necklace: ASOS / Rottweiler tanktop: Givenchy / Bag: Givenchy / Leather shorts: Isabel Marant / Wallet: Alexander Wang / Boots: Isabel Marant / Cuffs: Maison Martin Margiela

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